Week Five: Number Five’s Transformation

This week has totally blown me away. It has been amazing!

All the internal walls are down and the space is incredible! It’s really starting to feel like a room and weirdly even though its just bricks, concrete and a roof its starting to feel like our home!

Lets recap on week five… because loads has happened!

At the beginning of the week the old kitchen came out, leaving only a a make shift sink in the old build and a microwave and kettle in the lounge! It’s been chaotic but it’s ok the new room is more than making up for the dust and that feeling of being out of sorts!






The internal walls separating the old kitchen walls and the old lounge were knocked through and acro propped in readiness for the final RSJ (rolled steel joint) to be put in!


As with work on an older house (in particular Number Five!) there is ALWAYS something! The builders decided that the wall left from the kitchen (which will become the utility room) wouldn’t be strong enough to hold the upstairs of the house, and this was due to some bricks used on the house that even our builders of 65 years worth of experience between them had only seen once, so we’d need an additional vertical steel to take the upstairs weight. Luckily with Mr W home for a couple of days he worked with the steel guy to help create a steel that would work with these rooms; we could have ended up with standard steel sizes that could have ruined the flow of the rooms!


The velux windows were fitted and the work on the roof was completed. We decided to got for the larger spec window to ensure that the room was filled with light and I’m so glad we did, as they really do let in so much light (when its not eight o’clock at night!) and are such a wonderful feature!



The adapted steels are now in, the acro props are out and the windows are letting in a lot of light and we can begin to see our dream space happening now.


With Mr W home we’ve had to discuss all the ‘fun’ things like where the electric sockets and spot lights are going and what colour fascia board to choose… but we’ve also started to plan the kitchen space and the snug space too; which i can not wait to share with you all once we’ve finally agreed everything!!


2016-11-02-photo-00023059Can’t wait to show you more next week!


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