The Kitchen.

The last couple of weeks of the build has been a little dull… it has all been about drainage, electric wires, insulation and concreting floors so I thought instead of an update on that boring stuff I would share with you the vibe we are going for in the kitchen space!

We are ordering the kitchen on Monday, and after double, triple and checking again, I think we are there! Just! This plan is for the kitchen space, I will share my plans with you for the snug, dining room, downstairs loo and utility area soon! (i’m too excited about the loo, is that weird??) Anyway, I digress, I hope you like the plan we’ve pulled together; I changed my mind at the last minute, because I wasn’t excited enough by the plan we had for the space, but I am ready for this to take shape now!


My plan at the beginning of the build was black, white, marble and copper, but as the space transformed and it looked even more special than I had anticipated I thought it was only fair to treat the space to something a little different. Whilst in search of inspiration I was browsing the Swedish version of Elle Decoration (I have no idea what is being said on this site but the images are so stunning!) This snap stood head and shoulders above anything… and got me thinking about green! A little softer than black, really versatile and on the scandi spectrum of colours too. Perfect.


We’ve decided on Farrow and Ball’s Studio Green and the plan isn’t to go too wild with the green throughout the kitchen but to use it on the island which is going to take centre stage in the new room, so its a real show off piece! The island top will be copper! Yes you read that right copper. We had mmm’d and aah’d over concrete, granite, wood etc. but we kept going back to copper. After doing some research we found that it was actually a fantastic surface to have in a kitchen (anti-bac properties, wouldn’t you know!) so we have found a supplier to make it happen and we are going for it! I’m so excited to see the copper and green take shape!

Along the length of the extension we have chosen Farrow and Ball All White units. These units will store all the kitchen necessities; integrated fridge freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher, sink, boiler and a pantry style cupboard to store food in (handy for a kitchen!) I wanted the units to feel like they blended into the wall so the island could take centre stage! That’s not to say that this side of the kitchen will be unloved, oh no, this is Number Five we are talking about; so we are planning some faux marble worktops for this side (unfortunately there is no way I can afford Carerra Marble!) some beautiful hexagonal tiles as well as a gorgeous copper tap, copper handles and some open shelves which means I can add some plants, oddities and personality to the kitchen! I’m really excited about this Jekyll and Hyde style kitchen space and can’t wait to bring it all together!

Images from Pinterest – here

Finally wall colour; with the length of the extension being very clean and white, I wanted something that stood out a little but not too much, kept within with that scandi spectrum of colour but added a little something different to the space. We have chosen Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster as our colour of choice. It’s one of my favourite F&B tones, and I’m so excited to have it on our walls! I think it will be the perfect accompaniment for Studio Green, All White and that copper accent too.

Images – Farrow and Ball 

I hope you like the plan for the kitchen & I’d love to hear what you think of our  plan.

It will take a few weeks to order and will be with us just before Christmas; so our Christmas break will be spent putting up kitchen units and tiling, but how exciting! I can not wait for those late nights transforming this space & I can’t wait to share with you the progress shots!



9 thoughts on “The Kitchen.

  1. Oh my goodness jade I couldn’t be any more in love with this plan if I tried! I absolutely LOVE setting plaster & teamed with the White, green and copper – sweet heavens above! Also those tiles are sensational and as for the marble tops and copper tape… Mind blown! I cannot wait to see it all come together. Xxxx

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    1. Ah thank you so much darling! You are as excited as me about this space (love it – mwah!!) can’t wait to start showing people this space!!! X


  2. Sounds great Jade! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Where are you getting your faux marble worktop btw-will be doing my kitchen next year and looking at the different options at the mo? Also embracing the green in my sitting room-haven’t convinced my other half yet but I reckon he’ll love it when it’s on the walls! Good luck with it all! X

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    1. Ah thank you! The faux marble is from B&Q! I will try and send across the link to you so you have it! It’s really reasonable too and has a similar effect (esp wheni can’t afford the dream marble top!) I am in love with green at the moment, I really can not wait for it to come together now xx


  3. This looks like a fabulous scheme. I particularly love those little tiles! And the copper will make it look different from everyone else’s kitchen. Will eagerly watch the progress !

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  4. Wow …love the sound of the colours and materials you are using , so looking forward to seeing the green and copper island , that will look fabulous…….and as for you saying you were getting excited about the loo on your other projects , you are not alone , I do get excited by them too …πŸ™‚ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you! I’m really proud of the scheme, and I can’t wait to bring it all together nowπŸ™‚ the downstairs loo is a place where you can go absolutely wild! I can not wait to get started on that project (although it might be later on next year!) let’s get the kitchen started first! X

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