Doing It Myself – Wood and copper plant stand

As promised in my January goals, it’s Wednesday so new post day (I am loving having these little goals to help inspire me throughout the month!) and it’s a ‘Doing it Myself’ post too! What with the Christmas spend leaving a dent in most bank accounts, I thought I would share with you a fantastic yet simple DIY that I was inspired to create after reading ‘Urban Jungle’ which I got as a gift for Christmas!


Firstly, the ‘Urban Jungle’ book is just wonderful. Full of styling inspiration for anyone that loves greenery in their home. Unfortunately (for the husband!) there are a few more green friends that I would like to add to Number Five after being inspired by how beautiful some of the plants were! ‘Urban Jungle’ has some fantastic DIYs to do throughout but it was the copper and wood plant stand that totally stood out and I thought I would have a go at doing! It was so simple and effective that I knew I had to share it with you guys!

For this DIY wood and copper plant stand you will need…

-15mm dowel rods (I purchased mine from B&Q)

-Six (15mm wide) copper tee pieces (husband treated me to some during a Screwfix run, but all DIY stores have them!!)

-all surface adhesive glue

-plant and plant pot


Step One 

Cut a dowel rod to the height you’d like your plant stand to be. I went for 600mm for the legs (x4) plus 100mm for top. You will also need to spend some time working out the measurements for the five smaller pieces  you will use to create the centre (more on that later!) You can make the plant pot whatever height you would like, although the taller the plant stand the less stable, so you may need to use a thicker doweling rod (just make sure you can get the copper tee pieces to fit before you purchase!)


Step Two 

One you have all the ingredients cut out, you are ready to go. It is then just a case of putting the larger dowel length into the copper tee piece followed by the smaller piece on top. It doesn’t say to in the instructions in the book, but I used a little all purpose adhesive to make sure things held together and were a little more secure.

Step Three

Create your centre piece for you plant pot to sit on. You will need to do some calculations based on your plant pot diameter, how much over hang you’d like etc. so you may need to spend some time getting this right before you commit to cutting the dowel rod.

Cut a rod for the diameter which will hold two copper tee pieces, followed by four dowel pieces which will be attached to the legs you’ve already created. Stick the pieces all together and let it dry over night to allow the glue to stick and for things to become a little more secure. P.S don’t worry if you have a little bit of glue around the edges, this can all be tidied up or will dry clear.





Step Four

Add a super cool plant and pot. Style it up. Make more!




I love the finished look of this piece! So cool and doesn’t look at all DIY. I would happily purchase something similar in a scandi-interiors store and I managed to create this for a couple of quid! Hope you like the finished look!



I can’t wait to make a few more of these so I can group some plants together and I’m even thinking of creating one for the table top too!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this and our inspired to have a go at DIY’ing something this January! Love to hear if you’d like to see more of this kind of stuff on the blog!




Inspiration taken from Urban Jungle by Igor Josifovic and Judith De Graaff  published by Callwey.






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