Number Five’s Transformation. A sneaky peak.

I thought I would share with you some really exciting news and snaps in today’s post. After three or so month’s of extension work the room is REALLY taking shape and I’m so excited by it, in fact I had a few tears in my eyes when I came home from work on Thursday! More on that in a minute, so let us get up to date with where we are with progress…

Firstly, I got my Christmas wish and the bi-fold doors were in for Christmas and the room was looking exactly what we had been dreaming of! The underfloor heating had been drying out the concrete floor and the plaster on the walls was dry so we could mist coat the walls and start thinking about paint for the kitchen.


In my original plan I had my heart set on Farrow and Ball’s Setting Plaster however when testing the colour in the room it was just too red toned for the room. So I went on a mission to find the perfect tone for the kitchen and after about 15 testers I managed to decide upon Valspar’s Peaceful Soul which looks fabulous in the room. It is the perfect pink-grey tone.


Later in the week we had a special delivery, one that I have been waiting a while for… The kitchen! I was so, so, so, excited to see these boxes!! (Excuse the B&Q orange bucket!)


The other half and my dad (who’s just had his hip replaced!) spent the day fitting the kitchen… and with whats’s app’s being sent to me on an hourly basis  of how they were getting on I was so excited to head home from work to see the progress that had been made and it surpassed all my expectations and made me a little emotional too!


The kitchen space is all dreams come true! It’s perfect. Exactly what we wanted. I’m so pleased with the colour choices of All White units and the island in Studio Green, they sing in the room it’s just beautiful. On a more functional note we have loads more space to store everything and I have the dream pull out larder cupboard! Even though the space is no where near complete… I hope you can start to begin to see what an amazing space this will be at Number Five!


Next week we should have the appliances in, as well as a sink and a counter top (delivery days and times permitting!) and I am so excited to get in here and start using the space, and I’m really looking forward to cooking a proper meal. I’ve missed cooking too much.

The snug space is also taking shape, the internal wall has been completed with help of Mr W and Father in Law, this alongside a pair of Ikea chair purchased over the Christmas period, a vintage sideboard delivered and a vintage rug found and purchased in Clifton this weekend! I do need to decide upon colour, I’ve tested Farrow and Ball’s Brinjal and Pelt and I’m just not sure they are right for the room, so some time will need to be spent deciding what we do in here, but I find it so exciting seeing it all come together and creating all the visions i’ve had in my mind of this space becoming real!


I hope you are enjoying seeing this room be transformed… and now the fun part begins!


2 thoughts on “Number Five’s Transformation. A sneaky peak.

  1. Ohhh wow, its looking fabulous, great kitchen space and loving the start of your snug too……i’m not surprised you are so emotional, good work Mr W and father in law xx


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