Why the wallpaper choice has been (and is still!) one of the hardest decisions of the build.

Deciding to renovate? Easy choice. Deciding what the build project should be? A doddle. Deciding the kitchen layout, look and feel? Easy, peasy lemon squeezy. Deciding the wallpaper choice for the snug? Don’t make me do it!!!

Now our space is pretty much transformed (thank you for all your lovely comments!)  it’s all about the decor now. Once I got into the space I realised that my snug plans didn’t quite fit in with what we had created. The mind creates the space, picture perfect perhaps, but in real life things can be different. Light is changeable, perspective makes you think of the space in a different way and you learn quite quickly what could and should work in the space. I’m okay with that (I didn’t used to be!) but it’s okay if plans change.

My previous post about the snug (found here) was all about rich, dark tones to create a different vibe in the room. The choice at the time was between Farrow And Ball’s Brinjal or Pelt, but when testing them in the snug space, well it just… clashed, didn’t go, didn’t fit. This is a room we have invested in, time, money, energy and effort so it had to work and if plans don’t fit, it would be wrong to keep it just because.

I need the space in the snug to be be a little different, it is such a big space to keep it all the same and it will have a different usage too, but I need to be cohesive against the rest of the room, it’s open plan so it needs to flow and fit.

So, with so much wallpaper envy from Insta-chums; Lisa Dawson, Swoonworthy and Styleophile I though the snug would be a fantastic opportunity to dip my toe into the world of pattern, colour and a bolder statement! I want to make a noise with the wallpaper choice (but not too loud!) as it needs to compete with the centre piece of the room; the copper worktop.

Why has this decision been so hard? There is so much choice, reams and reams of it! So many companies to choose from. So many patterns, colours, textures, measurements to think about. So many brands competing for your attention. You must be thinking a wannabe interior stylist must be able to make a choice like that so easily, pull yourself together. But it’s such a toughie.

I still haven’t yet made my decision; I know I’d like a metallic element not matchy matchy but to link in the space as a whole. I want it to wow. I want it to be bold. And I want it to have longevity; i want to be happy with the decision in a year or two’s time.

I have (I think!) made the final shortlist. Now it’s time to whittle it down!

Graham and Brown’s Wallpaper of the Year

Image – Graham and Brown 

This wallpaper has a wonderful tone, metallic elements and is a bold choice. I love this, it’s so trendy but will this work in a year’s time?

Ferm Living

Image – Ferm Living 

This is subtle, but a beauty. It would work with the colour pallet that’s currently in the room, but is it a bold enough statement? I’m not sure.

Graham and Brown – 2 Lovely Gays 

Image – Graham and Brown 

This is by the amazing interior designers, 2 Lovely Gays. It is bold, it fits within the colour pallet in the room and is just that little bit different. Just don’t know whether Mr W can get past the florals.

Fantastque – Osborne and Little

Image – Osborne and Little 

I adore this print, so much so that I love it in two colour ways. Its bold, will wow and has a beautifully subtle metallic element.

Flamingo Club – Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little

Image – Osborne and Little 

I saw this in a trendy bar’s bathroom and I’ve been in love ever since. Will it work in the room – I’m not sure of the pallet, but it could be that something a little different, that little clash that I’m after.

Watch this space to see which one gets picked!

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