Reveal: The Copper Worktop

I again start my latest post with an apology to all you lovely readers, I’m sorry for the radio silence, but I hope I can make it up to you all with this hugely anticipated post! It’s the one I know you have all been waiting for; the reveal of the copper worktop.

If you have read my last post, you will have seen a sneak peak of one side of the kitchen where we have All White cupboards, not too sugary-toned tiles and faux marble. We deliberately created this muted tonal area so the stand out copper island could shine, and guys, it really does! This is the island beforehand, which we just painted MDF a light grey to keep everything clean and hygienic but on Friday it was all change!!


But before I get to show off, I thought I’d take us back to the beginning of the story, how and why did we decide on a copper work top? We were totally inspired after watching an episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, where a guy had installed a copper splash back against burnished birch cupboards. Mr W and I immediately whatsapp’d one another to say we need this in our new room. When it came to designing the kitchen once the extension work had started we knew we wanted a copper worktop but needed to do our research to make sure it was right for us. We found out that it had amazing antibacterial qualities, was relatively easy to look after and the copper would change over time as it’s a living surface which is jus so exciting! We gave it the green light but needed to find a supplier. Mr W, the research King, spent hours and hours looking for a metal fabrication company to help us achieve the copper dream. It wasn’t easy, we spoke to many and had so many quotes (out of budget!) We then came across Bespoke Fabrication Services; their work looked incredible, lots of trendy bars fitted with copper counters, they weren’t too far from home and had done some work locally which we could have a look at to make sure the finish was what we wanted for our space. It was, beautifully crafted, wonderfully finished and exactly what we had dreamed of, so we placed our order.

On Friday the amazing team headed up from Wales to install the copper worktop, I was so excited I even took the day off from work, and I was so pleased that I could see this room finally come together.

(Some progress shots from the installation…)copperworktopprogress




And then the biggest anticlimax of my life ever, we had to let the glue set for 36 hours! WHAT!!!! 36 hours!!!! I was all geared up to take photos of the big reveal and had all my styling props ready, but we had to keep the counter weighted and clamped to ensure that the copper was bonded. Even though I am the most impatient person, I couldn’t risk the copper being damaged by not wanting to wait so this was my view, with the sneakiest peak at what was under all that plastic… talk about dangling the carrot hey!


Fast forward 36 hours later… and here it is guys! The craftsmanship is just incredible, the finish is just beautiful and the whole worktop is exactly what we wanted for our kitchen. I can’t stop looking at it, and husband can’t stop polishing it! It fits in perfectly with the rest of the kitchen space. It really is the copper dream.


I love how the copper just sings against the Farrow and Ball Studio Green island cupboards. It really is a dream colour combination! The Oliver Bonas copper handles tie everything in just so!


I love how the light reflects on the copper surface, the reflections are always changing and light that little bit more brighter now.


Copper and green really is the dream.


The guys spent ages making sure the joins were just so. The craftsmanship here is just utter perfection and we are so glad it is in our home.


Our marble accessories looks gorgeous against the metallic tone of the worktop.




The induction hob sits perfectly flat on the copper, we hunted high and low for an induction hob that didn’t have a stainless steel surround and I’m so glad we persevered and found one as i really think the stainless would have taken away from the look.


I really hope you love the look as much as I do, I can not wait to watch this living surface change over the course of the weeks, months and years. It’s a material that will change over time as we will… just for the moment, no grubby hands please!


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