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Nicole has a passion for everything about the home - especially decor. She loves to add new touches and style to every part of the house. Join her as she documents her ideas at Home & Style.

Cowslip (Primula veris)

With its attractive flowers, the cowslip plant is an important food source for various insects. The leaves can be used in cooking. They are popular in Spanish cuisine, while the citrus-tasting flowers are great in salads or as a traditional flavouring for English country wine.  Overview Scientific Name: Primula veris Common […]

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Ramsons (Allium ursinum)

Ramsons, also known as wild garlic, are abundant plants that provide numerous health benefits as well as tasting great. If you enjoy spring walks in the woodlands, foraging for ramsons is a popular pastime that can also be used to help elevate your cuisine. Overview Scientific Name: Allium ursinum Common Name/s:

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Bugle (Ajuga reptans)

It’s common to find a bugle plant in your garden, but what are this blue flower’s characteristics? Where can you expect to find it? And how can you care for it? We’re sharing all of our knowledge in today’s guide. Overview Scientific Name: Ajuga reptans Common Name/s: common bugle, blue

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White Campion (Silene latifolia)

Have you ever wanted to know more information about plants? In this article, we’re focusing on identifying a white campion. We’ll also discuss where they’re found (including the seasons) and their uses. Overview Scientific Name: Silene latifolia Common Name/s: white campion, bladder campion Family: Caryophyllaceae Origin: native Habitat: roadside verges,

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