Best Bathroom Heaters in 2021

Best Bathroom Heaters

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

  1. Purus Panel Heater Intelligent (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater (Luxury Choice)
  3. Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater (Best Value)

It is always unpleasant to get out into a cold bathroom after having a shower. During winter months, you have to go through a struggle and feel cold once you are done taking a bath or shower. We have the perfect solution for you – a bathroom heater to reform your chilly winter cold bathroom into a warm and beautiful haven. Bathroom heaters are useful when you have young children, senior citizens, or pets. In cold months, these heaters help prevent chills and hypothermia. A heated bathroom also allows your body temperature to come back down to normal gradually. 

There are several options available in the market. With so many choices, it can get a bit confusing to finalize the best heater for your bathroom. With any new heater, you should also consider heating bills and the safety of all your family members. 

How to Buy the Best Bathroom Heater?

Some important features you should know before buying a bathroom heater includes heat output, safety standards, portability, and energy-efficiency. A good bathroom heater must have sufficient heat output to meet the size of your bathroom. A large bathroom would require a heater with a substantial wattage. Your bathroom heater should be easy to install and safe to use for your bathroom with new safety standards. It must be easy to move from one place to another. Some models are wall-mounted for additional safety. Any bathroom heater you select should be energy efficient, so you do not waste money on electricity bills.

All the products on this list are tried and tested by our internal team. The products are assessed on efficiency, energy ratings, features, quality of materials used, programmable cycles, heat dispersed, and outwardly designs. The products in this review are arranged in increasing order of price point for ease of understanding, keeping the budget and cost-efficiency in mind.

Best Bathroom Heater Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

Pro Breeze Ceramic Bathroom Heater uses technology to provide better results rather than traditional heaters. It is an efficient fan heater that is perfect for the winter. This heater has two power settings and oscillation which includes 2000 Watt maximum and 1200 Watt as minimum power settings. It uses an automatic 60 degrees oscillation mode to provide heat to large areas.

This variant has  an adjustable thermostat control to monitor the temperature and ensure optimal heating efficiency. It is lightweight and comes in a compact design for easy portability. This heater features built-in overheat protection and an anti tip-over switch that ensures the heater switches off automatically in an unsafe situation. At the flick of a switch, the ceramic fan rotates and quickly warms up the surrounding environment. If you have a problem with humidity in the bathroom, a heater will help remove localised damp, but it would be better to get a dehumidifier.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Ceramic technology
  • Two power settings and oscillation
  • Portable and adjustable thermostat

Dimplex Wall Mounted Fan Heater

Dimplex Wall Mounted Fan Heater is a compact unit that is excellent to heat all cold bathrooms rapidly. This heating is attributed to its internal fan with 2000 Watt output. It is an easy to use wall mounted bathroom heater without scheduling functions or automatic on or off settings. It is an ideal heater with a cord to switch the heater on. You need to pull the rope again to turn it off. However, you need to be careful while turning it on and off since the cord can break easily, and is expensive to replace.

Dimplex Fan Heater is easy to install and comes with a two-year guarantee. It also comes with an internal thermostat that helps reduce electricity costs and keeps your room warm. This heater is a noisy unit compared to most other fan heaters.

Key Features:

  • Heats small areas quickly
  • Easy-to-use pull cord operation
  • Operates on 2000 watt power

PEMENOL Portable Fan Heater

Pemenol Portable Fan Heater is a small electric heater for your bathroom. It is inexpensive and provides a quick burst of heat. While it might not heat your room thoroughly, it provides instant warmth to help keep you cosy and comfortable.

In regards to safety measures, it is a compact 600-watt heater that protects from overheating and is anti-tip. It heats up readily in three seconds. Hot air is diffused quickly and gently to give you a comfortable warmth. This heater features two fan speeds and a boost option. The built-in handle enables smooth oscillation. For the alternative, check out our guide on portable air conditioners.

Key Features:

  • Heats up in around three seconds
  • Tip-over and overheat protection
  • 30-degree auto oscillation

MYLEK Electric Over Door Heater

MYLEK Electric Heater features a modern, stylish, and functional design unlike any other heater on the market. It is an energy-efficient 2KW heater with a sleek and elegant design and an LCD that makes it perfect as a door heater for conservatories, homes, reception areas, and summer houses. This variant from Mylek is packed with many useful features and a remote control for ease of use.

It features two heat settings using a PTC element technology and an intelligent thermostat. It is also 20 ERP Compliant and easy to install. This heater is excellent for commercial use in restaurants, shops, cafes, and many other businesses. Since this is an overdoor heater with easy to follow instructions, MYLEK provides excellent customer service and spare parts support. For more home items check out our guide on mini fridges.

Key Features:

  • Modern and stylish design
  • Useful remote control functions
  • 20 ERP compliant and quick to install

MYLEK Electric Panel Heater

MYLEK Electric Panel Heater is specially designed to provide amazing features that help save money. It is ecological and stylish and helps warm your bathroom quickly. It is IP24 rated and Lot 20 Compliant. This heater is bathroom safe, better for the environment, and cheaper to run compared to other heaters. It can either be freestanding or wall-mounted.

The heater features a bright LCD that is easy to read despite the complicated programming instructions. It also has an on/off switch and an internal thermostat. This small heater is an excellent choice for your bathrooms and other small areas. It can be hazardous for little children and so should be kept out of reach. While the body does not overheat, it is prudent to keep the heater away from kids to avoid mishaps and accidents. For more home heaters, see our guide on electric log burners.

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy installation
  • LED display settings
  • Safe and elegant for bathroom use

Purus Panel Heater Intelligent

Purus Intelligent Heater is a 1000W freestanding or wall-mounted unit that warms a room of 12 square meters. Its IP24 rating ensures that it can automatically detect open windows. This feature helps protect your heater even when you forget to switch it off while airing your bathroom. This intelligent heater has an option to set a specific date and time for its functioning. However, programming of this heater is quite tricky and takes a while.

It can be turned off and on with a touch button on the panel and hence is compatible with almost all smart plugs. This unit comes with handy thermostat settings that help you keep up a constant, comfortable temperature. This variant from Purus also features a child lock function.

Key Features:

  • IP24 Rated digital radiator
  • Child lock function
  • Easy plug-in with open window detection

Futura Electric Panel Heater

Futura Electric Panel Heater has a stylish design and is a curved corner bathroom heater. It features a modern circular control panel with a thermostat and open window detection. This bathroom heater can quickly heat any room size of 12 square meters. It provides a temperature range from 5-degree centigrade to 50-degree centigrade. This product features a freestanding or wall-mounted feature and is IP24 rated. Special thanks to the splash-proof design that makes it convenient to use.

It features a child lock function making this model a great and safe choice for a home with children. There are three main heating modes – comfort, economy, and frost-free. However, this product, unfortunately comes with instructions that are difficult to understand.

Key Features:

  • Bathroom safe IP24 rated digital radiator
  • Wall mounting
  • 24/7 Digital timer display function

Devola Electric Panel Heater

Devola Electric Panel Heater is 20 Lot eco-design compliant and helps save electricity cost and money. It has an IP24 rating, which means it is safe to operate in your bathroom. Also, this variant  has a splash-proof construction which is great for wall-mounted bathroom heaters. This device comes with a two-year guarantee. You can choose between three heating modes – comfort, frost-free, or eco setting by using an internal precision thermostat. 

This wonderful heater features an LCD that looks very stylish. Most people have found this heater to be convenient and easy to use. The set of this model is not very difficult, and using it for prolonged use is recommended. Unfortunately, the instructions are poorly translated, which makes it slightly tricky to follow. See our guide on the best ceiling fans for more great home items.

Key Features:

  • A simple plug-in DIY installation
  • Reduction in energy cost
  • 24/7 digital display in timer

Futura Deluxe Electric Heater

Futura Deluxe Electric Heater features three heat settings with perfect temperature according to your choice at 800W, 1600W, and 2500W. It is a versatile heater that is an excellent unit for bars, terraces, gardens, restaurants, bathrooms, small bedrooms, patios, and much more. It is a wall-mounted heater with an attractive style that is an excellent addition to your home. The stylish design and colours help in adding to the chic sense of space and neoclassical design that most people like in their bathrooms. This heater imparts a fantastic warmth without the need for clumsy floor or tabletop heaters.

This heater comes with a two-year guarantee for peace of mind. It is excellent for winter use and is known to give a toasty warm feeling once you step out of the shower. You can also use it successfully when outdoors to keep the environment comfortable when having a drink with friends on the terrace.

Key Features:

  • Three generous heat settings
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Versatile and durable product

Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Warme Designer Electric Heater is a fantastic heater with a high-performance efficiency and sleek modern design. It is very trendy and fashionable and has become a crowd favourite. The streamlined form takes up minimum space, which makes the Warme Designer Electric Heater a great choice if your bathroom is small in size. It can give a maximum output of 2000W recommended for large rooms of 22 square metres. It is a waterproof and IP22 compliant heater.

It comes with a complete wall mounting kit to help you affix it to the wall within a few minutes. The programmable weekly cycle is easy to understand, but the instructions are slightly complicated. You can also use this variant for instant heating. The rate of heat is quite fast, and the room instantly becomes more comfortable. The inbuilt thermostat features work well. This variant from Warme is known to be a crowd favourite and is known for its long term use and durability. The body of the heater is robust and sturdy, and does not bend or go out of shape with prolonged use and overexposure to moist weather or wet bathrooms. If you’re looking to soften your water in your bathroom check out our water softeners review.

Key Features:

  • Stunning and stylish design
  • 2000 Watt output
  • Features fully waterproof casing

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