Best Cantilever Parasols in 2021

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. Deuba 104082 Garden Sun Cantilever Parasol (Editor’s Choice)
  2. PURPLE LEAF Square Crank Cantilever Parasol (Luxury Choice)
  3. 909 Outdoor 3M Cantilever Parasol (Best Value)

Parasols are an excellent feature to have in your garden, lawn, or patio. Parasols are large sun umbrellas that add elegance to your outdoor look and also provide fantastic shade during sunny days. Spending time outdoors is intrinsic to human nature and good for health too. Fresh air and Vitamin D are needed by everyone to stay healthy. With cantilever parasols, it is possible to enjoy yourself irrespective of the weather; you can sit comfortably under the shade of the canopy in the height of summer or through light rain spells.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cantilever Parasol

Struggling with the wind, sun, and rain is a daily occurrence for anyone living in Britain. While weighing the decorative value of cantilever parasols, it is also necessary to consider the weather resistance of the materials used in the making of them; the umbrella needs to be durable so it can last you multiple seasons.

Almost everyone loves a little sunbathing. For this reason, it is also necessary to have an adjustable parasol. This could be one of the most essential characteristics of an umbrella as you always need to adjust the direction according to the rain, wind, or sun to make sure you remain fully protected.

UV protection is another aspect to consider. With the whole family using the parasol, it is crucial to consider the safety aspect, too. A good quality sun umbrella should protect you from prolonged exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun to avoid severe skin and health concerns.

Best Cantilever Parasol Reviews – Top 10 Picks

GardenKraft 14810 3m Cantilever Banana Parasol

If you need something simple yet elegant to keep you and your family covered from the sun, then you should consider the GardenKraft 14810 3m Cantilever Banana Parasol. With its 3m wide canopy, you can count on full shade coverage, allowing room for all your friends and family. The parasol is made with six sturdy ribs to support the canopy which will help it from collapsing during extremely windy spells. Also, the crank handle present on the parasol makes it very easy to close or open, so you can start shielding yourself and your family without any delay.

Like other cantilever parasols on this list, this parasol features a stylish design in a brilliant cream colour that makes it suitable for any outdoor space. Not only is this parasol highly functional, but it is also durable and very easy to set up so that you can start enjoying full shade coverage as soon as it arrives, all you have to do is add a weighted base to gain maximum stability.

Key Features:

  • Wide canopy
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Made of six sturdy ribs

Greenbay 3m Banana Cantilever Parasol

The Greenbay 3m Banana Cantilever Parasol is yet another best parasol available on the market today. This product features a 3m wide polyester canopy mounted on 8 ribs to maintain stability while keeping you from sunburn and windburn. The polyester canopy is made with an air vent which prevents a build-up of heat and allows wind to escape. The polyester canopy is also a brilliant crème colour to complement the beauty of your garden. 

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the parasol is made with a lift slider for outward extension and so you can easily adjust its inclination angle to suit your comfort. Thanks to the crank mechanism, you can effortlessly open and close the parasol for neat storage when the wind is getting out of control. Like many cantilever parasols on the market, you may need to support the parasol with a weighted base to enhance optimum stability whilst in use.

Key Features:

  • Polyester cover with air vents
  • Adjustable inclination angles
  • Reliable crank handle
  • Adjustable inclination angle

909 Outdoor 3M Cantilever Parasol

Although the 909 Outdoor 3m Cantilever Parasol may require a weighted base for optimum stability, only a few cantilever parasols can do the job better. With its crank handle, you can easily open and close the parasol without a hitch. 

Like many other cantilever parasols on this list, the parasol is made with an easy to clean and tear-resistant polyester cover. Interestingly, the 3m wide polyester cover is significant enough to induce full coverage against torrid weather. Besides, the parasol can be tilted up to any angle so you can have maximum protection against wind, rain and harmful sun rays. 

For maximum support, while inducing full shade coverage, the parasol is crafted from a black steel frame with six ribs. Plus, the dark green colour will complement your outdoor space. Get the 909 OUTDOOR Cantilever Parasol and enjoy the beauty of the sunny day in the comfort of your garden.

Key Features:

  • Crank handle
  • All-weather polyester umbrella
  • Strong steel frame

Deuba 104082 Garden Sun Cantilever Parasol

The Deuba 104082 Garden Sun Cantilever Parasol is a space-saving yet effective parasol. Unlike other parasols, it is lightweight, so you can easily carry it from one location to the other and continue enjoying a shady and comfy environment. Despite its lightweight, it is very stable and will effectively protect you from the weather. Its aluminium construction makes it very sturdy and more durable than many conventional parasols available out there. 

The parasol polyester cover with UPF 40+ has a moisture repelling function, so asides from keeping you safe from sunburn, you can also sleep under this parasol when it is rainy outdoors. Plus, you can easily tilt the parasol in line with the sun or rain direction to ensure maximum protection. Owing to its crank handle, you can easily open and close the parasol, while the presence of hooks and straps enhance easy and neat storage.

Key Features:

  • Firm base for stable set up
  • Very wide canopy coverage
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Anti-UV and anti-moisture

Divine Style Royal Purple Garden Cantilever Parasol

Divine Style Royal Purple Garden Cantilever Parasol is a great choice if you’re looking for an adjustable parasol that will look great in your garden. It comes with a waterproof cover that is coated with anti-UV materials to ensure you are safe from harmful sun rays while keeping you safe from the rain, too. What’s more, the UV-coating prevents the cover from fading and thus improves its longevity. 

Plus, this parasol has a 360° swivel function, so you can count on all-around protection against sun or rain. Additionally, the parasol is very stable because of its full-length cross base so you don’t need to worry about it toppling over. The parasol is also made with a wind flap to enhance optimum stability during extremely windy conditions. 

Finally, this parasol comes in a range of wonderful colours to suit any garden decor, from a jazzy purple to an elegant teal, there’s something for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and durable metal frame
  • Sun-proof and waterproof cover
  • Rotatable
  • Adjustable tilt angle

Schallen 3M Leanover Cantilever Parasol

The navy-blue cover of the Schallen 3m Leanover Cantilever Parasol is enough to sway your attention away from any cantilever parasol available on the market today. This parasol also comes in other colours that will complement the beauty of your garden if navy isn’t the colour for you. Meanwhile, the 160g polyester cover gives the parasol the strength to provide optimum protection against torrid weather. But what’s cool about this parasol is the crank mechanism that makes it very easy to open and close. 

Similar to other options on the market, this parasol is equipped with an air vent which eliminates wind build-up so you can rest assured it won’t fly away, whilst providing shade and comfort to the whole family. Interestingly, the pole and ribs of the parasol are made of steel with black coating to prevent rusting and thus enabling long term use. However, although the parasol is complete with a crossed base, we still recommend supporting the base with a weight to provide optimum stability.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with air vent
  • Anti-rust pole and rib
  • Straightforward crank system

Uniprodo Hanging Cantilever Parasol

The Uniprodo Hanging Cantilever Parasol is a great option for many. Its 180g/m2 durable polyester cover is finished with a brilliant orange colour, and without a doubt, this colour will illuminate your patio no matter the weather. The cover of this parasol is made of polyester with UPF 50+ as well as a moisture repelling function, so with this, you can choose to enjoy your garden in rain or shine.

The parasol can rotate up to 360 degrees without any hassle so that you can easily set it in the direction of the sun or rain. What’s more, the 250 x 250cm dimension of the cover is large enough to provide all-around protection for you and your family.

Also, with this parasol, you can count on optimum safety due to the sturdy steel construction of the ribs and the cross base. Finally, besides this brilliant orange finish, you can also choose from other cool colours such as dark grey, green, taupe and lots more.

Key Features:

  • 360° rotation
  • UV-proof and moisture-proof
  • Durable polyester canopy
  • Large coverage

Laxllent Banana Cantilever Parasol

With a 3m wide polyester cover, no weather can deprive you of some much needed fresh air with this cantilever parasol. Besides, the cover is waterproof and UPF 50+, so whether you like relaxing outdoors in the sun or the rain, the Laxllent Banana Cantilever Parasol has got you covered! The parasol can also be tilted up to 360 degrees, so you can have full control over where the shade falls. 

Thanks to the crank handle, you can easily open and close the parasol. Like many cantilever parasol on this list, the cross base provides a stable foundation so you need not worry about it flying away. The six iron ribs with powder coating firmly uphold the parasol cover to prevent damage whilst also improving its longevity. 

On the flip side, the parasol is averse to windy condition, so you need to stay away from this parasol if you need something to keep you and your guests safe on a windy day.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Sun-proof and waterproof cover
  • One-year warranty

SORARA Roma Sand Cantilever Parasol

The cover of the SORARA Roma Sand Cantilever Parasol is made from polyester with UPF 50+, so you know you will be fully protected against any harmful sunrays while outdoors. What’s more, the parasol cover measures 300 x 300 cm so it provides maximum coverage for you and your guests.

The pole of this parasol is crafted from aluminium with sturdy ribs so you can rest assured that it will last you many seasons to come. Even though the parasol weighs 27.5kg, you may need to support the base with water and sand to make it firmer and more stable. Finally, this parasol is finished with a crank handle, so you can easily open and close it and enjoy it whenever you like.

Key Features:

  • Durable aluminium pole
  • Crank mechanism
  • Polyester cover with UPF 50+
  • Two years warranty

PURPLE LEAF Square Crank Cantilever Parasol

Even though it is a little bit pricey, the PURPLE LEAF Square Crank Cantilever Parasol is one of the top contenders on the market today, perhaps due to its effectiveness and elegant design. Thanks to its tear-resistant canopy and eight supportive ribs, as well as its weighted base, this parasol is very stable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Plus, the parasol is very easy to adjust and rotate in the direction of the sun or wind so you can enjoy your garden all day, everyday. The parasol is also very easy to open or close for neat storage at the end of the day.

Key Features:

  • Solid metal frame
  • Wide coverage
  • Easy to rotate and adjust
  • Comes with a weighted base

Final Thoughts

If you are still unsure which parasol to go for, we recommend the GardenKraft 14810 3m Cantilever Banana Parasol. With its 3m diameter, you and your guests will be protected from the elements while its classic cream design will look good in any garden.


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