Best Electric Smokers in 2021

Best Electric Smokers

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. Char-Broil 140 722-Digital Smoker (Editor’s Choice)
  2. MasterBuilt MES13OB Digital Electric Smoker (Luxury Choice)
  3. Callow Retail Digital Electric Smoker (Best Value)

Smoking of food is an age-long practice that has endured several centuries. While smoking is highly unlikely to go into extinction, it is quite clear that it has undergone a significant amount of evolution. Smoking in the past used to be a laborious process. It involved the use of charcoal or wood, or even and required much effort. However, this has changed. You can now smoke your food far more easily. The advent of smokers has led to the drastic reduction of stress. Making use of an electric smoker also saves you a lot of time.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the use of electric smokers is fast gaining acceptance over the conventional methods of smoking. Without mincing words, you are not doing yourself any favours if you still rely on archaic methods to smoke your food. You stand to benefit a lot from using an electric smoker.

It is fair to say that the market is proliferated with different types of electric smokers. This presents you with the challenge of how to find a good one. Nevertheless, you can sit back and relax because we have you covered. This review details the top ten electric smokers that are available at the moment. Read through and you will find one that meets your requirements.

Best Electric Smoker Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Callow Retail Digital Electric Smoker

This sleek, portable pot-like electric smoker is a clear departure from the bulky BBQ-based electric smokers that are more common on the market. If you are looking for an electric smoker that you can use indoors, then this is right one for you. This digital electric smoker emits minimal smoke and consumes far less energy than most electric smokers. Its 9.5litre-capacity is large enough to adequately serve your basic needs. The three-tiered rack will comfortably accommodate your meat, fillet, vegetable or any other type of food you want to smoke.

More so, the smoker affords you the flexibility of choosing between hot smoke and cold smoke, or a combination of both. This means that you can either choose to cook the food before smoking it, smoke before cooking, or do both simultaneously.

The smoker, being digital, has a control panel that is straightforward to use. It also includes a timer and you will be alerted once the smoking is complete. For more must have kitchen appliances see our guide on air fryers.

Key Features:

  • Timer and alarm notifies you when the smoking is complete
  • Emits little amount of smoke
  • Lightweight

Barbecook Electronic Food Smoker

Barbecook electronic food smoker has an attractive cylindrical design. The fancy look is indicative of its functionality. It is made of quality steel which makes it sturdy and enables you to smoke relatively heavy food in it. In addition to this, the large size of the smoker – it is 64cm long, 36cm high and spans across a width of 26cm – means that you can smoke fairly large chunks of food at once. The heating element’s wattage rating of 1100w compares favourably with most smokers. Also, this electronic smoker comes with a rack and drip tray. With a weight of just 4.8kg, it is ideal for outdoor use and there is really pretty little else you can ask from this lightweight smoker.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Resistant to rust
  • Easy to clean

EuroSmoker Electric Smoker

With a height of 80cm, width and breadth of 40cm and 27cm respectively, it is quite fair to say that the EuroSmoker electric smoker is a relatively huge one. The interior is well insulated and this allows it to maintain a steady temperature during smoking. In addition, the door is made of transparent glass that gives you the opportunity to keep track of the smoking process without having to open the smoker. This, of course, serves to complement the interior insulation and further reduce heat loss.

It has a heat regulator as well as temperature indicator. These work in tandem to enable you set the smoker to the exact temperature you need to smoke your food.

Just as it is with most electric smokers, the EuroSmoker has a drip tray which prevents grease and fat from falling all over the place and complicating the cleaning process. You can easily disassemble, clean and then assemble the different components again. For more unique kitchen items see our guide on popcorn makers.

Key Features:

  • Steel rack and prevents rusting
  • Equipped with cabinet zinc
  • Has a lot of space

Anuka Electric Hot Smoker

The Anuka electric hot smoker allows you to smoke a large variety of foods. It effectively combines hot smoke and cold smoke. As a result, your food is also being cooked during the smoking process. The smoker has two fairly large (36.5×19.5cm) racks where you can pout significant chunks of food for smoking. In addition, the heat circulation in the smoker is very much uniform.

With a heating element rating of 500W, the smoker has a considerable range of temperatures. This feature makes it versatile and you can use it to smoke several different types of foods with different temperature requirements.

Additionally, the smoker includes a timer that enables you to preset the smoking duration. It will automatically shut off when this time elapses.

You don’t have to worry about a tedious cleaning process after each use. The Anuka electric hot smoker is equipped with two smoking trivets to collect any liquid that may be dripping from the smoked food. It is also worth mentioning that the product has a gleaming aluminium base. This helps to prevent smoked food from sticking to the surface.

And, due to its small size, it is quite portable. This makes it useful for outdoor purposes

Key Features:

  • Small and portable
  • Has a timer and an auto shut-off function
  • Very easy to clean after use

OutdoorCook New Electric Fish and Meat Smoker

In terms of dimensions, the OutdoorCook new electric smoker measures 80cm in length, 40cm in width, while it is 27cm deep. With its huge size, you would expect it to be heavy. The reverse is however the case. The galvanised steel from which it made from makes sure that it is lightweight, at just 12kg. This also makes it rust resistant.

It comes with the one electric element which is rated 240v/AC. As such, this smoker is an effective engine for both hot smoking and cold smoking. It is possible to adjust and control the heat in the smoker.

This product also includes a 500g pack of smoking sawdust that you can use to add flavour to your food. In addition, there is a thermometer which indicates the temperature at which you are smoking the food. Yet still, the package has two baskets to keep your fish when smoking as well as five smoking hooks for hanging your meat inside the smoker during smoking.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a pack of bisquettes for flavouring
  • Has a wide temperature range
  • Galvanised steel makes it lightweight and durable

MasterBuilt MES13OB Digital Electric Smoker

As far as electric smokers go, the MasterBuilt MES13OB Digital Electric Smoker definitely ranks among the best. It is equipped with a digital control which enables you to regulate it easily.  Also, it is designed to enable you load flavoured chip into it through a side loading system. This way, you don’t have to keep opening the door intermittently just because you want to add more chips. This will in turn keep the internal temperature of the smoker consistent. This will ultimately help to get better smoking results.

This smoker comes with four racks that are chrome-plated. With these racks, you have a smoking space that can be matched only by a few other smokers on the market. It does not end there; the smoker includes a wood chip tray and a drip tray where ash of burnt flavoured chips and dripping fat and grease from the meat collect respectively. They therefore go a long way in enhancing easy disposal of unwanted waste.

You cannot run into any problem while using the MasterBuilt MES13OB Digital Electric Smoker because it comes with a detailed instruction manual. This will clear any confusion that may arise during the course of operating the smoker. See our guide on integrated washer dryers for more great kitchen appliances.

Key Features:

  • Features a side wood chip loading system
  • Chrome-plated racks are durable and resistant to rust
  • Very Spacious

KLARSTEIN Flintstone Electric Smoker

This is another quality electric smoker that will give you perfect smoking results. The KLARSTEIN Flintstone electric is essentially designed to provide as much comfort and ease of use as possible. It is quite easy to control and regulate. It has a fold-out panel on the top which allows you to set the smoking parameters (such as time and temperature) to your taste.

The smoker has a transparent window which allows your monitor the progress of the smoking without necessarily having to open it. Also, its wide temperature range (between 370 and 1370) provides you with the flexibility of smoking different types of food that require different levels of heat intensity.

Furthermore, this great smoker comes with several ad-ons including 4 steel grates, a drip grate and two drip pans (one square and one oval)

Key Features:

  • Quite large and spacious
  • Very convenient to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Char-Broil 140 722-Digital Smoker

The Char-Broil 140 722-Digital Smoker has a steel and aluminium body. Transparent glass is incorporated into the door for you to see through. There is also an internal light which aids visibility. This will allow you to clearly see the contents of the smoker.

Also, the smoker features an insulated double-wall design which is quite efficient at preventing heat loss and helps to maintain a constant and uniform heat at all times and in all places inside the smoker. It also has a detachable thermometer which indicates the temperature inside the smoker.

Another admirable feature of this quality electric smoker is the easy-to-understand, simple-to-use digital control panel. It enables you to program the time and temperature of the smoking process into the smoker. Once you do this, you can devote time to other tasks. You can rest assured that the smoker will promptly alert you at the expiration of the time set for smoking.

Four steel racks come with this smoker and the entire package is covered by a two-year warranty. Indeed, the decision to include this electric smoker here is a no brainer. For more must have kitchen appliances check out our picks for halogen ovens.

Key Features:

  • Effective double-wall insulation
  • Viewing window complemented with internal light
  • Loud alarm notifies you when smoking ends
  • Automated digital control

MasterBuilt MES140B Digital Electric Smoker

The MasterBuilt MES140B Digital Electric Smoker is essentially the same as the MES130B in terms of design. However, when it comes to functionality, there are slight differences. The MES140B has a heating element rating of 1200W which affords a higher range of temperature variation. It is also larger in size than the MES130B. Consequently, it is equipped with a handle and two wheels so that you can move it around with ease.

The MasterBuilt 140B electric smoker is well insulated. Its internal heat circulation is uniform. In the same vein, it does not lose heat easily. To enhance your convenience, the smoker is digitized and has automated functions. To smoke your food, all you have to do is to set the smoking temperature and time to suit your desire. The smoker will efficiently handle the rest and provide you with a perfectly smoked food.

Just like the MES130B, this electric smoker has four chrome-plated racks. But, because they are bigger in size, they provide a larger cumulative smoking area of 6,271cm². This is considerable larger than the 4,587cm² provided by MES130B.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the product also includes a drip pan, a grease collection tray and a wood chip tray. All these make cleaning of the smoker an easy and straightforward task.

If you are a fan of the MES 130B but you need a little more space, then this smoker is for you. If you live in a hard water area check out our guides on kettles for hard water and water softeners.

Key Features:

  • Has a thermostat which regulates its temperature
  • Includes a chip loading system located at the side
  • Digital controller automates your smoking process

Bradley Smoker 4 Rack Digital Smoker

Bradley Smoker 4 Rack Digital Smoker completes our list of the best electric smokers on Amazon UK. It is a luxury smoker that guarantees you the best smoking results. Although the cost is little on the high side, the features adequately do justice to its high cost.

The dimensions of the smoker read 46cm wide, 51cm deep and 86cm high. It has a weight of 19kg and a capacity of about 76 litres which is by no means average.

Furthermore, this smoker has a digital display which makes its usage quite easy and straightforward. You can set the smoking time and temperature to suit your desire. It is quite economical, consuming flavour bisquettes at an average rate of once in twenty minutes.

With all the features incorporated into this smoker, you are bound to get the best smoking results, even if you are new to the art of smoking.

Key Features:

  • 76 litres capacity
  • Consumes bisquettes slowly
  • Allows you to program smoking time and temperature  according to your desire

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