Best Electric Wall Heaters in 2021

best electric wall heaters

Last Updated on April 14, 2021

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

  1. Purus Panel Heater (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Adax NEO WIFI Modern Slimline Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater (Luxury Choice)
  3. MYLEK Electric Panel Heater 500w – Low Energy – Wall Mounted / Free Standing (Best Value)

Heat is what drives us and what keeps us alive. Humans have always been seeking warmth for as long as since the first man. That is because it is what keeps us energized and rejuvenates us after a long spell of cold. We tend to shrivel up and lose much of potency within our faculties when subjected to intense cold. A good warm fire or any other source is what seems truly fitting at the end of the said ordeal. However, lighting up a fire, throwing wood into the chimney, smoldering up coals, etc. are techniques that require too much time. These obscure means for heat also require exertion and effort which most of us don’t have nowadays.

In such conditions, there should be a source that gets the job done with efficiency and facilitation. That is where Wall mounted electric heaters come in. They get the job done and don’t require any profound attention of care in order to do so. We have compiled together a list of the best Electric wall heaters available on the market for your assistance. For more heating items check out our guides on electric log burners and plinth heaters, but without further-ado, take and look and see which one matches your proclivities:

Best Electric Wall Heater Reviews – Top 8 Picks

Igenix IG9515WIFI Smart Electric Panel Heater

This modern heating product by Igenix is a true marvel. It offers an amazing amalgamation of modern heating and technological advancement. You can set a comfortably warm ambiance for your room quite easily with this product. This heater comes with two heat settings and a power reading of 1500W which are perfect for effectively heating up your home. This unit is also capable of being controlled through any of your Smart devices. All you would need to do so is download the Igenix App. This heater can work in compatibility with Alexa-enabled and Echo devices. This means that a user can control this product through their voice.

You can also turn on the heater at home through your mobile smart device. This will ensure that the domestic environment is warm and cozy prior to your arrival. This is totally convenient and is sure to appeal to many users. Go for this product if you too want the very best in heating devices for your home that is both smart and efficient.

Key Features:

  • This device can be controlled through voice commands
  • This heater can also be controlled through the Igenix App from Smart devices
  • It can be used while mounted on the wall and in a freestanding mode as well
  • Allows you to set your schedule as it contains a weekly or daily timer as well

Devola Eco 1500W Electric Panel Heater

This is a great heater that can be used in any home without any trepidation. This product is very much appealing as it features a unique energy-saving capability. That is because of the immensely precise thermostat that it contains. This thermostat is capable of switching on and off automatically and is very much precise. This allows it to warm up your home while also maintaining your economic stability.

This heater is also capable of being set on a weekly and daily basis. This allows you to create an applicable schedule for your heating needs. It also comes with handy features like Child Lock, Auto Detection for open windows and more. The installation of this heater is also very easy and doesn’t require any intricate setup. Just plug it in and let the functioning start. You can mount it on a wall or just roll it around to the area you like. This heater can also be used without any fear in bathrooms as well due to its splash and water-resistant design.

Key Features:

  • This is a highly energy-efficient heater
  • It contains a 24/7 Digital Timer as well
  • It features simple Plug-and-Play functionality
  • Backed by a warranty of 2-years by the manufacturer

Adax NEO WIFI Modern Slimline Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater

This heater by Adax Neo has been designed with energy conversation in perspective. It functions in a manner that allows users to save up on heating expenses. The features that it contains are in compliance with the efficiency regulations of ERP Lot 20. It contains many other nifty capabilities as well. These include Wi-Fi control, recognition for open windows, protection against overheating, active start, child lock, etc. The best part is that users can control all of these features through their smart devices. They would only need to install the ADAX app to do so. This app will allow users to control their heating system with a simple tap or swipe of their finger.

This heater also comes with totally programmable programs for weekly and daily heating. They also evince zonal control as well. This means that you get the best heating and the best placement for your rooms with this product. This heater comes with preselected modes for heating. Choose one of these or create one that matches your liking. For more great home products, check out our guide on oil filled radiators.

Key Features:

  • This heater can be controlled from Smartphones through ADAX App
  • The digital thermostat allows for effective heating scheduling and the heater itself is splash resistant
  • This device contains a protective feature against overheating

Fam Famgizmo 2500W Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater Convector Radiator

This heater by Fam Famgizmo offers style with efficient heating ability. These are features that make it effective for any room or setting. This heater is actually a convection panel heater which means that it contains no internal fan. This means that this heater will function in a manner that is efficient and bereft of noise. This makes this the ideal heating unit for your bedroom, living room and any other room within your home. This heater also comes with an LCD display on which you can set a 7-Day timer as well.

In this heater, you can adjust the range of temperature between 15℃ to 36℃.  This heater ensures ample saving of energy as it is capable of turning on and off on an automatic basis. Its power reading is equal to 2500W which allows it to perform all of its heating duties with ease and competence. You can even use this heater in the bathroom as it is waterproof as per IP24 standards.

Key Features:

  • This heater is noiseless and efficient
  • It contains an LCD Display for effective user operation
  • It contains a wattage reading of 2500W
  • This heater has thermal-cut off device for additional safety

Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater Panel Heater

The Wärme Electric Heater fuses an adept solution for heating with an aesthetic that is modern and simply spectacular. One of these electric radiator heaters is capable of warming up an area equal to 22 square meters without any problem. This can be owed to the 2KW power output that it is capable of. You can be sure that you will get accurate readings thanks to the nifty digital thermostat that this heater contains. You can conveniently switch between a heat mode that is instant or create a weekly cycle that matches your liking.

This heater comes with sensors that are built into its structure. These sensors protect this heater against hazards like overheating while its waterproof casing is also great. This casing means that users get to use this heater even in their bathroom and kitchen as well. It is simple to use and its setup requires only minutes to mount up on a wall. You don’t need to be a handyman to do so and can get the result through simple wall brackets in no time at all.

Key Features:

  • You can control this heater from your smartphone devices through the concerned app
  • The design of this heater is very much stunning
  • You can set-up this heater easily and without problem
  • The casing of this heater is waterproof

Futura Eco Panel Heater

This heater by Futura is simply amazing. For one, it is Lot 20 compliant and is a very energy efficient device. The energy costs that this heater incurs are very low and we can owe this to the extremely efficient heating features that it contains. This heater comes with 3 different settings for heat as well as a fully programmable digital thermostat with 24/7 capability. Also, this heater comes with various modes as well that include Comfort, Eco, and Anti-Frost settings. This heater comes with the requisite wall/mounting brackets for installing on your wall.

The prospect of installing is a very convenient and straightforward one and anyone can perform the said endeavor in minutes. This heater also contains a Keypad lock feature that ensures increased security. The best part is that this heater looks completely stylish and stunning while not compromising on the functionality factor in the least. So, give this product a chance if you are in the market looking for a wall-mounted heater that gets the job done.

Key Features:

  • This is a highly energy-efficient heater
  • It contains 3 heat modes and a 24/7 digital thermostat that is programmable
  • It is created from aluminum which ensures efficient and fast heating
  • This heater is backed by a warranty of 2-years from the manufacturer

Purus Panel Heater

This panel heater by the Purus is incredible and is possibly one of, if not the, best ones available on the market. This excellent heater contains a 24 hour and 7-day timer functioning capability and is safe for usage in every area or room. Its waterproof and splash resistant casing makes this heater appropriate for usage even in bathrooms and kitchens. It contains a room coverage capability that is equal to 12m2. The weight of this heater isn’t excessive either and is 4.2kg. Its temperature range is quite excellent as well and lies between 5°C to 50°C. This heater gets your room warm and toasty very efficiently and emanates ample heat from the top portion.

It also comes with a bunch of other attractive features as well such as child lock, auto-detection for open windows and many others. The cable present in this heater is also splash-proof. You won’t regret your decision in indoor heating if you opt for this splendid product. For more great home items see our guide on foot massagers.

Key Features:

  • This device can be used in bathrooms and kitchens
  • This heater contains 3 different modes for heating
  • It can be mounted on walls with ease and efficacy
  • 2-year guarantee by the manufacturer

MYLEK Electric Panel Heater 500w – Low Energy – Wall Mounted / Free Standing

This heater by Mylek is great at getting the job done. It comes packed with many amazing features and yet blends style and simplicity of design into the equation as well. The most appealing quality of this heater is the ease with which it can be installed. It comes with a wall bracket that is specially designed for mounting in your preferred area. You can also install the floor standing and its pertinent casters so as to easily move it around the house. It contains a precise and efficient thermostat which enables this heater to switch on and off automatically. This is great for saving costs on energy expenditures and the quick heat mode that this heater contains further ensures this conservational approach.

This electric heater is safe from overheating on an advanced level as per IP24 ratings. This means that you can use it without any trepidation in bathrooms and kitchens as well. Plus, you can easily control your heating schedule with its 24/7 capable programmable LED Display. For more home products check out our guide on portable air conditioners.

Key Features:

  • You can mount this heater on the wall or roll it around on floor standing with casters
  • This heater is capable of auto on/off functioning
  • This heater contains a nifty 24/7 programmable LED Display Panel
  • You can use this heater in bathrooms and kitchens



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