Best Latex Pillows of 2023

Best Latex Pillows

Last Updated on March 1, 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 8 Best Latex Pillows

  1. Marcapiuma Soap Shaped (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Relyon Superior (Luxury Choice)
  3. Silentnight 443289GE (Best Value)
  4. Inofia – With Cool and Warm Two-In-One
  5. HeveaTree 100% Natural
  6. Yanis Latex Plus
  7. Marcapiuma- Memory Cushion Bio
  8. LUCID Talalay

Having the right pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep. If you own pillows that are lifeless and offer little to no support, then you’re likely to suffer from neck pain. What’s more, you will be tossing and turning, frequently wasting valuable hours of sleep.

So if you’re looking for a solution for pillows, then latex pillows are your answer. They are not only naturally soft, but also they are dense and supportive. However, with so many options available, how do you determine the best latex pillow for your sleeping needs?

Suppose you are looking for recommendations on which latex pillow you need to buy. Look no further. We have scoured the internet and compiled a detailed list that includes the best latex pillow in the UK. Here are our eight best latex pillow reviews.

How we Compared Latex Pillows

latex pillows collage

To find the right latex pillows we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Loft
  • Firmness
  • Flat vs contoured
  • Ventilation
  • Outer cover
  • Natural latex

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching latex pillows and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Latex Pillow Reviews

Marcapiuma Soap Shaped (Editor’s Choice)

If you’re looking for a latex pillow made from 100% high-density natural latex, then the Marcapiuma soap-shaped pillow is an excellent choice. This thick pillow comes with small breathable holes that help facilitate is ventilation and temperature regulation.

Not only does this soap-shaped pillow boast of being non-deformable, but also it doesn’t release any unpleasant odour. Moreover, its both dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. The Marcapiuma Latex Pillow comes with a removable 100% cotton stretch zippered cover that is washable.

Furthermore, this soap-shaped pillow has a medium-firm feel that makes it suitable for both head and neck pain. So, if you’re after a latex pillow that provides additional support and relief to sore joints, then the Marcapiuma Pillows are your go-to option.

However, it is important to note that some users find this pillow too firm. Also, it may be smaller in size than you have expected.


  • The removable cotton cover can be machine washed
  • Its micro-holes facilitate both ventilation and temperature regulation
  • Made with naturally hypoallergenic materials
  • This natural latex pillow is dust mite resistant
  • It’s OEKO-Tex certified


  • Some users may find it to be quite firm
  • It may be pretty small when compared to standard size pillows
  • Some users might find its odour to be quite unpleasant

Relyon Superior (Luxury Choice)

The Reylon Superior Comfort is one of the best latex pillows UK stores offer. Not only does it provides luxurious comfort, but also it has firm support that helps keep your head, neck, and spine aligned when sleeping.

This 17cm deep pillow boasts a bounce-back technology that ensures it retains its shape at all times. The Reylon Superior Comfort latex pillow comes in a removable soft-touch cotton polyester blended fabric cover that is machine washable.

Bear in mind that this breathable and hypoallergenic latex pillow is generally recommended for side sleepers; however, if you’re not a side sleeper, you can opt for an extra slim version of this pillow. It is also worth mentioning that this latex pillow may take approximately 72 hours to expand fully.


  • Machine washable cover
  • Made with 100% natural Reylon latex
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • The pillow is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Pillow fluffing is not necessary thanks to its bounce-back technology


  • It may take approximately 72 hours to expand fully
  • Some users may find it too thick for stomach or back sleeping
  • It might be too high for some users

Silentnight 443289GE (Best Value)

Another great option in our latex pillow reviews is the Silentnight latex core pillow. 

With a standard size of s 70 cm long and 45 cm wide, it is not only hypoallergenic, but it also comes with a soft percale cotton cover that sits well with allergy sufferers. It’s worth mentioning that this latex pillow is dust mite resistant.

The Silentnight Latex core pillow is made of polyester hollow fibre filling that provides comfort, while its inner latex pad provides resilience, support, and ventilation. Moreover, its uniquely ventilated core is durable as well as flexible. Additionally, it comes with breathable sidewalls with small vents that help increase air circulation.

This latex core pillow from the Silentnight brand has a medium firmness rating. And, it’s suitable for side and back sleepers who may need support, optimal spine alignment and pressure relief under the necks.

Unfortunately, it may become too flat after extended use. Also, it is not machine washable, making it quite difficult to clean.


  • It comes with a uniquely ventilated latex core
  • Ideal for both back and side sleepers
  • Has with breathable sidewalls
  • It comes with a soft, percale cotton cover
  • Dust mite resistant


  • It may flatten after some time of use
  • Cleaning it can be quite challenging since it’s not machine washable
  • Some users may find it to be too firm

Inofia – With Cool and Warm Two-In-One

If you’re looking for the best latex memory foam pillow, then the Inofia Latex Memory Foam is a great pick. Not only does it boast a perfect balance of support and comfort, but it is also made of environmentally friendly materials.

The Inofia Latex Memory Foam comes with honeycomb ventilation that ensures excellent airflow in the pillow. This pillow also comes with a unique two-in-one design that ensures you enjoy sleeping through any temperature. Its ice silk material ensures one stays cool during hot or warm nights. At the same time, the black side has a skin-friendly material for cold or chilled nights. Lastly, this pillow also comes machine washable cover.

On the other hand, please note that it may lose its durable over an extended time.


  • Features a unique two-in-one design
  • It boasts anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial features
  • The organic cotton outer cover is washing machine friendly
  • Made of environmentally friendly material
  • Can provide a perfect balance of comfort and support of head and neck


  • The memory foam may not withstand the test of time
  • Some users may find it to be too thin for side sleeping
  • Some users may not sit well with the slight odour of the pillow when new

HeveaTree 100% Natural

If you are looking for a good pillow with premium quality, then the HeveaTree 100% Natural is an ideal pick. Not only does it have an excellent elasticity that allows it to rebound when responding to the change of different sleeping positions, but it also reduces sleep discomfort caused by turning.

The HeveaTree, 100% Natural, comes with a unique ergonomic design that gives your head and the back of your neck excellent support and creates a proper spine alignment. It also improves your sleeping posture and allows one to breathe better and snore less while sleeping. That being said, it’s important to note that this pillow comes with a removable organic cotton cover that is machine washable.

However, please note that some users find it too high and uncomfortable to sleep on.


  • The removable pillow-case cover is machine washable
  • The rubber tree sap construction ensures excellent breathability and hygroscopicity features
  • It’s made with naturally hypoallergenic and natural latex materials
  • Features a unique ergonomic design that helps prevent neck pain
  • Its high elasticity ensures one maintains a continuous good night’s sleep


  • Some users may find it to be too high
  • It may get too flimsy over time
  • Some users may find the quality of the pillow filling to be relatively poor

Yanis Latex Plus

If you’re looking for the best Latex pillow in the UK that is designed with comfort in mind, then the Yanis Latex Plus Traditional Dunlop is an outstanding pick. Made from 100% purely natural Dunlop latex, this pillow offers the feelings of a traditional down pillow without clumping, flattening, or bunching. Moreover, it springs back into shape once you lift your head.

Wrapped in an organic cotton cover, the Yanis Latex Plus Traditional Dunlop Latex Pillow is one of the best latex pillows made without any dyes or harsh chemicals. That being said, it’s important to note that this pillow is resistant to any allergens that include dust mites, moulds, and bacteria. This latex pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers, especially those with broad shoulders.

On the other hand, this Latex pillow is not machine washable, making it challenging to clean.


  • Ideal for side and back sleepers
  • Offers both anti-allergen and anti-bacterial protection
  • The removable cotton cover can be hand-washed
  • It’s odourless
  • Offers pressure relief and superior comfort to one’s head and shoulders


  • The outer cotton cover may not be machine washable
  • Some users may find it not to be very supportive for the head and neck
  • It might not be suitable for individuals who are often hot while sleeping

Marcapiuma- Memory Cushion Bio

The Marcapiuma- Memory Cushion Bio is an excellent option for people who experience pains, aches, and pressure points in their necks.

This memory foam pillow doubles one’s comfort with two pillows in one. The two sides of this pillow offer different types of comfort that offer double relaxing effects.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the green aquarium Bio Aloe memory foam is enriched with Aloe vera and essentials of biological origin. At the same time, the other side is made of memory foam with exceptional elasticity and softness.

The Marcapiuma- Memory Cushion Bio-materials provide optimal comfort and support, while the essential oils promote natural sleep and a pleasant, relaxing scent. Its breathable channels ensure an excellent flow of air and a sensation of freshness.

The Marcapiuma- Memory Cushion Bio also comes with a protective cover made of a cotton stretch jersey that is easy to wash.

Unfortunately, some people find this pillow too firm and thin.


  • Has exclusive double comfort construction with two different sides of rest
  • Fitted with an easy to clean protective cotton fabric
  • It’s suitable for back sleepers
  • It comes with added Natural Essence Oils for a pleasant scent
  • Equipped with ventilation holes to ensure air exchange and excellent breathability


  • Some users may find it to be relatively thin
  • The latex foam may lose its bounce or flatten over time
  • The bio side might be too firm for some users

LUCID Talalay

If you’re looking for a pillow made of latex foam that is ideal for any sleeping posture, then the LUCID Talalay latex pillow is your go-to option. Not only does this pillow cradle your head, neck, and shoulders, but it also conforms to your unique shape and provides responsive comfort and support.

This latex foam pillow is not only hypoallergenic but also naturally breathable. Furthermore, it also rebounds instantly, providing one with superior support. The LUCID Talalay comes with a removable machine washable organic outer cover that is soft and stays cool.

That being said, it’s important to mention that even though the latex foam pillow conforms to your head and neck while sleeping, its breathable latex stays cool and ensures that you won’t overheat. As with other latex pillows, the LUCID Talalay is resistant to dust mites and mould.

However, some users have complained that this pillow has a strong smell. Also, some have complained that it lacks in thickness.


  • Features a mid-loft design for firm support and pressure relief
  • Can adaptively cradle your head, neck, and shoulders to provide responsive support
  • Equipped with a removable and washable cover
  • Suitable for side, back, or stomach sleepers
  • The memory foam is resistant to dust mites and mould


  • Some users may find this pillow to be too thick
  • The latex foam may not withstand the test of time
  • Some users may find the odour too strong

Benefits of Latex Pillows

Below, we have outlined some of the benefits of sleeping on latex pillows. These should help you select the best one for your needs.

Excellent Pressure Relief

Latex pillows are designed to conform to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders to ensure that they provide you with superb comfort while sleeping. This not only prevents pressure points from developing but also can, in turn, relieve pain and discomfort from the body, allowing one to have a deep night’s sleep without waking up to sore shoulders and neck.

a woman who is peacefully sleeping

Improved Support

The best latex pillows not only conform to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulder but also works by adjusting the movements of these body parts while you’re lying down. This, in turn, results in firm support and prevents you from experiencing discomfort while sleeping. Whether you prefer a soft or thick latex pillow, it’s always essential to go for one with enhanced support since it will ensure that your spine is aligned correctly regardless of your sleeping position.

Enhanced Durability

Compared to other materials, latex material used in pillows offers outstanding durability that you can depend upon for a lengthy period. It’s worth mentioning that their ability to withstand the test of time doesn’t compromise their functionality and shape. This allows you to enjoy the plush feel and the plumped-up texture for longer, even with frequent use. Enhance durability also results in better cost-effectiveness since you will not be required to replace often or buy new pillows.

Cool Sleeping

Most latex pillows are designed to prevent body heat retention. They are, in turn, breathable and allow free air circulation that ensures that heat accumulation will neither disturb nor prevent you from having a peaceful sleep. This feature allows the pillow surface to remain cool even when you retain a stable sleeping position.

What to Look For When Shopping for Latex Pillows

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best latex pillow.


When shopping for a latex pillow, it’s always important to consider the loft (height of the mattress). This factor plays a significant role in comfort and neck pain. Bear in mind that the ideal loft depends typically on your body physique and sleeping position.

Back Sleepers

Getting a latex pillow with a medium loft is usually advisable if you generally sleep on your back. This ensures that the pillow is neither too high nor too low. Such pillows will hold your head and neck in the correct position for proper alignment.

Side Sleepers

When sleeping on the side, your head is typically raised in a higher position. So, when shopping for a latex pillow, go for one that has a medium to high loft anywhere between 3-7 inches. However, it is wise to note that the specific loft depends typically on how broad your shoulders are.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers are advised to get a thin latex pillow that prevents your head and neck to be pushed upwards. The pillow should have a thickness of 2-3 inches or less.

Combo Sleepers

Do you constantly change your sleeping position when you sleep? If yes, you should get a medium loft pillow since it compromises all sleeping positions. Also, consider your physique and broad shoulders when shopping for a medium loft pillow.


When selecting latex pillows, it’s important to note that they don’t have the plush feel typically associated with memory foam pillows. Latex pillows generally range between medium-firm and firm. So, if you’re a stomach sleeper, ensure that you settle for a firm pillow with a very minimal hug.

On the other hand, medium-firm latex pillows are ideal for back and side sleepers since they provide more contouring.

Flat vs Contoured

When shopping for a latex pillow, choosing between a contoured and cervical pillow is always essential compared to a traditional curved or flat pillow.

It’s noteworthy to mention that a cervical pillow is generally designed to provide better head and neck support. Such pillows come with raised edges that support the neck and a grove in the middle for the head.

Cervical pillows are suitable for back and side sleepers who have neck problems but can also be used with people who don’t suffer from neck pains.


It is wise to consider the type of ventilation before settling for one. This feature comes in handy if you’re looking forward to sleeping hot during warm summer nights. Furthermore, the ventilation in a latex pillow allows free circulation of air, and it prevents the build-up of heat during the high-temperature seasons.

Outer Cover

While it’s advisable not to clean latex pillows, it’s always wise to settle for one that comes with a protected cover. Bear in mind that pillows with removable covers are easy to wash. So, when shopping for one, ensure you go for a latex pillow with a zipped cotton protective cover. Since zips make removing and replacing a cover hassle-free, cotton is naturally airy and washable.

That being said, note that protective covers on latex pillows add an extra layer of comfort. And, they always ensure that your pillows are protected from sunlight whenever you’re airing your beddings.

Natural Latex

When shopping for pillows, it’s always advisable to settle for a natural latex pillow since it reduces exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. It’s noteworthy that natural latex is processed into the Dunlop and the Talalay methods.

Talalay Method

This method ensures that the natural latex is vacuum packed, frozen then baked. These Talalay latex pillows tend to be bouncier than the Dunlop pillows. Furthermore, these types of pillows are softer than the Dunlop method.

Dunlop Method

Natural latex produced using this method is usually stirred, moulded then baked. This method creates a latex pillow that is naturally a heavier base. Dunlop latex pillows tend to be denser and springier than Talalay latex pillows. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that you can use the Dunlop method to create natural latex pillows of varying firmness and softness.


That is it for our choices for the best latex pillow in the UK. We hope that the above list will help you settle for a comfortable pillow that suits your preference and meets all your sleeping needs.

However, if we’re to settle for an overall winner, we would go with our editor’s choice, the Marcapiuma Soap Shaped Latex Pillow. This latex pillow comes with small breathable holes that help facilitate its ventilation and temperature regulation.

Not only does this soap-shaped pillow boast of being non-deformable, but also it doesn’t release any unpleasant odour. Moreover, it is both dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

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