Best Pillar Drills in 2021

Best Pillar Drills

Last Updated on November 1, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. Clarke 5 Speed Bench Mounted Pillar Drill (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Bosch Bench Drill PBD 40 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Silverline Bench Pillar Drill Press (Best Value)

A pillar drill is a machine tool that runs electrically and is composed of a column with a sliding table, a stable base, and a motor – drive system. The base usually made of heavy materials like cast iron is either grouted or bolted to the workbench. The base is the support for large workpieces while the pillar drill has a tilting table for angular drilling. A hydraulic machine helps move the entire device up or down to accommodate customizable materials. Some high-end machine tools may also be equipped with grooves around the edges to drain excess coolant.

What to Look for When Buying a Pillar Drill?

  •    The accuracy of the spindle: The accuracy of the rotating spindle will determine how well a drill bit does the job.
  •    The number of speeds: Different materials require varying drill speeds. A pillar drill should be able to tackle different materials, and so should have several speed settings.
  •    Maximum drill depths: The depth of the spindle travel should be maximum to use the entire capacity of the pillar drill successfully.
  •    Size of the chuck: The chuck size determines the maximum drill bit size the pillar drill can accept.

What Can a Pillar Drill Go Through?

  •    Wood: Almost all drills can cut through some forms of wood
  •    Metal: Metals like steel and brass can be drilled through quite easily with a light pillar drill. However, while working with iron, ensure you have the right bits.

·   Plastic: Light pillar drills can cut through most plastic. If you’re working with cast resin, we would suggest using a stronger bit.

Best Pillar Drill Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Silverline Bench Pillar Drill Press

The Silverline is a good model for beginners and is made of good quality materials. It is quite affordable and comes with several useful features. It has a standard 350-watt motor and runs smoothly to help you get the precision drilling you need. The chuck is a manual one and can take drill bits to the size of 13 mm. Almost all small drill bits work with this model from Silverline.

This model has a 5-speed setting range from 580 to 2650 RPM for good control. The spindle travel is 50 mm, and that can help you get almost all primary drilling jobs done. With a cast iron base, this pillar drill from Silverline is pretty stable and sturdy.

Key Features:

  • Max drill diameter of 13 mm
  • 5 speed setting from 580 RPM to 2650 RPM
  • Drills into most materials with precision

Wolf 5 Speed Bench Pillar Drill

The Wolf 5 Speed Bench Pillar Drill is an inexpensive model that is known to be great for newcomers and beginners. Not extremely high quality, the features of this bench pillar drill are sufficient to get DIY jobs around the house done. The 45-degree tilt angle on this machine is a comfortable one to work with. The materials are durable and long lasting, and the pillar drill has 350 watts motor.

It has a 13 mm chuck capacity, and the overall height is 575 mm. A chuck guard is installed for safety reasons with an adjustable mechanism that promotes a safe working environment. The speeds on this model range from 580 to 2650 RPM. The maximum drilling depth is 50 mm which is suitable for most home projects. For other great tools see our guide on heat guns.

Key Features:

  • 45-degree tilt table
  • 5 speeds from 580 RPM to 2650 RPM
  • Excellent value for money

Draper 5 Speed Hobby Bench Pillar Drill

Like the Wolf 5 Speed Pillar Drill, the Draper 5 Speed Hobby Bench Pillar Drill is also a favorite of many tradespersons in the DIY community as well as professionals. This model from Draper is equipped with a telescopic chuck guard for safety. It comes with a No Volt switch and a 5-speed pulley system. The Draper 5 Speed Hobby Bench Pillar Drill has a 13 mm capacity chuck that works with almost all drill bits.

The affordable, yet quality driven 5 speed from Draper weighs approximately 17.5 kg and has a 350 watts motor for standard consistency in drilling. The table has diagonal slots instead of parallel ones for ease of use. It stands just over 2 ft tall and is useful for all home projects that require light drilling. For some great outdoor tools see our long reach hedge trimmer guide.

Key Features:

  • 5-speed system
  • 13 mm chuck capacity
  • 350-watt motor

Lumberjack DP13 Bench Pillar Drill

The Lumberjack DP13 is an accurate pillar drill made from cast iron, giving it a weighted feel. It can be secured to any permanent surface or workbench to ensure it is at eye level for ease of drilling. This variant from Lumberjack has a 13 mm standard keyed chuck and 50 mm drilling depth. Like several other products on our list, the Lumberjack DP13 Bench Pillar Drill also has 5-speed settings.

The heat dissipation is possible through a fan cooling in the aluminum framework of the motor. The table and toe plate have vice grooves for different drill vices to be mounted. This model from Lumberjack also comes with a tilt table.

Key Features:

  • 5-speed ranges
  • Tilt table
  • Fan cooled for efficient heat dissipation

Clarke 5 Speed Bench Mounted Pillar Drill

The Clarke 5 Speed Bench Mounted Pillar Drill is a marvelous drill. Perfect for people who love to work at home on DIY projects and as hobbyists, the Clarke 5 Speed Pillar Drill has excellent features and high-quality build quality to it. With a 350-watt power motor, this drill offers a consistency that is rarely seen by other ones. Affordable and great at home, the Clarke 5 Speed can be a constant companion if cared for properly.

The Clarke 5 Speed has a chuck capacity of 13 mm and is compatible with almost all drill bits for pillar drills. This chuck and bit can easily drill through metal, plastic, and wood. It comes equipped with a B15 taper for shank drill bits. With this model, you can get speeds between 620 to 2620 RPM. For other great tools see our planar thicknesser picks, for perfectly flat wood.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for wood, plastic, and metal
  • 5 speeds from 620 RPM to 2620 RPM
  • 13 mm chuck for versatility

Ferm Bench Pillar Drill

The Ferm Bench Pillar Drill comes with a 5 speed setting for ease of use. The maximum speed on the Ferm Bench Pillar Drill is 2500 RPM. The cast iron base provides superior quality stability when fastened to the workbench. The height can be adjusted by a few quick levers and is compatible with people of varying heights. The tilt table can be changed to 45 degrees. The adjustment comes with a 2-way fitting.

This variant from Ferm works best with materials such as wood and steel. The chuck capacity is 13 mm with a power input of 350 watts. The Ferm Bench Pillar Drill also comes with a drilling depth of 52 mm. Besides, this model also has a transparent guard for safety while working.

Key Features:

  • Transparent safety guard
  • 5 speeds with max speed 2500 RPM
  • Height adjustable worktable for efficient drilling

Dart F12-941 Pillar Drill

The Dart F12-941 Pillar Drill has a 240V motor for specialized and customizable materials. The high-quality motor and output of this drill are of superior grade, and the elements do not wear and tear out very quickly. Slightly expensive than the basic pillar drills on this list, the Dart F12-941 Pillar Drill gives a uniform and stable performance with almost all materials.

This model from Dart has 12 speeds ranging from 230 RPM to 2470 RPM giving you a wide area to exercise control over. The maximum chuck capacity is 16 mm, and this model features vice settings for restricting movement. It also has a tilt table with vice grooves.

Key Features:

  • 12 speeds from 230 to 2470 RPM
  • Tilting bench comes equipped with vice grooves
  • 16 mm standard chuck for all regular drill bits

Scheppach DP16SL Bench Pillar Drill

The Scheppach DP16SL has been made with professionals and advanced hobbyists in mind. Reasonably priced, the high-quality Scheppach is an easy to use power tool. It comes with a quick lock chuck that can be unlocked in case of dire emergencies. The chuck capacity is 16 mm. It also has 5 speeds at which it should be operated.

The construct of the Scheppach DP16SL Bench Pillar Drill is sturdy since it is made with cast iron. The motor is a powerful one with 550 watts. This variant from Scheppach comes with a laser centered technology for you to drill precisely where you need. The laser center makes the work extraordinarily convenient and accurate.

Key Features:

  • Laser centered technology
  • 5-speed selections
  • Powerful 550 watts motor

Bosch Bench Drill PBD 40

The Bosch PBD 40 is a fantastic operational tool for tradespeople who do not like to work with lesser than perfect machines. The Bosch PBD 40 features superiorly controlled precision for an optimum drilling process. This variant from Bosch combines efficiency with focused power to give a higher yield and very precise drilling. Metalwork and woodwork are the specialties of the Bosch PBD 40.

The digital display panel shows the speeds the pillar machine is drilling at. It also allows you to monitor the level of drilling so that you can achieve perfection for all your pieces. This variant from Bosch is engineered to laser guide and cut through 13mm of steel and 400mm of wood. The PBD 40 is also compatible with a host of other drill bits. An ergonomic wheel adjustment, integrated V-groove, and quick-release clamp ensure the safety of the machine. See our guide on pruning saws for some great outdoor tools.

Key Features:

  • Powerful engine
  • Cuts through wood and metal easily
  • Laser guided cutting

Sealey Pillar Bench Drill

The Pillar Bench Drill from Sealey is perfect for light industrial, woodworking, and agriculture applications. Heavyweight, this unit has an input power of 550 watts with 350 watts motor. When working with resistant or thick material, speed is a necessity. Keeping this in mind, the Sealey Pillar Bench Drill has 16 speeds ranging between 210 RPM to 3340 RPM.

The maximum chuck size recommended for this model from Sealey is 16 mm with a spindle travel distance of 80 mm. The Sealey Pillar Bench Drill has an adjustable table for convenience and stands tall at 100 cm. The gap between the chuck and column is 162 mm.


Key Features:

  • Spindle travel at 80 mm
  • 16 controllable speeds between 210 RPM to 3340 RPM
  • Can be drilled for lightweight industrial, woodworking, and agriculture uses

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