Best Rust Converters in 2021

best rust converters

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. Rustoleum Rust Reformer Black (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Dinitrol Rc900 Rust Converter & Primer (Luxury Choice)
  3. Nigrin 74032 Rust Converter (Best Value)

With the ever-changing weather, it is but natural that valuable metals can rust over time. If you have any metallic items that have already caught rust, you need to be able to convert that rust and make the metallic element usable again. Oxidation can degenerate metals and make them weak over time. Rust can quickly deteriorate the object and cause it to breakdown and eventually become ineffective. Tools should be protected against rust, and in the case that rust does set it, they should be taken care of immediately. Leaving the rust on metallic items also decreases their shelf life rapidly.

Rust converters are used when there is already a build-up of rust on a metal product, and the rust has to be removed. Rust protectors are put early-on to save the metal from catching rust. Rust converters work on basic chemistry principles. 

How do Rust Converters Work?

The principle behind rust converters is elementary. It uses a few basic chemistry components to protect the metal like steel. Since rust is excessive oxidation of the metal, it is necessary to first battle the oxidation, and then preserve the metal below from re-oxidizing.

The rust converter helps covert the rust into iron tannate using tannic acid present in the chemical composition. Tannic acid is usually used on ferrous objects to inhibit the corrosion levels and passivate them. Tannic acid helps in killing the rust and stopping the rust from spreading any further. It also prevents damage and does not allow it to multiply.

After the rust is stopped, the rust converter creates a protective layer or cover of 2-Butoxyethanol against future oxidation agents.

Best Rust Converter Reviews – Top 6 Picks

Nigrin 74032 Rust Converter

The Nigrin 74032 Rust Converter is extremely useful rust converting compound. Known for its budget-friendliness, this rust converter is a hot favourite with many people in the UK. It is also a popular choice to use for car parts. This converter acts as an effective barrier to future rust formations and protects against oxidation and watermarks that may lead to rust.

The Nigrin 74032 Rust Converter is a fast acting agent and also works within 20 minutes of the first application. It prevents new rust formation and also acts as a holding primer until you are ready to paint the rusted part with fresh paint to seal the metal. The chemical reaction produced by the Nigrin 74032 Rust Converter is a strong one, and precaution should be used during application.

Key Features:

  • Fast acting
  • Acts as a holding primer
  • Protects against oxidation

Hammerite 5092820 Kurust Rust Converter

The Hammerite 5092820 Kurust Rust Converter is perfect for the ever0changing British weather. It is a reigning favourite with many users and is known to deliver effective results in the long term. The Hammerite 5092820 Kurust Rust Converter is ideal for small patches of rust that can spread rapidly. Once applied, it takes approximately 15 minutes to start getting the metal rust-free and usable again.

To apply, simply use an ordinary brush and concentrate on those parts that are rust-affected while taking care to avoid those that are not. The formula turns bluish black once it starts working effectively. Once you are done using the Hammerite 5092820 Kurust Rust Converter, you can easily apply any topcoat you want within 3 hours of removal. The Hammerite 5092820 Kurust Rust Converter does not require an undercoat or primer before application.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for small areas of rust
  • Iron oxide gets converted to iron complexes
  • Can use a top coat after 3 hours

Rustoleum Rust Reformer Black

The Rustoleum Rust Reformer Black can be applied directly to rusted metal. This fast-acting rust converter is a favourite of many people, you can apply directly without sanding or brushing the affected area beforehand. This product is one of the few on this list that does not require prepping of the rust before application.

To apply, vigorously shake the can for approximately one minute and spray 30 cm away from the rust to get a functional coverage area. Spray the Rustoleum Rust Reformer Black

on the rusted area in a steady back and forth action while shaking the can before every spray. You can apply several coats to get the perfect outcome. The touch dry time for this product is approximately 20 minutes with a hard dry time of 24 hours. For other guides see our one on masonry paints.

Key Features:

  • A single coat is enough
  • Spray directly on to the affected area
  • Fast acting rust converter

Aquasteel Rust Converter & Primer

The Aquasteel Rust Converter & Primer is a rust converter and primer in one. It has a special unique control system for corrosion developed by Bayer-Wood Technologies. The application of the Aquasteel Rust Converter & Primer is meant only for ferrous metals. This compound has been tested for salt spray from seas and is also great for small boats and yachts. It can also be used for beams of building construction and in oil rigs. For home applications, it is meant for gates, doorways, hinges, car wheels, and so on.

The Aquasteel Rust Converter & Primer can be applied using a spray or a brush according to specification. You do not need to prep the metal by brushing or scraping to administer this product. Just directly apply it for the rust converter and primer to start the work. For other guides see our one on exterior wood paints for a nice wood finish.

Key Features:

  • Primer and rust converter in one
  • Salt tested for sea water
  • Can be sprayed or brushed

Jenolite 83377 Rust Converter

The Jenolite 83377 Rust Converter is simple to use and does not require a primer or undercoat to activate it. It is a fast acting rust converter and can be used on all metallic surfaces. Before using the Jenolite 83377 Rust Converter, it is always advisable to brush off the rust with a wire scraper or brush. The Jenolite 83377 Rust Converter reacts with rust to create a durable and stable compound within fifteen to twenty minutes of application.

The Jenolite 83377 Rust Converter easily creates a barrier to resist oxygen, water vapour, bacterial growth, and carbon dioxide to protect the treated areas. Since it is a water-based formula, the surfaced gets sealed and transforms to a smooth polymer coating. Once this is done, you can easily paint over the coat with your choice of oil or water-based colour.

Key Features:

  • Ready to paint in 3 – 4 hours
  • Reacts with rust within 15 minutes
  • Efficient rust barrier

Dinitrol Rc900 Rust Converter & Primer

The Dinitrol Rc900 Rust Converter & Primer is an aerosol solution that has to sprayed on to the rusted or oxidized metallic part. This product also works as a rust inhibitor and prevents the rust from reforming on the area that has been cleaned of the existing rust. It forms a waxy layer on top that is quick to dry and can be painted over quite quickly. It can be used on car brakes, on metal beading, for property gates, and in the house.

The Dinitrol Rc900 Rust Converter & Primer back cover claims that two coats should be used, but some users have also said that one layer is enough. Depending on the density of the rust and the thickness, you can decide between one coat or two. To apply, spray approximately 15 to 30 cm away from the rust and shake the bottle while doing so. This product is free of chromium, zinc, and lead and it dries fast to form a protective barrier layer that prevents oxygen and moisture from seeping through.

Key Features:

  • Rust converter and primer
  • Quick drying
  • Free from lead, zinc, and chromium

Buyers Guide for Rust Converter

Rust converters are only useful for metallic objects that are already covered in rust. Applying rust converters on items that do not have rust can adversely affect them and corrode a perfectly healthy metal. Before buying a rust converter, there are several things to consider.


Rust converters that are easy to use and store are always more popular than ones that are hard to use. Rust converters with sprays, brushes, rollers, and so on can be used conveniently and are also easy to store. If you are using a rust converter and applying it directly, please wear a pair of thick latex gloves to protect your hands.


Any rust converter you purchase should work on medium rust. Average usage is vital for getting out maximum rust from metals that have low ruse as well as those that have high rust. These products work best with heavy rust since it increases the productivity of the metal being cleaned. Before applying the rust converter, you should always brush a bit of the rust off with a wire brush. A single object may need 2 or 3 coverings to get the rust off entirely. Usage should always be checked before buying.  You can use it on things like a chiminea or even tools such as edging shears or secateurs for better usability of them.


Most rust converters in the market require you to prep the metal before using the product. You may need to scrape or brush the excess rust off the metal with a wired or mesh scraper. This is done to remove excess rust from the whole build-up and allow the converter to do an efficient job. The rust converter should come in direct contact with the metal that has become oxidized. Leaving the rust on top makes the rust converter less effective and encourages a wastage of time.

Check the instructions on the rust converter before purchasing to either prep the material or leave it bare. Some converters do not require prepping, while some do.

Why is coverage crucial while buying rust converters?

Since rust converters function only on metals that have a build-up on rust on them, it is essential to check the consistency of the product. Coverage measures the efficiency of the rust converter to give you precisely what you require. Thick consistency in the rust converter is an indication that less primer is needed. Thick textures also provide the highest coverage on rusted products.

Why is performance important?

 A rust converter that does not perform well is actually a waste of time and money spent on recovering your rusted products. Verify the effectiveness, sturdiness, and durability of the rust converter before buying it. Check performance reviews, pros, and cons, and features of the rust converters before purchasing them. Rust converters that still allow rust to reform even after application are not effective ones and should be discarded immediately.

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