Best Wallpaper Strippers in 2021

best wallpaper strippers

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

  1. Earlex SC300 Steam Station Multi-Purpose Steam Kit (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Earlex LCS270 Steam Wallpaper Stripper (Luxury Choice)
  3. BLACK+DECKER KX3300T 2400W Wallpaper Stripper (Best Value)

It’s time to redecorate but first you’ve got to remove the old wallpaper, this can either be an easy or difficult task depending on how well its stuck down. Thankfully wallpaper strippers exist to make life easier when removing wallpaper. However, these vary, you can get ones which use chemicals to remove or others which use steam. Commonly, most people use steamers as they’re very effectively and can be reused over and over.

We’ve handpicked our favourite 6 steamers varying in price, function and features so you can make an informed choice when purchasing. There are options available for those on a budget, those who want a decent steamer which doesn’t break the bank or those looking to purchase a high end piece of kit.

Best Wallpaper Stripper Reviews – Top 6 Picks

Earlex SS125UKP Warrior Wallpaper Stripper

This steamer from Earlex is a cheap but decent quality appliance, giving all you need at a reasonable price, though it is not the cheapest on our list. It removes all type of wallpaper including multi-layered, painted, Artex and textured coatings making it ideal for any task. Simply fill up the tank and turn it on, it will take around 12 minutes before it is ready for use.

The tank holds up to 4 litres of water and has a run time of 70 minutes which should be more than enough before a break. The tank is partially see through, enough so you can see how much water is left. It weighs 2.06Kg, boasts great reviews and is a great quality, low-cost steamer for those on a budget.

Key Features:

  • 4 litre tank with a run time of 70 minutes
  • Works on all types of wallpaper including multi-layered, painted, Artex & textured
  • Very reasonable price for a good steamer

BLACK+DECKER KX3300T 2400W Wallpaper Stripper

The BLACK+DECKER KX3300T is another great steamer for easy and quick removal of wallpaper from walls and other surfaces. It features a steam plate which covers a large area saving time on surfaces requiring heavy steaming. It has a safety release valve which prevents the unit from over-heating. Even if it ever were to overheat, the boil dry safety cut-out will protect it from damage ensuring reliability from extended use or covering.

It sports a large 4 litre tank with a water level indicator so you know when it’s time to refill. It has a runtime of 60 minutes, which is 10 minutes less than the Earlex SS125UKP though it is still a long time. It weighs 2.45Kg and sports great reviews whilst presented at a reasonable price. For other home improvement items see our picks for wood paint.

Key Features:

  • Safety release valve prevents over heating
  • Boil dry safety cut out protects it from damage in the unlikely event of overheating
  • 4 Litre tank with water level indicator and a run time of 60 minutes

VonHaus Multi-Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner

Something slightly different than the norm is this handheld steamer from VonHaus, it is a multi-purpose appliance, great for removing dirt, dust, mould, grime, grease stains and more. It ships with a range of accessories including a precision nozzle, window and glass attachment, round brush, angled nozzle, mini mop attachment with cloths and a flexible extension hose. It has a 250ml water tank since you have to hold it, giving a run time of up to 8 minutes with a pressure of 0.32bar.

It is a great steamer for a small job, especially for someone with a small working area or easy to remove wallpaper who would benefit from using it for other tasks. However, since it’s handheld remember it has a low run time, a small tank and you will have to hold its weight of 1.4Kg for the duration. You could use a greenhouse heater or dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the room following long periods of steaming.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose steamer with range of accessories
  • Handheld steamer, 250ml water tank and a run time of 8 minutes
  • Removes dirt, dust, grime, mould, grease, stains and more

Earlex LCS270 Steam Wallpaper Stripper

The Earlex LCS270 is not a steamer for your average Joe, it is a high-end 230V professional looking steamer ideal for a professional painter and decorator. It is by no means cheap and in real terms is quite expensive for a steamer but everyone knows when using something a lot, quality matters. It has two thermal protection devices and a pressure release valve for safety reasons.

The hose is 5 metres long, cool to touch and will not coil. The steamer can be used on all wallpapers including multi-layered, vinyls, painted, Artex and textured. It features a 7.5 litre tank capacity and a max steaming time of 180 minutes, though it is quite heavy weighing 7.7Kg. For other great tools see our picks for planer thicknessers.

Key Features:

  • 7.5L tank with a run time of up to 180 minutes
  • Professional steamer for painters and decorators
  • 5 metre hose which is cool to touch and does not coil

Draper 84434 2000W Wallpaper Steamer

This steamer from Draper is a middle range steamer, a great quality appliance ideal for DIY enthusiasts and home owners. It features a 3-metre hose which is cool to touch when the unit is on so you won’t burn your hand. It is ready to go just 5 minutes after turning it on, much less than the 12 minutes of the Earlex SS125UKP. Unique to it, it has a 2 in 1 steamer plate; it has a smaller steamer with a detachable larger plate so you can suit it to the job. The tank holds up to 4.5 litres giving it a usage time of up to 60 minutes and the unit weighs 2.28Kg.

Key Features:

  • 3 metre hose which is cool to touch preventing burns
  • Ready to use in just 5 minutes from turning on
  • 4.5 litre tank giving a usage time of up to 60 minutes

Earlex SC300 Steam Station Multi-Purpose Steam Kit

The Earlex SC300 is the final steamer on our list, it is a multi-purpose unit similar to the VonHaus but it is not handheld. It features a 1.2 litre tank which gives it a run time of up to 30 minutes at a pressure of 4 bar. The cord length is 2.5 metres and the hose is 3 metres giving more than enough range at either end. After turning on, the steamer is ready to go in just 7 minutes for any job.

It includes a wallpaper stripping steam plate, small brush, large brush, carpet/upholstery head, angled nozzle, 2 extension poles, filling jug, funnel and microfiber cloth. It has two wheels so it can be pulled along if necessary and weighs 5.2Kg in total. It is a great appliance for anyone looking for a multi-purpose, quality steamer though it is by no means the cheapest. For other great tools we’ve handpicked pillar drills we consider to be the best on the market.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose steamer with a variety of accessories
  • Ready to go in just 7 minutes
  • 1.2 litre tank with a run time of 30 minutes

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