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Last Updated on February 15, 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans

  1. Westinghouse Turbo Swirl (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Reiga 132CM Silver (Luxury Choice)
  3. Westinghouse turbo II (Best Value)
  4. AireRyder Satin Nickel with Lighting and Remote Control
  5. Pepeo Melton White
  6. Westinghouse Jet Plus
  7. AireRyder Nickel Loft
  8. Westinghouse Portland Ambiance
  9. MiniSun Modern Silver Chrome and Dark Wood
  10. MiniSun Metal Brushed

Ceiling fans are great and cost-effective alternatives to air conditioning and are kinder on your energy bills too! A good fan can not only circulate cool air around a room in hot weather but, if they have a directional motor, can also move warm air around a living room or bedroom, banishing chills in the colder months.

The best ceiling fans will be energy efficient, quiet and offer key features such as stylish lighting, multiple speed settings and powerful air movement. So read on through our top ten ceiling fans and our buyer’s guide to finding that right ceiling fan for you.

How We Compared Ceiling fans

ceiling fans collage

To find the right ceiling fans we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size and capacity
  • Key features
  • Installation

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching ceiling fans and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Ceiling Fan Reviews

Westinghouse Turbo Swirl (Editor’s Choice)

The Westinghouse Turbo Swirl ceiling fan is versatile and stylish but gently understated too. It is 76 cm in diameter and has six maple wood blades with a neutral pallet to complement almost all interiors. Additionally, the fan has a light fixture in frosted glass for a soothing light source compatible with LED bulbs.

Suppose you have been looking at the best ceiling fans for bedrooms or offices. In that case, this is the ceiling fan for you as it is suitable for a small to medium-sized room of 12 m² and has an impressive maximum airflow capacity of 143 m³ per minute. At 36 decibels, it is also the quietest ceiling fan UK stores have to offer and only uses 1,292 kWh per year.

The fan has a summer and cold weather mode where the fan will turn counter-clockwise to produce cold air in the summer and clockwise for warm air in the winter. It is also possible to adjust how it is installed. It can be a low profile ceiling fan, or you can use an extension rod to extend the depth it extends into your room.


  • Stylish and understated
  • Small and compact
  • Integrated lighting
  • It can be run from a remote control or a wall switch
  • Summer and winter modes


  • Only suitable for rooms up to 12 m²
  • Requires a particular bulb to fit in the light fixture side on
  • May find it too noisy to run overnight

Reiga 132CM Silver (Luxury Choice)

This impressive ceiling fan by Reiga has a futuristic feel to its design and will complement all modern interiors with its sleek silver blades. In addition, it has many features which led us to award it our luxury choice accolade.

The ceiling fan has a reversible airflow feature for winter and summer, where cool or warm airflow is circulated depending on the direction of the blade rotation. It is also possible to adjust the LED light brightness to three different levels, cool and warm white and full light.

Another great feature is that it is possible to set a timer on the fan so that you can have it running when you go to bed or go out, and it will switch itself off after 1, 3 or 6 hours. It also sports six-speed settings controlled by a remote so you can adjust the airflow required to stay cool.

The ceiling fan has an adjustable rod to get the right depth for your ceiling height, and it has a very quiet motor, so it will not disturb you at night.

Something to note is that the remote does not come with a battery included, and it is not a standard AA or AAA battery required.


  • Timing settings
  • Summer and winter modes
  • Six-speed settings
  • Suitable for bigger rooms of up to 25 m²
  • Adjustable ceiling height


  • The instruction manual may not be clear for installation
  • The light dimming may be subtle
  • It’s on the upper end of cost in our top ten fan review

Westinghouse turbo II (Best Value)

The Westinghouse ceiling fan comes with two sets of interchangeable blades, so you can change them to suit the decor of your room or the season or just your mood! One set is brightly coloured, and the other is maple on one side and white on the other, so you can choose the design again. This would be a perfect fan for a child’s room, bright coloured for when they are young and then more muted as they grow older and the design of their room changes.

It also comes with an LED light fixture which has frosted glass for a subtle lighting effect. The fan will give great air circulation in a room up to 12 m² and has a power consumption of up to 1,197 kWh of energy a year. At its maximum setting, it can provide air movement of 104 m³ per minute.

The fan’s height is adjustable as it can be installed without a rod for rooms with lower ceilings. It has a noise rating of 49 decibels, which is not as quiet as some other fans in this review.


  • Two sets of fan blades
  • LED light
  • Adjustable height
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized rooms
  • Summer and winter modes


  • May not be the quietest fan in our review
  • The light cover may not be robust
  • The airflow may not be sufficient when ceiling mounted rather than with the rod

AireRyder Satin Nickel with Lighting and Remote Control

The AireRyder ceiling fan gives you double for your money with reversible blades; on one side, they are silver and on the other, a stone pine finish. So you can adapt the fan to your interior and your design mood!

The light fitting and fan housing are in pleasing satin nickel, and the fanlight has an on-off switch on the remote, which is included when you purchase the fan. There are also three-speed settings on the remote, which will set the fan to rotate at 85, 140 and 177 revolutions per minute.

The fan is 132 cm in diameter with a summer and winter mode that can be set manually on the fan.

Fitting the fan without the blades in place can be problematic as they may be fiddly to fit once the fan is attached to the ceiling. It is also one of the heavier ceiling fans in our review, weighing 9 kg.


  • Reversible blade design
  • Summer and winter modes
  • Remote included
  • Three-speed settings
  • On offsetting for the light on the remote


  • Not suitable for sloping ceilings
  • No dimming setting for the light
  • Blades may be difficult to install when the fan is fitted to the ceiling

Pepeo Melton White

This ceiling fan by Melton has five blades made from wood in a white finish and a white metal housing. The fan is 132 cm in diameter and is suitable for rooms up to 25 m² giving an airflow of 75 m³ per minute.

The fan has three-speed settings with revolutions of 86, 124 and 175 per minute. The LED compatible light and fan can be operated separately via the remote, and it has a winter and summer mode that can be adjusted on the fan.

At its maximum speed setting, the fan has a 50 decibel sound rating which you may find too noisy for use at night time. It weighs 8.5 kg and is at the heavier end of fans in this review.


  • Three-speed settings
  • Remote included
  • Summer and winter modes
  • Suitable for sloping ceilings
  • Sleek white design


  • 50 decibel sound level at the highest setting
  • 8.5 kg in weight
  • Air movement may not be sufficient

Westinghouse Jet Plus

The Westinghouse Jet Plus ceiling fan is smart in design, with the sleek contemporary dark wengue blades making an industrial statement. If you have been reviewing the best ceiling fans with lights, this great fan’s standout feature is that it has three spotlights rather than a single central light fitting.

The fan is 105 cm in diameter and is suitable in rooms only up to 15 m² but offers great air movement at 118 m³ per minute. There are three-speed settings with 101, 163 and 220 rotations per minute, which are faster than many other fans in this review. The speed settings and the spotlight on-off are operated through the remote control, which is included when you purchase the fan.

Additionally, the fan is only 5.7 kg which is lightweight and makes installation simple. However, the noise level is 51 decibels at the maximum speed, which is relatively high and may not be suitable overnight.


  • Contemporary look
  • Energy-efficient engine
  • Good airflow and rpm
  • Three-speed settings
  • LED spotlights


  • May not be suitable for rooms larger than 15 m²
  • The remote sensor has to be attached to the ceiling with a sticker
  • Remote may be quite bulky in appearance

AireRyder Nickel Loft

The AireRyder fan has a loft house feel about it, with the satin nickel finish and modern design black blades, great for a contemporary space. The blades are 112 cm across, and it has three-speed settings of 150, 220 and 260 revolutions, giving a maximum airflow of 120 m³ per minute.

The included remote controls the speed and light settings, which are dimmable and can turn them on and off independently. The light has sufficient power to replace the main light in a room.

The ceiling fan has a summer and cooler weather mode, so it can also circulate warm air from the top of the room in cooler months. One thing just to be mindful of with this fan is that it has quite a large drop and will come too far into low ceilinged rooms.


  • LED light
  • Three different speeds
  • Low energy consumption
  • The remote control allows you to change the speed and light
  • Good air circulation level


  • 47 cm depth of the fan may mean it is not suitable for low ceiling rooms
  • Quite heavy, so it may need to be attached to joists in the ceiling

Westinghouse Portland Ambiance

This ceiling fan by Westinghouse is one of the smaller ones in our review at 90 cm across, and it is also one of the least expensive too! It has a more traditional look than some of the other fans we have reviewed, with a mushroom-shaped fan light fixture that is LED compatible.

The ceiling fan blades are reversible from black on one side to white on the other, and the body of the fan is finished in chrome. It offers energy-efficient air circulation and has three-speed settings of 147, 190 and 250 revolutions per minute. At its maximum speed, it can circulate cool air at 96 m³ and has a noise level of 45 decibels.

This standard ceiling fan is suitable for smaller room installations, up to 10 m², so bear this in mind when looking for the best ceiling fan.


  • Traditional design
  • Energy efficient
  • Three-speed settings
  • Good airflow speeds
  • Remote to control speed and light


  • Instructions may not be very clear
  • Bulb fitting is long and may mean that a standard bulb is too big for the dome cover

MiniSun Modern Silver Chrome and Dark Wood

The blades on this MiniSun ceiling fan can be fitted with either dark wood or silver chrome finish facing into the room, giving you the flexibility to choose which works best with your interior. The blades are 122 cm across, and it has a depth of 38 cm from the ceiling.

The ceiling fan has a frosted opal glass light fixture which requires two golfball-shaped lightbulbs as they are not included when you purchase.

The fan has three-speed settings of 70, 120 and 175 revolutions per minute generated by a directional motor. It can move 116.2 m³ of cool or hot air around the room. The remote control is included with the fan.

It is quite heavy at just under 7 kg, so it will need to be fitted to the joists in the ceiling.


  • Sleek and shiny
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Four blade fan


  • Quite heavy at nearly 7 kg
  • It may be difficult to enclose the wires and remote receiver behind the dome.
  • May start to rattle after a period of use.

MiniSun Metal Brushed

This four-blade ceiling fan has style and is quiet in use at only 43 decibels. It is also the lightest ceiling fan in our ceiling fan buying guide at only 4.5 kg. Additionally, the blades are reversible between either chrome or black but are a smart design whichever way round you have them and are 106 cm across.

This ceiling fan’s three-speed settings come at 95, 155 and 210 revolutions per minute. The ceiling fan has a directional motor that can also move cool or warm air around your room and is ideal for cold weather and hot. The speed is changed using the remote control included with the fan.

This ceiling fan could be improved upon if it had a light, as there is not one included.


  • Lightweight at 4.5 kg
  • Quiet
  • Directional motor
  • Contemporary design
  • Three-speed settings


  • It does not have a light
  • May make a humming noise
  • May not have very powerful air movement

Buying Guide

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a good ceiling fan as there are certain key features that will set some apart from their competitors:

Size and Capacity

Larger rooms need bigger fans, and most ceiling fans will come with a guide as to the square meterage they can provide airflow to.

The fans in this review vary from 10 m² to 25 m² and have maximum airflow ranges from 75 m³ to 143 m³!

Weight is another important factor, as you do not want to find you cannot install your mechanical fan as your ceiling won’t support it. The weight varies considerably from 4.5 kg to 9kg in this review of best ceiling fans.

a wooden fan and a light

Key features

Some fans come with integrated lighting or spotlights, but some do not come with a fanlight. Others have reversible blades to change the design and look and feel of your ceiling fan.

Most come with remote control, but this is something to check out.

A nice feature that not all fans have is a timer setting so that the ceiling fan switches off at a set time.


Always buy a product with easy installation steps and a guide that will not consume too much time putting up. Some ceiling fans are not suitable for sloping rooves which is something to keep in mind.

A man installs an appliance indoors.


Hopefully, this review has helped provide the information and advice you need to find the best ceiling fan for your needs. However, if you’re still struggling to choose the right one amongst the many fans on offer, you can try our Editor’s Choice – the Westinghouse Turbo Swirl.

The Westinghouse Turbo Swirl ceiling fan has six maple wood blades which are not overstated for your interior, and it is the perfect size for a small to medium room like an office or child’s bedroom. This best ceiling fan has a light in frosted glass, which is compatible with LED bulbs.

Additionally, it delivers powerful air movement of 143 m³ per minute, and at 36 decibels, it is also really quiet. The ceiling fan has a summer and cool weather mode where the fan will turn counter-clockwise to circulate the cold air in the summer and clockwise to move warmer air around in the colder months.

Enjoy cool nights and warm days with your new best ceiling fan!

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