Best Cooker Hoods in 2021

Best Cooker Hoods

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. CIARRA CBCB6201 Chimney Cooker Hood (Editor’s Choice)
  2. CIARRA CBCB6736C Angled Cooker Hood (Luxury Choice)
  3. CIARRA CBCB6903 Visor Cooker Hood (Best Value)

The world has gone past the times when cooking meant a kitchen filled with grease, smoke and unpleasant smells. We are in the 21st century and cooking should be much more fun and easier. Chefs are really trying and perhaps they don’t get as much praise as they should. You would see a yummy looking food, lovely aroma wafting in the air and you presume that the cooking process is as delicious as the food that is in front of you. Well, it’s not.

Cooking can be a tedious chore. Chefs have to contend with smoke, greasy air and some unpleasant smell that come from certain types of food. Perhaps this is the exact reason why you opt to eat out rather than cook your food. However, there is good news; cooking need not be difficult anymore. Technology has come through to create a means to easily get rid of these undesirable smoke and fumes. The cooker hood, just as the name implies, sits over your cooker and saps all the smoke and what not away.

Cooker hoods are rewarding and long-lasting investments that you should have in your kitchen. Below is a review of the best of them.

Best Cooker Hood Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Cookology VISOR600BK Visor Cooker Hood

What comes to the mind of buyers when they are talking about this product is the ease of installation. It is so easy that within 10 minutes, you are done. This cooker hood is definitely going to beautify your kitchen. This cooker hood boasts of new innovative designs and is quite easy to clean. Moreover, you can mount it under your kitchen cabinet or on your kitchen wall.

Additionally, the Cookology VISOR600BK is equipped with extraction fans that have 3 suction speeds and an extraction speed of 180m³/h. Apart from this, the hood has two venting outlets that help to effectively vent air outside.

Furthermore, this device can perform effective air recirculation. For this function, you’ll need a CF300 Carbon Filter that is sold separately. However, it comes with filters that filter out grease, odour, smoke and fumes from the kitchen. Furthermore, the cooking hood is easy to use with its push-button and incandescent lights that improve visibility in your cooking area.

Key Features:

  • Recirculation Option
  • Incandescent lighting
  • Fans with adjustable speed
  • 180m³/h extraction speed

Cookology CH600SS Chimney Cooker Hood

This chimney Cooker hood does not have an elaborate design but it will boost your kitchen’s image dramatically with its simplicity. Its 2.5W lead lights complement the simple stainless steel construction and make the cooking area more visible. 

This chimney cooker hood has an adjustable stainless steel chimney which can reach your ceiling. Plus, it has a washable aluminium grease filter which helps to trap grease and dirt that would otherwise settle on your kitchen floor and other appliances. Besides, the Cookology CH600SS has a 3-speed suction and an extraction rate of 450m³/hour. Interestingly, it makes little noise when extracting as it has a noise level of 63dB. 

You have the option of ducting air outside using an optional DK1M150 ducting kit or if circumstances can’t allow you to access an outside wall, you can use the recirculation option if you want by using CF100 filters to remove odours and cleanse the air.

Key Features:

  • Two washable grease filters
  • 150 mm ducting hole
  • Adjustable chimney

CIARRA CBCB6903 Visor Cooker Hood

Buyers are in love with the CIARRA CBCB6903 60cm Visor Cooker Hood. It features a minimalist, modern and beautiful design. Furthermore, the aesthetics are even raised with its led light that provides lighting for your cooking area. 

True to its name, this cooker hood slots right beneath your cabinets or cupboards like a glove with its venting at the top. You can also mount it right on the wall. 

This cooker hood has an effective suction speed of 220m³/h that goes a long way in reducing smoke, grease, noxious odours and steam from the kitchen. Its adequate airflow helps reduce grease stains on your kitchen paints and tiles while greatly improving breathable air in the kitchen. It is almost noiseless and rather makes pleasant humming sounds at 64dB. In addition, you have the option of recycling air or exhausting it directly outside.

Key Features:

  • Low Noise
  • Washable filters
  • Two installation modes

Cookology INT600SI Integrated Cooker Hood

If you want a cooker hood that won’t take much space and be unobtrusive, the Cookology INT600SI Integrated Cooker Hood is just for of 60cm. Its minimalist and portable design allows it to fit right into your kitchen space. All you have to do is to find a cupboard door which has a matching colour with the cooker front that you would pull out if you want to use it.

This cooker hood has a powerful extraction rate of 330m³/h. This is further complemented by 3 suction speeds which you can choose from depending on your need. Plus, its noise level of 65dB is well within the acceptable range.

You can install this cooker yourself and it won’t take much of your time as it is somewhat easy to install.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Impressive extraction rate
  • Adjustable suction speed
  • Easy to install

CIARRA CBCB6201 Chimney Cooker Hood

The CIARRA CBCB6201 Chimney Cooker Hood will definitely make your kitchen look professional. This product features a stainless steel build that makes it easy to clean. Also, it is easy to use, thanks to its effective led lights that ensure visibility.

The cooking hood has an extraction fan with 3 speeds, the highest being 380m³/h. This makes effective smoke, odours and greasy air hanging around the kitchen. This powerful cooking hood also helps mop up the air of harmful cooking contaminants yet it is very quiet when it’s doing its work with a noise pressure of 63dB. It has two operating modes, the ducting mode and the recirculation mode. 

For its ducting mode, it boasts of duct pipe which is 150mm in diameter and it comes with a grease filter which helps in the reduction of atmospheric grease which is it’s completely washable and also reusable and the washing of this filter should be done every month. When used in its recirculation mode, it uses a carbon filter which has to be purchased as it doesn’t come with the cooking hood.

Key Features:

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Washable filter
  • Red lights provide adequate illumination
  • Low noise level

Cookology Curved Glass Chimney Cooker Hood

This gorgeous cooker hood boasts of an incredible design with an eye-catching 60cm curved glass canopy. At 60cm, this cooker hood is minimalist, which goes well with its modern look. It has an incredibly powerful 450m³/h extraction speed. Its noise level of 67dB is tolerable, with its effectiveness far outweighing this 

The Cookology Curved Glass Chimney Cooker Hood comes with a stainless steel chimney which helps to push the extracted steam, smell, smoke and grease up. Also, its detachable and washable 5 layered aluminium grease filter is highly expensive. To enjoy this cooker hood to its fullest extent, you might have to spend extra to get DK1M150 150mm Ducting Kit which will be used to push the steam, contaminated air or odour up and out of the house. Interestingly, it has air recirculation features and by purchasing a carbon filter CF100 which isn’t provided, the air is cleaned and returned as fresh air to the kitchen.

Key Features:

  • 5 layered aluminium filters
  • Air Recycling option
  • Easy to install

CIARRA CBCB6506B Curved Glass Cooker Hood

The CIARRA CBCB6506B Curved Glass Cooker Hood is a high-quality cooker hood. It has a 2x2w Led lamp of this cooker hood which adds to its appeal while it brightens up the cooking area. It also has a long-lasting working period. This is one of the most powerful cooker hoods in the market.

In addition to its beautiful design, this cooker hood provides top-notch filtration. It has an aluminium filter, 2 washable grease filters, an attached chimney and extraction fans which suck up the awful kitchen air in a powerful airflow at an extraction speed of 550³/h using its 150 mm duct. Interestingly, with 56dB, it doesn’t make noise even with its powerful extraction capabilities. 

Another endearing quality of this cooker hood is that it can also recycle air but it requires the purchase of a specific type of carbon filter, CBCF004 which has to be replaced every four months as it cannot be washed and renewed like some carbon filters.

Key Features:

  • Noise-free operation
  • Powerful extraction rate
  • Washable and reusable filters

CIARRA CBCS5913A Integrated Cooker Hood

The CIARRA CBCS5913A Integrated Cooker Hood is the perfect solution to kitchens that have been ruined by terrible smells. With its 300m³/h extraction rate and 3 ventilation speeds, bad kitchen smells don’t have a place in your house. This cooker hood has a width of 52cm which makes it relatively portable when comparing it other cooker hoods. It has a powerful LED bulb which lights up the cooking area and can work for a long while. 

This piece of Kitchen tech has an outdoor exhaustion mode which a carbon filter, CBCF005 is used to filter the air, making it cleaner and safer for the environment before releasing it to the outside but you have to get your ducting pipe and carbon filter by yourself as it doesn’t come with this cooker hood. Although it does come with a cleanable aluminium grease filter which must be washed every month to maintain hygiene and continued effective filtration.

Key Features:

  • Reusable aluminium grease filter
  • 3 suction speeds
  • LED bulb to provide illumination

CIARRA CBCB6736C Angled Cooker Hood

The CIARRA CBCB6736C Angled Cooker Hood has a unique build. This wall-mounted cooker hood has a design which beautifies and fits any kitchen decor. This black painted stainless is easy to clean and it comes with ultra-powerful LED bulbs that light up the cooking area like a Christmas tree. 

This cooker hood comes with powerful 3 suction speeds which can be adjusted with push-button control. It also comes with powerful extractor fans which in conjunction with the fitted aluminium filter would suck up and filter noxious smells, steam, smoke and grease at a speed of 380 m³/h whilst making minimal noise at 62dB.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit for any Kitchen
  • Bright LED bulbs
  • Ducting and recirculation options

CIARRA CBCS9102 Cooker Hood

The CIARRA CBCS9102 Cooker Hood gives your kitchen a very modern look and it is easy to clean. It is 90 cm wide which makes it ideal if your cooker is the large sort. With its width, the cooker hood remains effective because when it is working, it makes a moderate sound which you might even strain your ears to hear, with its 59dB noise sound pressure. Furthermore, it has an extraction rate of 550 m³/h which makes it even more interesting as with that rate, the noise should be higher. 

Fully fitted with long-lasting inbuilt led lights, this cooker has one of the best touch controls and it comes with 3 speeds which you can adjust with its touch control and see on its digital LED display. Also, it pushes extracted air which is filtered by an aluminium grease, outside the house. It does this using an easy to mount duct pipe of 150mm in diameter which is included when you buy this cooker hood. Besides, it can recirculate the air in the house and filters it using a custom-made carbon filter.

Key Features:

  • Touch control with led display
  • Durable LED lights
  • Ducting mode and recirculation mode


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