Week Nine: Number Five’s Transformation

Things were all getting a bit dull on the extension front a couple of weeks back, it felt like progress was slow and nothing really happened apart from electrics and concreting to help level up the space to the rest of the house, but over the last week it feels like progress is finally happening again!

So here’s where we are…

We have underfloor heating, not switched on just yet but we have it! Yay! With all the concreting down to level up the space we were able to sort out and install the underfloor heating. In the original plans the underfloor heating was only going to be in the new build, and radiators in the old, but as we had to take up all the floors it meant those underfloor pipes could be laid everywhere! I know you can get some really cool rads now and you can paint them any colour to blend into the walls but i really wanted clean interrupted lines throughout the space. It was something i was willing to compromise on, but glad I don’t have to now! Plus for those really chilly evenings (like tonight its minus something out there and bloody freezing!) we have our wonderful wood burner to keep things extra toasty!




The underfloor heating was all laid and looking as good as underfloor heating could! The top layer of screed was then laid and the joy these pictures gave me when the father in law sent them across was just everything! Soooo smooth… it made me want to dive in and do cement angels in it! (that’s a thing… !)


The drying process didn’t take too long at all, a weekend if that, all in readiness for the plaster boarding! Those simple white boards are making all the difference and is really helping the space feel like an actual room! I can not wait for this to all be done so we can get the electrician  back in to put the lights and sockets in (I have no mains electrics in the front room at the moment so everything is by lamp or candle light!) get that plumbing started and finally get those bifold doors in!




I said at the beginning of this transformation I said I would always be honest and the last couple of weeks of this build have been tough! So tough and I’m a bit bored of it all now and can’t wait for it all to be done and start getting my house back together! I hadn’t anticipated impact on life this would have (and how those families do it on Grand Designs with kids and another ALWAYS on the way I have no idea!), I can’t wait for me and the better half to have conversations other than that of kitchens, sockets and where to put the spot lights (what on earth did we talk about before???) and I have a list as long as Santa’s of all the things i need to find, make a decision on or give the husband an idea of what i’m after so he can source that I need to start working on! I’m not moaning, I’m just having a grumble, having my Grand Design ‘half way through the episode’ moment and will look back at this in six month’s time and wonder why I was feeling so stressful about it all! However, my shoulders (which have been around my ears for the past five weeks!) are slowly but surely starting to relax and I’m doing some of the fun stuff like choosing colours and creating mood boards for the spaces we are going to create. It will all be alright. It will all be alright…





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