Why you really need these kitsch Christmas baubles on your tree!

Happy December!

It is the first day of December, yay! Even though Instagram is absolutely full of people who have already put up their tree, put up their decorations and have pom pom’ed their stair banister (pinterest it if you aren’t obsessed with this look already!) I still don’t know where I can put my tree with all the extension work going on! My lounge is full of kitchen still, and our hallway isn’t at all big enough to have a tree so I may be faced with a Christmas without a Christmas tree (plays violins and drinks plenty of mulled beverages to get over this!)

However that said, it hasn’t stopped me looking at kitsch baubles to pop on the tree if we can fit it in somewhere, or perhaps I can get a mini tree loaded up with kitsch baubles! These are some of my fave finds; the High Street has gone kitsch and cute bauble crazy this year and I love it! They add a little bit of personality to your Christmas tree, are great as little stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts and they are just so much fun!! 

I love stores like Anthropologie, Oliver Bonas, Graham and Green for the more unusual finds to give as presents, gifts and you know I love a trawl through OB for bits and bobs for the home and this year everything in stores is looking so fab and festive (more on my Christmas gift guide for the home lover this weekend!) so here are a few of my fave bauble finds… now which ones to pick!

Everyone loves a flamingo right? So why wouldn’t you want a tree full of flamingoes! I would love to pop loads of these on a gold tinsel tree! So kitsch it hurts!

Oliver Bonas £8



At Number Five over the festive period (and not so festive periods!) we do get through a few bottles of the bubbly stuff, and when I say few I’m being polite! I love this from Anthropologie, it’s just the best and very Kate Spade like!

Anthropologie £14


Effie the Elephant is just so cute, you could even wrap this up for a little one as a stocking filler! I normally have a white theme on the tree with loads and loads of lights, and Effie wouldn’t look at all out of place! You guys know I love an animal or two at Number Five (not the pet kind!) so this addition would be perfect!

Oliver Bonas £8.50


(another animal, sorry!) It’s a zebra, it’s neon pink and it’s just awesome! I’d love to have a menagerie of sweet little animals hanging up on a branch, with pom poms and lights! Wouldn’t that just make the best talking point over a mulled glass of something.

Graham and Green £16.95


We are all obsessed with house plants and cacti! So why don’t we show are appreciation for our prickly friends by putting them pride of place on our Christmas trees! There are so many cacti baubles to choose from this year but I particularly love this one from OB.

Oliver Bonas £8


If this isn’t the cutest little whale you’ve ever seen then I don’t know what is! Anthropologie bringing out the sequins out for this little lady!

Anthropologie £22.00


Finally, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a festive palm or two! This gorgeous trinket from Anthro again is so cute and would look ace whatever the colour scheme and tree style. I love the mint and gold, it looks so pretty!

Anthropologie £16


Hope you liked my picks! Will you be going kitsch or staying traditional this year? I’d love to hear what your Christmas decor plans are!

2 thoughts on “Why you really need these kitsch Christmas baubles on your tree!

  1. I’m a bit of a traditionalist in that i stick with my glass baubles, and go with a blue/white thing usually. However the husband and I do try to have a “who can find the worst decoration” competition from time to time. (I usually win😉 ) but I do love the zebra you spotted, very cute !

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    1. I love a traditional tree! I think I’m going traditional with a few kitsch baubles on the tree this year… if I can find a space somewhere in the house. I do love seeing all the trees on Instagram at the moment with those beautiful lights!🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

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