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best chimineas

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

  1. Azuma Ember Cast Iron Chiminea (Editor’s Choice)
  2. La Hacienda Extra Large Colorado Chiminea (Luxury Choice)
  3. Garden Steel Chiminea Patio Heater (Best Value)

Chimineas make a great focal point for any outside space and are a fantastic way to keep the night alive. Move up close and enjoy the heat they give off or grill some quality food for friends and family.

However, they aren’t particularly the cheapest things to buy, so we’ve hand-picked our favourite 10 varying in price, features and design so you can make an informed purchase when getting your own chiminea.

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Best Chiminea Reviews – Top 10 Picks

La Hacienda XL Murcia Steel Chiminea With Grill

La Hacienda is the most popular brand of chiminea with the most models available and this design, the Murcia is no exception. It is an extra-large steel chiminea with a removable chrome plated grill perfect for cooking. It is finished in matt black heat resistant paint to ensure it maintains its high-quality look after repetitive use.

To help in reducing surface rust quickly rub the outside with an oily rag after use. When not in use and completely cool, cover the chiminea to prolong its lifespan. If the paint fades it is not ruined you can simply repaint it using some high temperature paint and it’ll look as good as new.

Key Features:

  • Extra-large steel chimnea coated in heat resistant paint
  • Features a chrome plated grill great for cooking
  • Fire guard prevents large spits flying out

Azuma Ember Cast Iron Chiminea

The Azuma Ember Chiminea features a quality and stylish design sporting a texture on the body and a pattern on the top. The body is made from cast iron while the lidded chiminea is made from steel and it stands just 89cm high. It features a hinged mesh door and mesh all around for 360-degree heat release, making it great as a centre piece for your outside space.

As standard, it is finished in a black powder paint coat which is heat resistant. It ships with a charcoal grate and a poker and will require assembly when you get the product. It is a very reasonably priced, good-looking chiminea with good reviews. You could opt for a stove fan to circulate the heat from your chiminea better.

Key Features:

  • Cast iron texture body and patterned steel chiminea
  • Ships with a charcoal grate and a poker
  • Good priced, stylish looking chiminea

La Hacienda Extra Large Colorado Chiminea

Another from La Hacienda is the Colarado, it is an extra-large chiminea standing 160cm high and 60cm wide. It’s happy to burn any solid fuel you want to throw into it and the supplied poker and ash grid will help you keep it going well.  Like other chimineas it is coated in matt black heat resistant paint and can simply be repainted if necessary.

It features a contemporary design and will fit perfectly into any modern patio design and style. It does not feature a fire guard so things can spit out, though no-one has had any real problems in that regard. Consider a cantilever parasol for the other side of your sitting area to provide shade and style.

Key Features:

  • Extra-large contemporary design
  • Burns any solid fuel
  • Included poker and ash grid

Deuba Cast Iron Chiminea

This chiminea from Deuba sports a beautiful cast iron rustic look design, perfect as a focal eye point of your patio. It burns charcoal, wood or coal and has a lockable door to prevent any sparks flying out. It features a removable grill rack so you can cook whilst you enjoy its heat and it has an air regulation door at the bottom if necessary.

It stands 112cm high and weighs 28Kg in total so may not be the easiest to move. People have mentioned that it’s good to get a cover to add longevity to the chiminea if you can as it can rust fairly quickly.

Key Features:

  • Features a cast iron rustic design
  • Lockable door and sparks grid
  • Air regulation door to increase air inflow

Kingfisher Time Log Burner Chiminea

This small but wide chiminea from Kingfisher is made of black, temperature resistant powder coated steel, sporting a modern look and will make a great focal point for your outside area. It features a 360-degree mesh guard which prevents sparking flying out and lets out heat from every angle. It comes with a cooking grill and wooden BBQ tool so you can enjoy great food and its warmth.

It also comes with a removable ash tray making it easy to clean after use and stands 109cm high, 63.5cm in width and 50cm in depth, weighing just 17.9Kg. For other quality home items see our picks for recliner chairs, perfect for sitting next to the fire.

Key Features:

  • 360-degree mesh guard prevents sparks and gives all round heat
  • Cooking grill and BBQ tool included so you can cook
  • Lightweight at only 17.9Kg

La Hacienda Skyline Black Steel Garden Chiminea

Another chiminea from La Hacienda is the Skyline, featuring a beautiful sleek tower laser cut design, standing 125cm tall. It is made from steel and finished in a black high temperature powder coat of paint and is sturdy and robust. It features a built-in log store below the fire for easy storage and added design.

However, some people have said while the design is lovely it perhaps isn’t of amazing quality and the ashes can be difficult to empty as there is no removable tray so it would be good to pick up a small scraper. It does come with a free cover saving you having to buy one or use a make-shift one. Don’t forget to clear the edges of your sitting area using a cordless strimmer or edging shears to make it more inviting.

Key Features:

  • Contemporary stylish design
  • Free fitted cover included for when it’s not in use
  • Log store underneath the pit for added design and ease

Gardeco 90cm Granada Cast Iron Chiminea

The Gardeco chiminea features a rugged cast iron design, steel funnel and a rustic look. It’s not a massive piece of kit, standing only 90cm tall, 40cm wide and 40cm deep. It is ideal ideal for a smaller patio area or someone who doesn’t want it to take up too much space. It’s great for burning wood, charcoal and coal and can be used for cooking though it does not include anything to do so.

Its door is a curved fire guard to prevent any sparks flying out and overall it weighs just 16.1Kg. Reviews are generally good, though don’t expect the most amazing quality product some have said but at the price its very reasonable.

Key Features:

  • Cast iron body and overall rustic design
  • Great for cooking though needs extra accessories
  • Curved fire guard door prevents sparks

La Hacienda Floral Swirl Clay Chimena

The final chiminea from La Hacienda features a unique Floral swirl design in blue and pink made from clay. The clay pot chiminea fits into a metal stand which props it up. It stands 72cm tall with its stand and 30cm all around width and depth. It is a fantastic unique addition to any garden, though it is a little small and is only ideal for a smaller patio area fitting well with vintage/rustic furniture.

It weighs 10.5Kg and in comparison to the other metal ones featured on our list it cannot rust! For other great garden items see our robotic lawnmowers.

Key Features:

  • Unique clay floral swirl design
  • Great for any small patio or outside area
  • Weighs only 10.5Kg and stands 72cm stall

Oxford Leisure Black Steel Cast Iron Chiminea

Oxford Leisure Chiminea sports a plain black colour and fairly standard design. The base is made from cast iron and the chiminea is made from steel featuring a BBQ swing out grill.

It stands 85cm high and 40cm wide and includes a poker and a rain lid so you can keep it going in any weather. It is finished in heat resistant black paint as standard and can simply be repainted if necessary. It boasts decent reviews, no special features and is a reasonable price. Like most it is flat packed and requires building.

Key Features:

  • Cast iron base with steel chiminea
  • Includes poker, rain lid and grill
  • Stands 85cm tall and 45cm wide

Garden Steel Chiminea Patio Heater

This Chiminea from Home Hut is an absolute low-end product standing 125cm tall and 39cm wide at its widest point. It is a decent looking bit of kit for the money but have no wild expectations of amazing value for money. It features a full steel design which needs full assembly on arrival and it includes a poker.

Reviews are mixed with some people saying it is smart looking, burns well and looks perfect. Others have said it rusts quickly (though many actually do) and is of poor build quality, but what do you expect for the price. Improve the rest of your garden with a lawn scarifier, make your sitting area look more inviting.

Key Features:

  • Very cheap decent looking chiminea
  • Stands 125cm tall and 39cm wide
  • Includes poker and claimed to be good for BBQing

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