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Last Updated on February 15, 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Extractor Fans

  1. Manrose QF100T Quiet (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Blauberg UK B01LY192TE Chrome (Luxury Choice)
  3. Vents 100-Silenta-MTK (Best Value)
  4. Xpellair C4TS 4″ Contour (Best Silent)
  5. Envirovent SIL100T 4 Inch Axial (Best for Ceiling)
  6. Knightsbridge EX004T 4″ Led (Best Stylish)
  7. Airflow iCON ECO 15 (Best for Bathrooms)
  8. Primeline PEF4020 (Best with Adjustable Timer)
  9. Greenwood Airvac AXS100TR
  10. Plumbing4Home Silent Ventilation

With many people now living in modern housing, which tends to be airtight in comparison with older buildings, issues with damp air and mould have led to the requirement to improve airflow if natural ventilation isn’t an option. Mould spores can be damaging to health, leading to allergies or skin irritations, and moist air is unpleasant in your bathroom, toilet or en-suite, so finding the best extractor fan for the job is important. You also want to know that any unpleasant odours will quickly be removed from your loos so that they are always in a nice condition for friends and family to use. An efficient extractor fan will ensure that all odours are removed from the room quickly.

There are a few different factors to consider when looking for an extractor fan; location, cost, power usage, design, air extraction and noise level, to name but a few. So we have tried to set out details for you, so you know what to look out for.

There are two types of extractor fan, the ones we have covered in this review, or you could look for the best inline extractor fan, which is installed in your loft or roof space, and you simply see the fan grille in the bathroom.

There are some very sleek and stylish fans available if you want to make a statement, perhaps with a chrome finish or LED lighting, in your bathroom or kitchen. Or there are those with a clean white design that will fade into the overall décor of your room.

Finding the best shower extractor fan that is not too noisy is also important, so be careful to review the decibel level, rather than just looking for one where the description says quiet or silent! The amount of air that the bathroom fan can extract is also critical as if it does not extract sufficient air, damp and moist conditions will still be an issue. Look for the number of litres that the extractor fan can emit per second.

Take a look through our top ten review items and also the hints, tips and guidance that we provide in our buyer’s guide section, and we hope you will find yourself armed with all the information you need to find the right extractor fan for you!

How We Compared Extractor Fans

To find the right extractor fans we considered multiple factors including:

  • Air Extraction
  • Noise Level
  • Location
  • Additional Features
  • Energy Consumption

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching extractor fans and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Extractor Fan Reviews

Manrose QF100T Quiet (Editor’s Choice)

The Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan wins our Editor’s Choice accolade as it is quiet, efficient, and of high-quality construction, all for a very reasonable price.

It is made with ABS thermoplastics, so it is long-lasting and strong. It has been tested for up to 30,000 hours of use or 3 years! It also won’t dominate your room or spoil the opportunity to have a relaxing bath with its noise, with a decibel rating of 27 at a 3 m range.

Additionally, this extractor fan has an impressive 21 litres per second flow rate, so it really will extract all smells and moisture from both your bathroom and toilet! However, despite this great extraction rate, it is also very energy efficient, using only 4.8 W. The fan also comes with a backdraught shutter which prevents the extracted air from travelling back up the duct and coming back into the room. The bathroom extractor fan also features an over run timer that can be adjusted for up to 20 minutes and ensures that the fan continues to work even once switched off.

The Manrose fan is made in compliance with part F and L guidelines which means that you can install it in the shower or few meters away from it (zone 1 and zone 2). 

The shutter springs on the shutter may not be quite tight enough to keep them fully closed in windy conditions, and consequently, they may flap, causing some noise. It is worth keeping this in mind if you are looking for a bathroom extractor fan to be installed in an en-suite where the noise might disturb you.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet
  • Made with a back draught shutter
  • 3-year guarantee
  • 21-litre flow rate


  • Backdraught flaps can make noise in windy conditions
  • It may not last for 3 years
  • May not fully clear steam from the bathroom unless run for a long time

Blauberg UK B01LY192TE Chrome (Luxury Choice)

This is a sleek and stylish extractor fan with many design features which make it worthy of our Luxury Choice title. At only 4 inches in size, it has a low 25 decibel sound level and a very impressive 27 litres per second airflow rate, meaning that you can enjoy the removal of steam, moisture, and any unwanted smells from your room, without the inconvenience of loud noise.

It also has an energy consumption of 7.5 W and can be mounted on ceilings or walls.

The quiet extractor fan is operated by a pull cord and has plenty of options to select from for damp and humidity control to motion detection via a PIR detector! This extractor fan also has a run-on timer so you can select how long it will operate once switched off, adjusted via a switch inside the unit from 2 to 30 minutes. Additionally, it is fitted with a shutter to ensure that back draughts are not an issue and is fully compliant with parts F and L of building regulations for use in zones 1 and 2 of showers, bathrooms or sink areas.

The fan is supplied with a shutter and screw pack, and, finally, this fan comes with a 5-year warranty, proving the level of confidence Blauberg has in its products!

One thing to note is, once installed, it may be difficult to get the casing off, so make sure that you set the timer to the correct setting before installation so that you are not struggling to adjust it when it is in situ.


  • Multiple control options
  • PIR motion detection
  • Anti-vibration mounts for quiet operation
  • 5-year warranty
  • 27 litres per second extraction


  • It may not be as quiet as expected
  • PIR sensor may regularly activate when you do not expect the fan to be in operation

Vents 100-Silenta-MTK (Best Value)

This white extractor fan is very reasonably priced but still comes equipped with the functionality and performance you would expect. It is energy efficient at only 5.5 W when in use and also has a low noise level of 26 decibels from a 3-meter distance from the unit.

It is easy to install and has a good extraction rate of 22 litres per second! It is building regulation compliant and is backed by a 5-year warranty! Additionally, when purchasing, you receive the fan, shutter and screw pack.

Something to note when purchasing this item is that it does not come with a pull cord as standard, which is purchased separately. Also, it is another model that comes with a PIR motion sensor, run on timer and humidity sensor, which is not this one.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Reasonable price
  • 22 litre per second airflow
  • 5 years warranty
  • Low noise level at 26 decibels at 3 meters


  • It may become noisier over time
  • Extraction may not be very powerful It may not come with a pull cord

Xpellair C4TS 4″ Contour (Best Silent)

This is the quietest bathroom extractor fan on the market at only 16 decibels at a 3-meter distance. Being so quiet makes it a joy to have in your en-suite or bathroom if you have a bedroom next door or if you prefer to have a relaxing bath without the accompaniment of a fan motor hum.

It has a sleek white facia that can be simply wiped clean, disguising the fan blades, which can so often be seen on other extractor fans. Its ‘So Simple’ installation steps mean that it is straightforward and easy to fit into panels, walls and ceilings.

Additionally, there is an over run timer with this model, allowing you to select how long the fan will operate once it has been switched off. Finally, this best silent extractor fan comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The fan is compliant with building regulations part F. This model of extractor fan has two different speed settings for how much air is extracted by it; 15 litres or 21 litres per second.

It is worth noting that the speed setting is defined when you are installing the fan and is not adjustable when in use.


  • Easy clean design
  • Simple to install
  • Very quiet operation
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Two-speed extraction option


  • Instructions may not be clear
  • When on the higher speed setting, the fan may not be as quiet
  • May protrude from the wall more than other units

Envirovent SIL100T 4 Inch Axial (Best for Ceiling)

This best ceiling extractor fan has great extractor fan reviews and is perfect for installing on the ceiling or wall in your bathroom or toilet. It is easy to install and incredibly quiet at only 26.5 decibels at 3 meters distance, due to the motors being installed on silent elastic blocks.

This Envirovent extractor fan has an overrun timer which is adjustable between 1 and 30 minutes, and comes with an LED light. Additionally, it has a PIR motion detector that can sense movement up to 4 meters away and activate the fan to come on.

The fan has an extraction rate of 26 litres per second which will clear steam from your bathroom with no problem at all. It also comes with a shutter to prevent warm air loss when the fan is not in use and to prevent air from coming back into the room.

The extractor fan uses 8 W of energy and is IP45 rated, meaning that it is resistant to jets of water from all angles.


  • Humidity and movement sensor
  • Adjustable timer
  • LED light
  • 26 litres per second air extraction
  • Low noise level


  • Timer setting may be difficult to adjust
  • Requires sufficient cable to be available to pull through from the cable entry to the terminals
  • The back draught shutter may be a little flimsy

Knightsbridge EX004T 4″ Led (Best Stylish)

This is a great looking extractor fan and is an attractive addition to any modern bathroom wall or toilet room, sporting LED lights that illuminate around the edges when switched on. The facia also allows the fan to be easily wiped clean and prevents the blades, which can sometimes gather dust, from being visible, unlike most fans.

The fan by Knightsbridge has an overrun timer that can be adjusted between 2 and 30 minutes and has an extraction rate of 25 litres per second to give you the right level of steam and odour removal for the standard bathroom.

The fan is compliant with building regulations part F and can be used in zone 2, and it also comes inclusive of a power cord, which some extractor fans do not. It is suitable for wall or ceiling mounting and can be installed in a kitchen as well as a bathroom and toilet.

Something to note is that it does have a louder sound rating than many extractor fans at 35 decibels at a 3-meter distance.


  • Stylish appearance
  • LED lights
  • Adjustable timer
  • Easy to maintain
  • 3-year warranty


  • May be louder than other fans in this review at 35 decibels at 3 meters
  • The overrun timer may not function correctly
  • It may not have a long lifespan

Airflow iCON ECO 15 (Best for Bathrooms)

This is a smart-looking bathroom fan and is perfect for shower rooms, loos, and smaller bathrooms like en-suites.

Airflow has developed an iris shutter that is visible on the front of the fan and closes when the fan is not in operation, rather than having a back draught shutter at the back of the unit like most fans on the market. Another clever design feature offered by Airflow is the fact that you can purchase the cover in three different colours to suit your interior or to change its appearance without having to buy a new unit.

The bathroom extractor fan includes a power cord for switching on and off, and the fan itself can be recessed into a wall or ceiling if desired. There is also the option to purchase a humidity and timer module, if required, to enhance the Airflow iCon ECO 15 fan.

Some statistics that are worth noting on the Airflow iCON ECO 15 model are that it has an airflow extraction rate of 19 litres per second and a noise rating of 35 decibels at 3 meters. This air extraction rate will be sufficient for smaller rooms but may not be for a larger sized space. It is also not the quietest of fans in this top ten review.


  • Available with three different coloured covers
  • Iris shutter prevents air from being blown in
  • Available in a SELV version
  • Suitable for smaller bathrooms, en-suites and toilets
  • Can be added to by purchasing time and humidity sensor


  • 35 decibels at 3 meters
  • May not include additional functionality such as run-on timer
  • Shutters may fail to function properly over time

Primeline PEF4020 (Best with Adjustable Timer)

This extractor fan is ideal for the average bathroom or toilet and can be wall or ceiling mounted. With an air extraction rate of 23 litres per second, this is an ideal bathroom extractor fan and will remove steam, condensation and odours, to keep all family members happy when sharing the bathroom!

The fan comes in a clean and simple design in white and is made from ABS thermoplastics for easy cleaning and for a long lifespan. It also comes with a cord when you purchase it.

This extractor fan has an adjustable timer function which can be altered between 1 and 20 minutes. Be aware that the timer is accessed at the top of the unit rather than on the front, so if fixing it on a wall, close to the ceiling, make sure to set the timer before installing it!


  • 23 litres per second air extraction
  • Adjustable timer
  • Clean design
  • Made from strong materials for durability
  • Easy to install


  • May not be supplied with a back draught shutter
  • May be noisy

Greenwood Airvac AXS100TR

This extractor fan by Greenwood can be ceiling or wall-mounted and works via a light switch in the room rather than by a power cord.

The fan has a good air extraction level of 23 litres per second and a sound output of 35 decibels at 3 meters distance. This is not the quietest fan in our review, but it is always worth reading customer reviews for real-world feedback on the product.

The fan has back draught shutters to prevent cold air from being blown back into the room and loss of heat from the room to the outside. Additionally, this extractor fan has been designed specifically to reduce the amount of dirt and dust build-up.

One point to note about this extractor fan is that it has a consumption level of 16 W which is at the top end of extractor fans in this review.


  • Back draught shutter
  • Good extraction rate
  • Operated through light switch rather than the power cord
  • It runs for a pre-set amount of time
  • Designed to limit dirt build-up


  • Relatively high energy consumption at 16 W
  • It may be noisier than other extractor fans in this review
  • It may not have a long lifespan

Plumbing4Home Silent Ventilation

This fan is a great option if you are a landlord and need to install inexpensive and low power consumption units, or even if you are simply keen to keep an eye on the energy efficiency of your appliances!

The extractor fan uses 6 W of energy which is the lowest of all the bathroom extractor fans in this review, but it still has an impressive air extraction rate of 25.8 litres / second which will meet the needs of most bathrooms!

This extractor fan is easy to install and is quiet when in use at only 26 decibels at 3 meters distance, perfect for a smaller room. A lead is included for cord operation.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Good air extraction rate
  • Inexpensive


  • May not come with shutters
  • Instructions may not be clear

Buyer’s Guide

There are a number of differentiators for finding the best bathroom extractor fan, which can vary from power and energy consumption to clever additional features and the way the fan looks in your room. Just because it is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish to look at or useful in terms of its features!

You want to find a fan that is easily installed, easy to clean and one that can reduce the humidity level and steam in a room, as well as removing odours. Hopefully, reading our reviews and our buyer’s guide below will give you the information and tips to find the best bathroom extractor fan for you!

Air extraction

This is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an extractor fan, as you do not want to purchase one that is not adequate for the space it is in, or conversely, buy one that is too substantial for what you need it for.

Air extraction is normally measured in how many litres are extracted in one second, and most of the extractor fans in this review will extract over 20 litres in 2 seconds, but they may differ between mid-teens and late 20s.

An electric exhaust system installed in a bathroom's ceiling.

The obvious thing to make sure of is that the bathroom extractor fan has sufficient power to remove steam, condensation and odours from a room, but the rate of extraction does sometimes impact the sound output of the unit, so it is also important to consider how loud it is as well. Some very quiet fans may only have a low extraction rate, and some high extraction rate fans may be quite noisy, so it is worth reviewing the two things together.

Noise level

As mentioned above, this can vary quite significantly between extractor fan makes and models. Beware some models that describe themselves as silent can sometimes have quite high decibel levels and rest on the fact that you have not compared the level to other units.

Another thing to note is that the sound level is always given at a distance of 3 meters, so if you are likely to be closer to the extractor fan than that, say if you are reclining in the bathtub and the fan is 2 meters away from you, it is going to be louder than the decibels given.

Low noise can sometimes come at the cost of power, so make sure to review the two things together so that you know that what you are purchasing is the best bathroom extractor fan for the job!


This is another important factor to consider, as some extractor fans are only approved for use in certain zones of your bathroom, toilet or en-suite. You want to make sure that the fan you are purchasing has passed building regulations and is suitable for use where you hope to install it; your electrician should be able to help with this.

a window with a white box and tube that helps in ventilation

Explaining the zones, zone 1 is the area above a shower or bath, to a height of 2.25 m from the floor. Zone 2 is up to 0.6 outside of zone 1 and up to a height of 2.25 m.

Additional Features

You might have thought that most domestic extractors were pretty much the same, but some extractor fans offer you lots of additional features, which we have set out below:

Humidity Sensor

Some extractor fans are manufactured with a built-in humidity sensor, meaning it will switch on automatically when the humidity in a room reaches a certain level. This is a great feature if you struggle with dampness and mould in your property. You simply set the fan to the correct humidity level for your room and leave the rest to it!

Motion Sensor

Some of the best bathroom extractor fans on the market have a PIR motion sensor as standard, which can detect movement in a room from up to 4 meters away. So if you don’t want to turn a switch on at night time, for instance, the fan will still operate.

Overrun Timer

The timer overrun is a setting that defines how long the extractor fan continues to run after it has been turned off. Usually, this can be adjusted to between 1 and 30 minutes or somewhere in between.

Backdraught Shutter

This is a shutter that prevents the loss of warm air to the outside of the room and stops cold fresh air from being blown back through the fan when it is not in use.

Some occasionally rattle in the wind, so it is worth reading reviews about how effective they are.

Energy Consumption

The level of power consumption that an extractor fan uses varies quite a lot from model to model. Some can be as low as 4.8 W and some as high as 16 W in this review! If you are a landlord who wants to keep your bills low, or you are keen to keep an eye on your energy consumption, then look for a fan that has a low rating.


Hopefully, this review has helped provide the information and advice you need to find the best extractor fan for your needs. Bathroom extractor fans come with many different features, power and noise options, design and costs. You do sometimes need to be careful that in selecting one, you don’t compromise another. For example, a silent bathroom extractor fan might be quiet because it lacks the power you need for the size of the room you want it for. Or a powerful fan might be a bit louder than others on the market, but if you read our reviews, rest assured, you will be able to find the right one for you!

Our aim is that you’ll have been able to find the best kitchen extractor fan or best bathroom extractor fan for your home. However, if you’re still struggling to choose the right one amongst the many fans on offer, you can try our Editor’s Choice – the Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan. It is quiet, efficient, and of a stylish design, all for a very reasonable price. The fact that this fan comes with a 3-year guarantee shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product!

The extractor fan by Manrose has an impressive extraction rate of 21 litres, so it is able to extract all odours and moisture from both your bathroom and toilet! However, despite this great extraction rate, its very strong selling point is that it only uses 4.8 W of electricity to run, which is significantly less than other bathroom extractor fans in the market.

The bathroom extractor fan also features an overrun timer which can be adjusted between 1 and 20 minutes and ensures that it continues to work even once switched off. The fan also comes with a shutter to prevent warm air loss to the outside. It can also prevent the extracted air from travelling back up the duct and coming back into the room.

The Manrose fan is made in compliance with building regulations, part F and L, which means that you can install it in the shower or bath zone or close by to it (zones 1 and zones 2). It is not a silent fan, but at 27 decibels, it will not disturb your sleep or interrupt your peaceful bath time!

Good luck in finding the right product for you to have a steam, moisture and odour-free bathroom and toilet!

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