Best Kettles for Hard Water of 2023

best kettles for hard water

Last Updated on March 1, 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 9 Best Kettles for Hard Water

  1. Russell Hobbs 20460 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Russell Hobbs 20760-10 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Aigostar Adam 30KHH (Best Value)
  4. Ansio Glass Electric
  5. Morphy Richards 120009 (Best for Taste)
  6. Russell Hobbs 24363 (Best for Style)
  7. Russell Hobbs 22851 (Best for Perfect Pour)
  8. Breville Impressions (Best for Cord Storage)
  9. VonShef Stainless Steel (Best with Handle)
  10. Daewoo SDA1773 Argyle

If you live in a hard water area, your different cups of tea or coffee might not taste how you prefer them. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to enhance your beverage’s flavour – upgrade to a kettle designed for hard water.

In today’s article, we have a list of our best choices for the best kettle for hard water in the UK that look stylish, work efficiently and can even reduce limescale build-up to help you find the best kettle for hard water.

Discover the best kettles for hard water with our diverse list of appliances for left-handed users, large-capacity use, with a stylish design, reaching a quick boiling point and more.

How We Compared Kettles for Hard Water

To find the right kettles for hard water we considered multiple factors including:

  • Water Capacity
  • Time of Boiling Water
  • Durability
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Keep Warm Function
  • Weight
  • Noise 
  • Handle 
  • Pour Spout

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching kettles for hard water and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Kettle for Hard Water Reviews

Russell Hobbs 20460 (Editor’s Choice)

This is the best kettle for hard water. This kettle is made with stainless steel and heats up quickly while remaining convenient for regular cleaning without discolouration over time.

Moreover, an efficient kettle features quiet boil technology, ensuring that it operates at a low volume for busy households or office spaces. It also features rapid boiling to completely boil water in only 45 seconds, while the boil zone indicator allows you to fill the exact amount of water you need.

It’s also a great anti-limescale kettle since it includes a filter to keep it in tip-top condition if you live in an area with hard water.

On the other hand, this hard water kettle might be prone to rust on the lid. In addition, the internal plastic measure might create a slightly plasticky taste.


  • It has a stainless steel body to heat up quickly and not discolour 
  • Features quiet boiling technology 
  • It boils in just 45 seconds
  • Rapid boil zone indicator ensures that you fill only the amount of water you need
  • Includes a cleanable limescale filter


  • Rust might easily build up on the lid
  • The clip-on internal plastic measure might create a plasticky taste

Russell Hobbs 20760-10 (Luxury Choice)

A kettle isn’t just about practicality, which is why this hard water kettle includes blue illumination while it boils. Best of all, it includes limescale filters, reduces chlorine and permanently absorbs copper and lead from tap water.

Furthermore, it’s one of the best electric kettles for enhancing the taste of your hot and cold beverages for healthier drinking water. The advanced BRITA Filter technology optimises the flavour and aroma of your drinks while reducing taste-impairing substances. It’ll also remind you when to change the cartridge. 

However, this electric kettle might slightly leak when you’re pouring your drink into a cup. Plus, the reservoir you fill with water might be slightly small, leading to difficulties during refills.


  • Includes a light to turn water blue while it boils 
  • It prevents a build-up of limescale 
  • Advanced BRITA Filter technology optimises your drink’s taste
  • Receive a notification when you need to change the BRITA filter cartridge
  • Generous 1.5-litre capacity 


  • Might be prone to slight water leaks
  • The reservoir might be small, making it difficult to fill with water

Aigostar Adam 30KHH (Best Value)

The Aigostar ADam 30KHH is the best kettle for hard water in the UK because it is designed for excellent value. 

This hard water kettle includes LED lights that provide visual enjoyment while you boil the kettle. Designed with borosilicate glass, a durable and stain-resistant material, this kettle keeps its appearance for life.

It delivers 2,200 watts of power for rapid boiling. Best of all, this kettle offers a 1.7-litre capacity to make 6–8 cups, which is great for a large household. Furthermore, it includes boil-dry protection to improve the longevity of your kettle while also offering a safety feature.

It’s worth noting that this electric kettle might not include a double-action filter since there’s no mention of this in the product’s description. Plus, the lid might not open up all the way, leading to some restrictions when you’re filling the kettle with water.


  • Includes LED lights for visual enjoyment 
  • It uses a durable, stain-resistant glass
  • Features 2,200 watts of power for rapid boiling
  • Large 1.7-litre capacity to make up to 8 cups 
  • Offers boil dry protection 


  • It might not include a double-action filter to minimise limescale build-up
  • The lid might not open up all the way

Ansio Glass Electric

If you want your kettle not only to function well but also to look stylish, the Ansio Glass Electric Kettle makes a fantastic choice. It also has all the basic features you need, plus a couple more to help make boiling water super simple.

This kettle is great for use in homes with hard water because of its easy to clean design. Not only does it have a wide mouth that makes cleaning easier, but it also has a removable filter to help you clean away limescale before it gets into the actual water pot.

With a 1.7 litre capacity, you will be able to boil lots of water in one go. You can view the water level through the glass easily, but there are also water level markers. An LED ring lights up in the base giving it a nice glow while in use. It also features boil dry protection that automatically shuts off the machine when the water level gets too low to protect the machine.

The Ansio Glass Electric kettle may be beautiful, but the glass gets pretty hot and stays hot for some time.


  • Removable filter
  • LED light ring
  • Boil dry protection
  • 1.7 L capacity
  • Stylish glass kettle


  • The glass might occasionally get hot
  • It may have a heavier design compared to other brands
  • It may lack an adjustable thermostat

Morphy Richards 120009 (Best for Taste)

This electric kettle has so many amazing characteristics, such as enhancing the flavour of your hot brew. Equipped with Brita filtration, it’s one of the best kettles for reducing limescale build-up and a metal and chlorine taste.

It’s also exceptionally fast boiling hanks to the filter and boil technology that enhances the speed and convenience of boiling. Best of all, the electronic memo indicator informs you when it’s time to change the cartridge. 

Additionally, this kettle boasts anti-slip feet for safety and prevents it from moving around as you lift the kettle off the base. Furthermore, it has a 360-degree cordless base for the convenience of both left- and right-handed uses.

However, this kettle for hard water’s window might not be as transparent as most electric kettles on this list, potentially leading to overfilling with water. Plus, this electric kettle might be heavier than other kettles for hard water.


  • Enhances the taste of your hot drinks
  • Fast-boiling design
  • Generous 1.5-litre capacity 
  • 260-degree cordless base
  • Indicator lets you know when it’s time to change the cartridge 


  • Water window might not be as transparent as most hard water kettles
  • The body might be heavier than other kettles for hard water

Russell Hobbs 24363 (Best for Style)

This Russel Hobbs kettle for hard water is available in various colours: red, white, cream, black, grey, and more. Designed with enchanting curves that wrap around the kettle, it looks stylish while also feeling ergonomic in your hands.

It’s energy-efficient as it can boil 235 ml of water in 45 minutes and save up to 66 per cent of energy than most kettles. This 1.7-litre capacity kettle is ideal for sharing with the family or for use in the office.

Most impressively, it’s one of the best kettles for a perfect pour spout to streamline the flow of water straight from the kettle to your mug.

However, this electric kettle might not come with a limescale filter, leading to a potential build-up. Also, one of the best safety features for a kettle is switching off once it’s boiled, which this appliance might not include.


  • Available in a range of colours to suit your kitchen’s decor
  • Pour spout streamlines water flow from the kettle to your bug
  • Water boils quickly
  • It has an energy-efficient design
  • Large 1.7-litre capacity


  • It might not include a limescale filter
  • It might not automatically switch off once it’s boiled

Russell Hobbs 22851 (Best for Perfect Pour)

Equipped with Brita Filter technology, this hard water kettle reduces the taste of impairing substances to produce a richer, fuller flavour and aroma to your hot drinks.

You’ll also receive a Brita Maxtra+ Filter Cartridge to reduce limescale build-up within the kettle, plus limiting chlorine, copper and lead.

Designed with a cartridge replacement reminder, you’ll always know when to change the filter for fresh, filtered water in your drinks every time. It also offers a stylish touch with the blue LED illumination that brightens as the kettle boils. 

You also don’t need to worry about water not flowing efficiently as the pour spout has been designed to improve water flow from the kettle to your mug.

On the other hand, this might not be one of the best kettles for using in an environment with many people since it might only offer a 1-litre boiling capacity. It might also rock slightly on the base once it reaches boiling.


  • Filter technology improves the flavour and aroma of drinks 
  • It prevents a build-up of limescale, chlorine, copper and lead
  • Blue LED illumination is a stylish touch
  • Perfect pour spout
  • Includes a cartridge replacement reminder 


  • It might only offer a 1-litre boiling capacity
  • Kettle might rock a little on the base as it boils

Breville Impressions (Best for Cord Storage)

This hard water kettle has so much style and charisma. In particular, it sports an elegant ridged texture design with a high gloss finish and polished chrome details.

With 3,000 watts of power, it can reach the boiling point quickly while limiting the cost of your energy bills. All the while, the rear water window makes accurate filling easy, and the kettle even illuminates once it’s boiled.

Most importantly, this is one of the best kettles for its cord storage. The 360-degree rotational base prevents rocking while the appliance boils, while the non-slip feet also ensure it remains in position. 

However, this kettle might not be available in other colours than the standard black shade. Additionally, the cord might be shorter than most kettles on this list, leading to some restrictions. 


  • It has an elegant ridged texture with a high gloss finish and polished chrome details
  • Generous 1.7-litre capacity to make up to 8 cups 
  • Illuminates once it’s boiled
  • Rear water window leads to accurate and easy filling
  • Includes cord storage for a tidy display


  • It might not be available in colours other than black 
  • The cord might be shorter than different kettles

VonShef Stainless Steel (Best with Handle)

This stainless steel kettle for hard water has an ergonomic handle that makes the kettle comfortable to hold while you’re pouring into your cup. The handle is also heat resistant for added safety.

Furthermore, this 1.7-litre appliance boils water for up to 7 cups and reaches a boiling point quickly in less than five minutes with a full capacity. Plus, STRIX control accurately detects and controls the kettle’s temperature for safety.

But this kettle’s features don’t stop there. It also has a removable filter to enhance the taste of your water, a 360-degree swivel base, cord storage and non-slip feet.

It’s worth noting that this kettle’s water fill window is only on the left side, which might not be suitable for left-handed users. Additionally, it might not be as luxurious as other kettles. 


  • Ergonomic, heat-resistant handle 
  • It reaches a boiling point quickly 
  • STRIX control monitors the kettle’s temperature for a safety feature
  • Includes cord storage and non-slip feet
  • 360-degree swivel base improves usability 


  • It might not be suitable for left-handed users 
  • It may not be as stylish as other kettles

Daewoo SDA1773 Argyle

Available in a range of colours, this stylish kettle for hard water keeps style in mind. It also boasts a sleek, patterned body that makes this kettle suitable for any trendy kitchen.

Designed with a range of safety features, such as an auto and manual switch-off function, once it’s reached the boiling point, you’ll get peace of mind with this appliance. You can also easily see when the kettle is in use, thanks to the LED indicator.

Furthermore, it’s one of the best filter kettles since it includes a removable and washable limescale filter to make cleaning the appliance easy and mess-free.

Alternatively, it might not pour out water as streamlined as other hard water kettles. In addition, it might get hot on the exterior while the appliance boils.


  • Stylish design
  • Available in an array of colours
  • Includes an auto and manual switch-off function 
  • The LED indicator informs you when the kettle is in use
  • Includes a removable and washable limescale filter 


  • It might not perfectly pour out water like most kettles on this list 
  • The exterior might get hot while it boils 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Kettle for Hard Water

Discover the right new kettle for you by exploring some important factors to consider during the buying process.

Water Capacity

What water capacity do you need for a kettle? If you typically make only one or two drinks at a time, a smaller capacity will be fine. However, if you tend to make more than four cups at one time, you’ll require a large capacity to prevent having to refill the kettle constantly

Another factor to consider is the size of the appliance itself. A wider kettle, for example, will take up more countertop space, meaning that you should have a larger kitchen. But if you have a smaller space for storage, consider a narrower appliance along with features like anti-slip feet and cord storage to keep it intact and presentable in the kitchen.

Time Boiling Water

Nobody wants to wait a long time for their kettle to boil water. Therefore, consider an appliance with quick boiling technology to avoid waiting too long for your brew. 


For a kettle to be durable and have excellent longevity, it needs to be made of high-quality materials like glass and metal. Stainless steel is a preferred exterior material because it’s lightweight and improves thermal conductivity, helping the water boil quickly. 

Also, kettles made with transparent glass are ideal for easily observing how much water you add to the kettle while watching it boil (which is a nice effect if the kettle has LED illumination once it boils. 

Automatic Shut Off

Consider a kettle with an automatic shut-off feature to save energy and improve safety in your home. 

Keep Warm Function

Are you guilty of forgetting that the kettle has boiled, so then the water turns cold? A Keep Warm function allows the kettle to maintain the water temperature, so you can still pour a drink when you return to the kettle.


A lightweight design is best if you have weak wrists or plan to move your kettle around because you needn’t worry about the extra weight putting any strain on your body. 


Another important factor to consider is the kettle’s noise as it boils. Some kettles can beep once the water has boiled. But if you’re sensitive to noises or plan to use your kettle in a busy office environment or late at night when family members are asleep, consider reading customer reviews to monitor the kettle’s noise levels.  


The kettle’s handle is more significant than you think. A plastic kettle won’t be as ergonomic as a rubber one, which can lead to discomfort when you’re pouring your brew. If you’re left-handed, you might want to contemplate a kettle design that’s compatible with both right-handed and left-handed users.

Pour Spout

It can be annoying when water spills out of the kettle or inconsistently pours when you’re filling your mug. Therefore, consider a kettle with an efficient pour spout to improve water flow and prevent leaks on your countertop.


Our Choice

There are many available best kettles for hard water in the UK, but if we could only suggest one appliance to our readers, it’d be the Russell Hobbs 20460. This stainless steel kettle heats up quickly and efficiently. You can also clearly see how much water you’ve filled it up with, thanks to the rapid zone indicator. Best of all, its quiet technology makes it perfect to use in busy households where people are sleeping or in open plan living spaces.

Do you have some other kettles to recommend? Share your preferred models, along with any further buying tips, in the comments.

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