Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2021

best squirrel proof bird feeders

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. Jacobi Jayne Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder – Roamwild PestOff (Luxury Choice)
  3. Homezone ® Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Bird Feeder (Best Value)

Birds are amazing. They sing and frolic and they really make the environment melodious and enjoyable. The presence of small and attractive birds within a garden is especially welcome. That is because the beauty of the said place is enhanced with their presence. A great way to attract these cute birds is to place a bird feeding station in the garden. This will allow the birds to come clamoring towards your garden. However, it also brings unwanted creatures like squirrels, rats and larger birds like crows, pigeons, etc. to your garden. This is something that most owners frown upon and want to be free of.

That is why the concept of Squirrel, and large pets, proof Bird feeders is a most remarkable one. These feeders allow small birds to feed in peace while ensuring that larger ones and squirrels stay out.

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Reviews – Top 8 Picks

Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder – Roamwild PestOff

This Squirrel-proof bird feeder by Roamwild is a great addition in this category. This item is useful for deterring any unwanted stealing of bird food by critters like squirrels, rats and such. The functioning of this bird feeder is very much simple. Whenever a rat, squirrel or even a large bird land on the perch of this feeder, it will come down and close. This will block off the path for these pests and prevent them from stealing the food. The hatch will automatically open by itself once the indignant pet gets off the perch. Any small bird can then land on the perch and access the offered food once the hatch is open again.

This is a pretty great gift for those users who want small birds to feed and not have larger ones or pets to steal food. This product will make bird food 100% inaccessible by the larger critters effectively. For your other furry friends check out our guide on hedgehog houses.

Key Features:

  • Embodies an attractive design made of metal
  • Requires no additional adjustment
  • Contains a capacity of 1.5 Liters
  • Automatic hatch system

Happy Beaks Squirrel Proof Nature’s Market Bird Feeder

You can create a safe feeding environment for small birds with the Happy Beaks Squirrel Proof Feeder. This product will allow you to protect food intended for birds from squirrels, rats, and other such pests. It is created from metal mesh that has been powder coated and is fitting for holding bird feed in a suitable capacity. This makes it immensely durable and tough. The handy squirrel guard that this feeder contains ensures that no squirrel steals the tasty food for birds.

This item is specially designed for attracting birds to your garden in order to improve the ambiance. It will be instrumental in bringing birds like woodpeckers, tits, house sparrows, and finches to your garden. The fact that this feeder will always be filled for them with quality food will always act as a motivator. That is because this feeder will prevent any unwanted theft of seeds mix by larger pests like squirrels. All users need to do is fill up the feeder and then hang it on a tree branch. You can even hang it on a feeding station thanks to the convenient handle that it comes with. So, keep your little bird friends happy with this awesome bird feeder. For the perfectly cut grass see our guide on the best hover mowers.

Key Features:

  • Can be hung easily due to built-in handle
  • Contains special guard against squirrels
  • You can open the lid easily
  • Can house different seed mixes

The Nuttery Helix Peanut Feeder Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

This Squirrel Proof Bird-feeder by Nuttery has been designed in the United Kingdom. Its main intent is to feed the birds that congregate in a garden effectively and without any problem. It contains special precautions and features for preventing the theft of bird food by squirrels and such. This is its main objective but it also doesn’t sacrifice on looks and aesthetic quality either. Hang this in your garden or bird feeder and it will look simply incredible.

The special guard that is included in this item prevents squirrels from accessing the bird food. Another great thing about this feeder is that it can be taken apart completely. You can disassemble it without any predicament. This provides for more conducive chances for thorough cleaning of the feeder and its constituent parts. There is a big hopper concealed beneath this product’s colorful lid. You can open it easily for convenient filling of food. This, in turn. reduces any inadvertent wastage of bird food as well. This is the feeder to get if you want convenience and comfort in usage. Make your garden a great place for the kids with the best garden swing sets.

Key Features:

  • Contains a large hopper for convenient filling of bird feed
  • Comes with guard for protecting against feed theft by squirrels
  • Made from tough and durable metal
  • Features a warranty of 10-years by the manufacturer

Gardman Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

This is one of the best Bird feeders on the market. It is specially designed to prevent any unwanted stealing of bird food by pests like squirrels and rats. Gardman has ensured that the birds are well-fed while making certain that their food isn’t stolen either. This squirrel proof bird feeder has been created from immensely durable and resilient metal. This heavy-duty metal cage is strong enough and can take any blows from frustrated squirrels, rats, and large birds. It also comes with a unique Feedsafe Biocidal coating as well. This coating is effective at eliminating any bacteria that comes in contact with it. You can fill up this feeder with peanuts for the birds to feed on. You can also use any other form of bird food like seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

The point is that with this feeder, you can feed the birds and not have to worry about squirrels in the slightest. They can feed elsewhere but this feeder will make certain that only small birds get access to the food. For your aquatic friends see our guide on pond pumps.

Key Features:

  • This product is made from durable and heavy-duty metal
  • Comes with the feature of Feedsafe Biocidal coating for killing bacteria on contact
  • Can hold 530g of bird feed
  • Attractive and pleasing design

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – Squirrel Buster

This is the bird feeder that you need to get if you want to completely put a stop to squirrels thieving away at your bird food. The Squirrel Buster is a squirrel proof bird feeder. It means that while it will allow small birds to feed but deny squirrels from stealing bird food. But don’t worry as it does so in a safe and totally humane manner. The method of operation is quite linear in this item. The feeder ports will shut down by themself whenever a squirrel will climb on this feeder. This will prevent the squirrels from reaching the birds’ feed. This mechanism is also effective at keeping out larger birds like pigeons.

This product also comes with a signature Seed Tube Ventilated system. This system keeps the seed cool and fresh by letting fresh air enter and the humid and hot air escape from the top. This makes the seed much more enticing for the birds. The composition of this feeder is tough and resilient enough for enduring the worst effects of weather. The size of this feeder makes it appropriate for any garden and attracts plenty of birds as well. For more great garden guides check out our picks for trampolines.

Key Features:

  • Features a smart design that is innovative and adaptable
  • Comes with a guarantee of 2 years by the manufacturer
  • Contains an automatic latch that closes and opens according to weight
  • It is available in a diverse range of colors, styles, and sizes

Homezone ® Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Bird Feeder

The Squirrel Proof Bird-feeder by Homezone is an excellent one for those who want a garden filled with attractive birds. You can fit this feeder in your garden conveniently and with ease. Birds will be attracted to feed at this station which can be owed to its safe and friendly feeding system. Swallows, sparrows, and more will flock towards your garden but squirrels won’t. That is because this feeder has been designed in a way that will prevent squirrels from trying to steal bird food. The heavy-duty metal cage of this feeder is suitable for preventing squirrels from accessing the feed. The metal itself is durable and tough enough for weathering blows from irritated squirrels.

The size of these garden bird feeders is adequate as well. They measure about 27 cm in height and are very quaint in appearance. So, if you are looking for a bird feeder that can feed the birds but obstruct squirrels then this is the one for you. For more handy garden guides see our picks for masonry paints.

Key Features:

  • This feeder is made for holding fat feeding balls
  • It consists of metal construction that is coated with plastic
  • Long-lasting and resistant to water
  • It measures 27 cm in height

Simply direct 1 x Squirrel Guard Hanging Nut Peanut Feeder

Simply Direct Squirrel-proof bird feeder is one that is effective and practical. It comes with all the required features and facilities that are necessary for the proper feeding of birds. You can use it with any form of bird-seed. Be it nuts, fat balls, seeds, etc. this feeder will house them all. It also prevents larger birds and squirrels from reaching the precious food intended for birds. This feeder consists of a mesh nut chute that is made of durable wire. This tough wire is pretty instrumental in keeping out the squirrels. This factor is further bolstered by the addition of a caged design. This caged design prevents squirrels and large birds like pigeons from reaching and stealing feed. This allows small birds to eat the feed with ease and safety.

The clip down lid that this feeder contains is hinged and clamps down to prevent access to larger pets. You can conveniently hang this bird feeder from a branch in your garden or on a bird feeder. This is because of the handy hanging loop that it contains and for more great garden items check out our guide on garden clocks.

Key Features:

  • The metal construction has a plastic coating
  • Comes with metal hanging loop for easier hanging
  • Features a height of 27 cm and 17.5 diameter
  • Contains a nifty squirrel guard lid

Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

With the Jacobi Jayne Squirrel-proof bird feeder, you can explicitly put a stop to squirrels and other pests stealing your bird food. The performance rate is 100% and the compact and light-weight of this item make it very much effective at its appointed task. For those users who are worried about humane functioning then they shouldn’t be.

This feeder comes equipped with a unique lid that can close off automatically. It functions in a simple manner. Whenever a squirrel or large rat tries to climb onto the feeder, this lid closes. That is because it moves according to the weight being exerted upon it. In this way, it allows small birds to feed with ease but deters the entry of large birds and squirrels. So, birds attract on a greater level to this feeder for feeding purposes. Combine this with the fact that this feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee and you have got a real winner on your hands, also don’t forget to consider some cat deterrent as well to keep the birds safe.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • The design of this feeder is innovative and adaptive
  • Comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Durable and tough build quality

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