Best BBQ Smokers in 2021

Best BBQ Smokers

Last Updated on April 14, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. King BBQ Smoker (Editor’s Choice)
  2. CosmoGrill™ Outdoor Smoker Barbecue Charcoal Portable BBQ Grill Garden (Luxury Choice)
  3. Callow Retail Outdoor Smoker Oven (Best Value)

Barbecue or BBQ smoker is a cooking device in which food is cooked at a low temperature in a smoky and controlled environment. Smoking meats and other foods is an age-old practice that has been honed over the centuries. Earlier, meat was smoked to increase its shelf life. Nowadays, meats are smoked and cured to improve flavour quality and increase flavour notes. There are a wide variety of foods that can be smoked in BBQ smokers like poultry, red meats, seafood, fish, and cheeses. Smoking veggies is not a popular art since some vegetables lose their freshness and fall limp.

Most people enjoy smoked meats and foods and enjoy eating directly from grillers instead of cooktops. For such people, and also occasional enthusiasts, a BBQ smoker is ideal. You can smoke and cook your meats from the comfort of your own home and backyard. Some barbecue smokers are large, while some are small depending on your needs and requirements.

How to Buy a BBQ Smoker?

There are a few things to consider before buying a barbecue smoker. Since each person has different requirements, one size does not fit all. You should look at the features below before purchasing a BBQ smoker.

  •      Size and capacity: The size of the smoker should be according to the usage. You should also consider the portion sizes of the meats you would like to smoke and the number of people who would be consuming it.
  •      Durability: The smoker should have a long life.
  •      Temperature control: Most smokers come with temperature control options. You should opt for a smoker that allows you to control the temperature and keep the meat at an even heat.

Best BBQ Smokers Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Callow Retail Outdoor Smoker Oven

This is a fish smoker and can only be used for outdoor smoking. The smoker can be used during camps and also for picnics in that fish is to be cooked. The valve of the smoker is easily adjustable, and the regulator in the lid helps in controlling the temperature. Quick heating of the smoker can be done with the help of two burners. The smoker comes with two cooking levels, that make cooking easy. Wooden chips are used to light the burners, and besides fish, chicken can also be quickly prepared. The smoker gives perfect results every time. The flavour of the cooked food is delicious. People can take this smoker on boats and start cooking while catching fish. Wooden chips are used as a fuel to burn the burners, and people have to buy them separately.

Key Features:

  • Temperature regulator on the lid
  • Two burners for quick heating
  • Can be used on boats


This is a foldable and portable smoker whose size is 76 x 18.5 x 37cm when folded. It is a lightweight machine and can be stored and transported easily. The smoker has handles for saving space, and it can be used for indoor as well as outdoor cooking. The material used to make this machine is stainless steel, that doesn’t rust easily. The thick steel is heat resistant and does not deform easily. The smoke produced by the device is non-toxic.

Assembling the machine is easy, and assembly instructions are given in the manual. Once you open it, you have to start putting it together from the feet up. The airflow is controlled comfortably, and heat is also distributed evenly because of the presence of air ventilation slats. Food for five to ten people can be quickly cooked in this smoker. People can cook and enjoy tasty food anywhere and anytime.

Key Features:

  • Foldable and portable
  • Easy airflow
  • Steel does not rust easily

Uten Stainless Steel BBQ Charcoal Grill Smoker

This smoker is suitable for outdoor cooking. People who like to eat outdoors and enjoy cooking will benefit the most from this smoker. This is a lightweight charcoal BBQ to cook sausages and burgers. It is easy to carry since you can fold and store it anywhere while going for a picnic. Assembling the smoker is simple, and there is no need to use any tools for the purpose. Open the grill and pull the legs down. The smoker is ready to use.

There are ventilation vents at both ends that help in smooth airflow and distribution of heat evenly. The smoker is made up of rustproof stainless steel, and people can use it for a long time due to its durability. The heat does not deform the smoker as the steel is very thick. The smoke produced by the smoker is non-toxic, so it is not harmful to health.

Key Features:

  • Easy assembling
  • Non-toxic smoke
  • Two ventilation vents for airflow

Deuba BBQ Smoker

This smoker can be used for smoking, grilling, or barbecuing. The temperature can be easily adjusted with the help of a ventilation slide. A thermometer is also available in the device. It helps to see the temperature and improve it according to the food being cooked. There is an opening in the middle that users can open to see the food being cooked.

Chrome grillage and ash grate are available in this device. There are two handles, that can be used to move the smoker from one place to another. If users want to barbecue the food indirectly, they can also use water pan like a bain-marie for the purpose. The water-filled container also keeps the food moist. Charcoal and briquettes are used as fuel to cook the food. The smoker can be turned easily as the handles are not heated up during cooking. Pair it with some outdoor garden furniture and you’ve got a great garden feature area.

Key Features:

  • Moisten the food through water pan
  • Grilling, Barbecuing, and Smoking
  • Check temperature through a thermometer

TecTake BBQ Charcoal barbecue smoker with heat indicator

This smoker is a multifunction device that can be used to grill and smoke the food. People can cook vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods like potatoes, vegetables, chicken, meat, fish, and so on. There are many options for grilling the food, that will give a new taste to the food. There are two separate cooking chambers in the device that users can use to smoke or grill the food directly or indirectly.

The lid of the smoker has a cooking thermometer that shows the temperature. Users can adjust it according to the food item they are cooking. Vents are available to adjust the temperature. The roast juice can be collected in the drip pan, which can later be used for moistening or basting the meat. The smoking and steaming results are perfect, and everyone will enjoy the smoked food. Pair your BBQ with a nice chiminea and log store to make the perfect garden seating area.

Key Features:

  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods
  • Adjust temperature through vents
  • Use a drip pan to collect roast juice

King BBQ Smoker

This barbecue smoker can be used to grill meat and other food either directly or indirectly. There is a large grill cooking chamber where people can put the pieces of chicken or a whole chicken or turkey for grilling. The device is made up of stainless steel and is very easy to clean. A drip pan is available under the grill, that can be used to collect the roast juice. This juice can be used to moisten the meat. You could also use these juices for sauces. Three ash crates are available to collect ash of the burnt charcoal. There is a temperature gauge, which can be used to adjust the temperature as per the requirement. The device is compact and can be taken from one place to another quickly. People can bring it along on picnics or long journeys.

Key Features:

  • Compact and portable
  • Firebox present for indirect grilling
  • Adjustable air vents

HomeZone® Large Premium BBQ Charcoal Smoker

The smoker comes with a hinged lid, and the curved design helps in better smoke circulation. This circulation provides an excellent smoky flavour to the food. The warming racks available in the smoker help in removing the cooked food efficiently. The food can be kept warm in these racks until it is ready to serve. The meat does not dry in the tray while being heated. The shelf present in the smoker is adjustable. You can easily adjust it up to four positions for ease of grilling. Multiple positions help in controlling the heat and juices of the meat to get delicious and tasty food.

This fantastic smoker is made of black steel. The steel is resistant to heat and does not deform easily. People can take this smoker for a picnic where food for 20 people can be cooked at once. There are various grilling options available with this smoker. More charcoal can be added to fuel the smoker from the front to increase the cooking time.

Key Features:

  • Add more charcoal through the front
  • Warming racks available to keep the food hot
  • Hinged lid for smoke circulation

Crystals Portable BBQ Charcoal Grill Garden Outdoor Camping Food Cooking Barbecue Stove

This grill smoker is excellent for parties. It comes with a thermometer that helps in checking and controlling the temperature. The height of the grill is adjustable, and people can either smoke small pieces or a whole chicken. The heat resistant coating prevents overheating. People can easily carry the smoker from one place to another, thanks to the presence of wheels.

There is a lower shelf for storing grilling and cooking tools. The smoker also consists of a beer bottle opener. It has to be assembled correctly. The set comes with instructions for assembly. The smoker can burn 1.35 kg charcoal for 120 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Storage space for cutlery
  • Beer bottle opener available
  • Easily portable

Tepro 1038 “Wichita” Smoker

Food can be cooked on a hotbed of coal over the grill. If a smoky flavour is needed, you can add wood fire. The device has a low lying cooking chamber. The smoke rises to the chamber with the help of a chimney. A thermometer is available on the lid and can be used to check the temperature.

The juicy consistency of the food remains while it is being smoked and cooked. There are many types of woods that can be used for different flavours. Indirect grilling can also be done with this device. Here the food is not kept directly on the fuel but in an enclosed chamber. Roll your BBQ into the night with some great solar decking lights.

Key Features:

  • Grilling and smoking can be done easily
  • Monitor temperature through a thermometer
  • Different types of woods for different flavours

CosmoGrill™ Outdoor Smoker Barbecue Charcoal Portable BBQ Grill Garden

This barbecue smoker is portable and can be carried anywhere. There is a warming rack inside the smoker along with handles made of stainless steel. The wheels present in the smoker help in carting it quickly from one place to another. The smoker is considerably-sized internally and helps in smoking whole meats instead of pieces. The maximum coal capacity of the smoker is 2.7 kg.

The volume of the machine is 124 x 66 x 113.5 cm. The smoker has shelves on two sides for storage of spices and storing utensils. Users can carry utensils, spices and other materials used in cooking. The smoke produced by the smoker is non-toxic. Check out our handy guide on garden arches for entry ways into your BBQ pit.

Key Features:

  • Thermometer for temperature control
  • Wheels to carry here and there
  • Large internal height

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