Best Garden Shredders in 2021

best garden shredders

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

  1. Bosch AXT 2200 Electric Garden Shredder (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Titan Pro Garden Chipper Shredder (Luxury Choice)
  3. Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder (Best Value)

Garden shredders can save you a ton of money when you have to dispose of the organic detritus at the council. Everyday pruning, stems, leaves, unwanted shrubbery, and other plant waste can easily be reduced into wood chips for reuse. You can quickly minimize, reuse, and recycle all the waste in your garden to become eco-friendly while saving time, effort, and money.

Shredding helps free up space in your garden, and it also feeds your garden. If you need to keep cutting up the stems to resize for your refuse collection, then a garden shredder is the best and most viable option for you. Maintaining a healthy and environmentally helpful garden is not an easy task, but with a garden shredder, you can achieve just that.

How to Select a Garden Shredder?

Industrial shredders are vastly different from domestic shredders. They are meant for vast quantities of garden waste and are usually hosted by councils for larger waste disposal. For internal use, either a roller style or blade style are great options.

Garden shredders can be electric, or petrol powered. Electric ones usually connect to regular sockets and are quite easy to use. Petrol options are used by landscapers, councils, or orchards and wineries.

Roller crushing types of garden shredders work on the mechanism of a rolling drum with raised ridges against a plate (usually flat). The waste is gripped by the wheel, sucked in, and crushed against the flat plate. Roller style shredders handle wood waste, branches, leaves, and so on. They are also quiet and can run in the background.

Impact blade style shredders are loud and noisy. They are also aggressively inclined due to discs that are set at an angle. The discs come attached with blades that chop through all the waste with loud churning and snapping sounds. This is excellent for twigs and branches but not for leaves and vegetable waste.

Best Garden Shredder Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Fox Speedy Garden Shredder

A fantastic budget-friendly option, the Fox Speedy Garden Shredder has a powerful 2500 W motor engine. It is designed to collect 50 litres of plant organic waste material and has a cutting width of 4 cm. Equipped with wheels, the Fox Speedy Garden Shredder can easily be moved around and transported to one side of the garden when not in use or when you need to fill it up.

Not meant for extensive gardens, this shredder is excellent for small to medium sized gardens and can be used for daily shredding. Overgrown bushes and branches may be difficult in this, but it is perfectly capable of taking care of twigs, leaves, and branches that are not too thick. The Fox Speedy Garden Shredder comes with twin bladed fast shredder action to save time and energy during usage. For more must have garden items check out our picks for lawn mowers.

Key Features:

  • 2500 W motor
  • Collection of 50 litres
  • Twin blade fast action cutting

Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder

Inexpensive, yet powerful, the Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder is an excellent addition to the yard for daily use. It has a 40 mm cutting capacity and is powered with a 2500W motor. Compact, the Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder can take care of almost all the plant, leaves, and branch waste that goes into it.

It has large wheels for movement around the yard and garden, and can easily be stored at a side when not in use. The Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder comes with a 50-litre collection box and 4050 rmp blade shredder. It also has a built-in safety device to protect users from harm. You can easily shred waste obtained from using a long reach hedge trimmer or pruning saw.

Key Features:

  • Can shred 40 mm thick branches
  • Large wheels
  • Inbuilt safety devices

Hecht Electric Garden Shredder

The Hecht Electric Garden Shredder is known for its high safety standards. For the cost that it is at, the safety features on this machine are some of the best we have seen. This product is safe to use even if the kids are playing in the garden, but adult supervision is advised to be on the safer side. The safety features that stand out are the overload sensors and electric motor protection.

Like many of the models on this list, this machine can easily cut through 40 mm diameter branches with ease. The motor is made of 2500 W power and can quickly help you clean out your garden or lawn with ease. The Hecht Electric Garden Shredder also comes equipped with a 50-litre large collection box that helps decrease trips to the compost bin.

Key Features:

  • Excellent safety features
  • Lightweight
  • A self-closing mechanism to protect from debris

Draper 35900 Garden Shredder

Sturdy, robust, and durable, the Draper 35900 Garden Shredder is an excellent value for money purchase. Excellent for landscapers, horticulturists, and amateur gardening enthusiasts, the Draper, is one of the most popular shredders in the UK. For this reason, it also comes with a government approved UK plug design. The machine unit has enough power to take care of a lot of garden waste material.

The Draper 35900 Garden Shredder comes housed with a powerful 2400 W motor and can easily shred twigs and branches up to 400 mm in diameter. There is an emergency stop brake system that activates in case of an emergency. The Draper 35900 Garden Shredder also comes with a release for interlocking blocking clearance. See our other garden tool guides such as robotic lawnmowers.

Key Features:

  • UK approved plug
  • Shredding capacity of 400 mm
  • Emergency stop brake feature

Bosch AXT 2200 Electric Garden Shredder

The Bosch AXT 2200 Electric Garden Shredder is equipped with the ‘Powerdrive’ motor that Bosch is famous for. It helps shred plant waste at 7 times the speed at which regular garden shredders work. This electrical garden shredder is a mighty powerhouse and weighs on 12 kilograms. With wheels for easy manoeuvrability, this garden shredder is an asset even in large lawns.

Reinforced super sharp steel blades inside the shredder allow for precision cutting, and with 40 mm capacity, this electric garden shredder from Bosch performs excellently. The large capacity hopper is fully equipped with a plunger to make the feeding risk-free.

Key Features:

  • Shreds plant waste 7 times faster than others
  • Wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Cutting capacity of 40 mm

Wolf-Garten Electric Shredder

The German-made Wolf-Garten Electric Shredder is readily available at most retail outlets across the UK. It can create valuable compost into high-quality mulch for your garden. It is equipped with an extremely efficient crust and cut mechanism. It can cut plant waste up to 40 mm in diameter and is a perfect option for most residential spaces.

It is nearly noiseless and can work in the background even as you go about your other chores. It features two reversible blades, a zero-voltage switch, and engine protection. The Wolf-Garten Electric Shredder is also known for its commitment to safety and comes with an engine brake and a safety restart option. The collector box can be emptied out quite easily and quickly. For other great garden tools see our guide on edging shears.

Key Features:

  • Two reversible blades
  • Engine protection
  • Engine brake and restart option

Makita UD2500 Electric Shredder

Excellent for residential areas, the Makita UD2500 Electric Shredder is a near-silent cut and crush machine. This variant from Makita is easy to move around with specially rubberised wheels for additional noise cancellation. This also means that you can just move the machine to your desired spot. Well-equipped for small gardens, the Makita UD2500 Electric Shredder can also be used for extensive gardens with smaller landscapes.

This product has ergonomic soft handles to hold on to that are placed at both sides of the garden shredder. Makita also has the added advantage of providing cutouts at both sides so that it is easy to empty the compost bin. It also comes with an anti-block system and reverse and forward switches.

Key Features:

  • Rubberised wheels
  • Cutouts at both sides for compost viewing
  • Ergonomic handles

Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC

The Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC is a near-silent electric shredder for small and medium-sized gardens, lawns, or backyards. It has a ‘Turbine-Cut’ system that is unique to Bosch garden shredder machines. This system shreds garden waste at breakneck speeds resulting in a quicker recycle rate. This variant from Bosch can easily handle up to 45 mm thickness, so is adequate for branches, thick stems, plant matter, and fallen leaves.

The Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC comes with a removable hopper for ease of plant feed. It also has an automatic feed system that pulls all plant matter. This variant can shred almost 230 kg of plant waste at a time. It has a large 53 litre capacity with a removable collection box. The box is approximately 68 cm tall and can be easily stored in the garden shed. The collection box can also house the removable hopper to save space. For other garden tools see our lawn scarifier guide.

Key Features:

  • 53-litre capacity
  • Removable hopper
  • Can shred 230 kg of garden waste

Einhell Quiet Garden Shredder

The Einhell Quiet Garden Shredder comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. With simple features, this machine has a 2500 W powerful engine that can chop thick branches, shrubbery, and twigs with absolute ease. It comes with wheels for smooth movement and transport and is quite easy to manoeuvre. It also comes with a clear collection box to view the compost content.

Additionally, the Einhell Quiet Garden Shredder has a stable undercarriage that makes this model extremely sturdy. This product also features a reverse running mechanism that helps clear out any blockages instantly and allows the machine to function efficiently. It also has a large funnel for higher feed capacity. See our guide on cordless hedge trimmers for other great garden tools.

Key Features:

  • Large funnel opening
  • Wheels for transport
  • Strong and sturdy undercarriage

Titan Pro Garden Chipper Shredder

The Titan Pro Garden Chipper Shredder is a petrol-powered shredder that is meant for large garden spaces with a considerable size of organic plant waste. It needs a plugin to an electrical mains supply and must be shifted to a comfortable position. It comes with wheels, so moving it around is not an uphill task. The machine is heavyweight at 80 kg.

It comes with a brush hopper adequate for green plant matter, leaves, and 10 mm branches. The Titan Pro Garden Chipper Shredder also comes with an extended chute for wooden material up to 50 mm in diameter. The cutting mechanism is a flywheel blade that runs on a 7-horsepower fuel-efficient engine and can rotate at 2000 rpm. For more tools every gardener needs check out our review on the best leaf blower.

Key Features:

  • Brush hopper
  • Extended chute for wood material up to 50 mm
  • The blade spins at 2000 rpm

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