Best Garment Steamers of 2023

Best Garment Steamers

Last Updated on February 28, 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 8 Best Garment Steamers

  1. WiredLux Clothes Steamer (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Philips Steam&Go Plus (Luxury Choice)
  3. Drew&Cole Vertisteam Pro 1600W (Best Value)
  4. Homeasy Clothes Mint Green (Best Handheld)
  5. BEAUTURAL Clothes Steamer
  6. Cadrim 1500W
  7. Tefal DT8150 (Best Portable)
  8. BEAUTURAL Handheld Portable (Best for Travel)

With the pandemic, we all got used to working from home in our pyjamas and sweats. But now, as the world is gaining a bit of normalcy, it is time to go back to wearing clean-cut suits and uniforms. Let us face it; nobody likes ironing clothes.

The whole process of laying out your clothes to choose the best heat setting, starching and having to sit through the entire process. If you find ironing annoying and almost a waste of time, you should consider getting yourself a steamer.

Steamers were once thought to be appliances used at the dry cleaners only. This was because of their overall size. However, over time manufacturers have found a way to make garment steamers smaller and tailored to fit in the small household appliance bracket.

Today these appliances are simple and easy to use, and some are even portable. In this article, we are going to look at the best garment steamers in the UK.

We will also underline what you need to know before shopping for an excellent handheld clothes steamer. So let us dive in full steam ahead, no pun intended. Here are the best garment steamers UK stores have to offer.

How we Compared Garment Steamers

garment steamers collage

To find the right garment steamers we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Power
  • Water tank capacity
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Accessories
  • Additional features
  • Safety

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching garment steamers and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Garment Steamer Reviews

WiredLux Clothes Steamer (Editor’s Choice)

If you’re looking for the best handheld clothes steamer, the WiredLux Clothes Steamer is an ideal pick. The heat-up time of this steamer is 25 seconds and gives you 10 minutes of continuous steaming.

With a flexible and 360 degree steaming angle, this handheld steamer is easy to use. It’s also one of the most technologically advanced garment steamers on the market today. It features the latest steaming and water pumping technologies that guarantee a smooth experience.

It weighs 0.6kg. This handheld steamer has a 100ml tank and an electric rating range of 220 to 240 Volts. Furthermore, it also comes with a fabric brush attachment that gives you better steam penetration and removes any dust, hair, or fur from your clothes.

A foldable hanger is also included in the purchase. This means you do not have to worry about finding a hanger for steaming purposes.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • You can use it on all types of garments
  • It’s 100% leakproof
  • It comes in a compact and lightweight design
  • You can use it for both vertical and flat ironing


  • Some users may find its cable to be too short
  • Its water tank might be pretty small
  • It might not sit well with thick creases

Philips Steam&Go Plus (Luxury Choice)

Philips is one of the most well-known and respected electronics brands globally as the company has made a name for itself, making household electronics and commercial items. The Philips Steam&Go Plus is a safe and easy-to-use steamer that has a no-burn guarantee.

This is one of the best handheld clothes steamers. It allows for both vertical and flat steaming on any garment without the need for an ironing board.

This 1300-volt unit offers ready-to-use steam in 45 seconds. The Philips Steam&Go Plus comes in black and gold that gives you a premium touch on the aesthetics.

Its water reservoir can hold only 70mls of water. While this might seem little, it does get the job done, leaving your clothes wrinkle-proof. It does this using a high-quality heating plate and continuous heating features.

This steamer works for all types of ironable fabrics. The Smart Flow function on this appliance kills 100% of germs and bacteria that you may latch onto your fabric. It also gets rid of any dust, hair, odour, and fur on your clothes.

However, this garment steamer has a small water reservoir. Also, some users have complained about it leaking.


  • It comes with a buttoned trigger for easy de-wrinkling
  • It has an attractive ergonomic design
  • You can use it on all ironable fabrics
  • The steamer comes with a brush, glove and storage bag
  • You can use it for quick de-wrinkling


  • You may be required to steam a garment severally
  • Some users may not sit well with its small water reservoir
  • It might be prone to leakage

Drew&Cole Vertisteam Pro 1600W (Best Value)

The Drew&Cole Vertisteam Pro 1600W is a go-to for anyone looking to get a decent garment steamer without having to spend a fortune on it. 

This steamer offers a three in one package deal. It steams, irons, and refreshes all your garments. Its uniquely designed press plate is designed to give you outstanding results faster than most steamers.

The crease release technology used in this steamer allows for easy decreasing of garments when using it. You can use it on any ironable fabric, including but not limited to silk and satin. It also comes with a 3m cord that gives you the flexibility of using the steamer without worrying about the distance.

The 1600 watts output sees the Drew&Cole Vertisteam Pro push a steady steam power output of 24g per minute when it comes to the steam output.

The water reservoir fitted to this steaming unit is easy to remove, refill, and clean. Besides the steam decreasing your garments, this handheld steamer has other abilities, including lint removal.

However, this may not be a good choice if you are dealing with tough wrinkles. Also, it might be too heavy for you.


  • It comes with a trigger lock and an auto-off function
  • It has a water tank that is easy to clean
  • It comes with an extra-long cord
  • Easy to set up and use
  • It comes with a lint remover, fabric brush and a press pad


  • It may not sit well with tough wrinkles
  • Some users may find it to be quite heavy
  • It might be prone to leakage

Homeasy Clothes Mint Green (Best Handheld)

When travelling, most people try to bring with them as much as possible, but they do so in small and compact luggage. This means that all your large and bulky appliances are let back.

This can be limiting, especially if you are looking to be ready for an event or occasion.

To save you the hassle of either wearing your crease clothes or having to look for a steamer or Iron at your final destination, we present to you the Homeasy Clothes Steamer.

This compact and portable handheld garment steamer is a must-have for those who are constantly on the road. It features a five-hole output nozzle that delivers steam that is over 120 degrees Celsius. The steam penetrates your clothes, leaving them crease-free.

Its compact size makes it easy to fit in your carry-on luggage. This, coupled with the detachable 110ml tank, makes this steam a must-have. It comes with a brush attachment, an instruction guide, an anti-scalding glove, and a storage bag.

Meanwhile, you need to be careful when using this steamer as its handle could get too hot when in use. Also, some users have complained about its cord being too short.


  • It’s compact and ultra-portable
  • It has a large water tank capacity of 110ml
  • It comes with an automatic shut off function
  • Its constant steam output provides 8 minutes of continuous steam
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • You may be required to steam thick garments severally
  • The handle might get too hot when steaming
  • Some users may find the cord to be relatively short

BEAUTURAL Clothes Steamer

If you’re looking for the best garment steamer UK stores have to offer, the BEAUTURAL Clothes handheld Steamer is a solid option.

This 1200-watt appliance is one of the most reliable and diverse clothes steamers on the market today. It has proven to be a perfect choice for both your home steaming needs as well as travel. You can use it either horizontally or vertically, depending on how comfortable you are.

The BEAUTURAL Clothes Steamer guarantees no leaking, so you do not have to worry about boiling water dripping on your clothes or you as you steam.

If this steaming unit is left unattended for eight minutes, it automatically turns off. This safety feature is vital when you either forget the steamer on or accidentally turn it on.

This garment steamer heats up in 30 seconds. Its tank has a maximum capacity of 260ml, and it offers 15 continuous minutes of steaming.

On the other hand, this steamer is not the best choice when working on silk and cotton. Also, it may not be ideal for heavy-duty steaming.


  • It comes with a continuous steam function
  • It has a 260ml water tank that is easy to fill
  • It Comes with overheating and boil dry protection
  • A lint roller and fabric brush are included in the purchase
  • It comes with a pump steam technology


  • It might not sit well with heavy-duty steaming
  • This garment steamer may not sit well with cotton and silk materials
  • The water tank may be prone to leakage

Cadrim 1500W

The biggest downside for most irons and garment steamers is how long they take to heat up. More often than not, your patience is being tested when getting ready as you find yourself not wearing a particular attire again.

To avoid this, you need a garment steamer that heats up fast. The Cadrim 1500W is the best clothes steamer you are in search of. From looking at it, this steamer does not look like much, but it is one of the best steamers money can buy.

It heats up in less than 20 seconds, and when thoroughly heated, it gives you 9 minutes of continuous steaming. Additionally, it comes with a removable lint brush ideal for removing hair, fur, and dust on your clothes.

When using the Cadrim 1500W, you do not need an ironing board or a heat-resistant mat. You can use this steamer horizontally or vertically with the clothes hanging on a hanger or a telescopic pole.

This garment steamer comes with an auto cut-off safety feature that sees the steamer automatically turn off when it is not in use for 8 minutes.

The main disadvantage of this steamer is that it does not work well with linen or cotton garments. Also, you may notice the handle becoming hot when you are using it.


  • It has a quick heat-up time of 20 seconds
  • It comes with anti-leakage and safety features
  • Its 280ml water tank ensures 9 minutes of constant steaming
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with a continuous steam lock function


  • Some users may find it to be relatively slow when working on tough creases
  • It may not sit well with cotton or linen
  • The handle may get too hot while it’s in use

Tefal DT8150 (Best Portable)

A recurring theme on all the garment steamers on this list is portability. The best garment steamers are those you can pack or store away without unnecessarily bumping into them.

With many items today, the more compact and portable it is, you must compromise on many features and performance.

But what if you did not have to? The Tefal DT8150 tops the charts as the best portable steamer for clothes with outstanding performance. It has a 1600 watts power system that allows the steamer to heat up in 40 seconds.

This steamer has a ceramic soleplate that heats up to 140 degrees Celsius, giving you instant results. To make sure you get your desired outcome, the Tefal DT8150 comes with two steam levels.

One of them is a 26g per minute super turbo setting. This is ideal for on-the-go touch-ups either at home or on the road. The water reservoir on this handheld garment steamer has a maximum capacity of 200ml. It is easy to clean and refill.

However, it does have some minor disadvantages. You may find this steamer to be quite bulky and the water tank too small.


  • It comes with two steam settings
  • This handheld steamer has a removable water tank.
  • It has a compact and lightweight design
  • You can use it on different fabrics that are ironable
  • Its o.2L water tank ensures 9 minutes of non-stop steaming


  • Some users might find it to be quite bulky
  • Its water tank might be pretty small
  • Filling the water tank might be challenging for some users

BEAUTURAL Handheld Portable (Best for Travel)

When buying a garment steamer, it is vital to consider the quality of the steamer you are looking to buy. You need an appliance that not only works as advertised but does so for a long time. Quality over quantity is essential in making this decision.

So, if you’re looking for the best travel steamer, we would recommend the BEAUTURAL Handheld Portable Steamer.

Not only does it guarantee you the best wrinkle-free results in a short time. But also it’s excellent at making precise clean, and sharp creases on your preferred clothes.

Furthermore, it’s a 2 in 1 appliance that offers both steaming and dry ironing functions. This alone earns it a spot on the best handheld steam iron list. Its large water tank has a 260ml capacity and a fast-heating time of just under 30 seconds.

The BEAUTURAL Handheld Portable Steamer guarantees no leaking or spilling. This safety precaution saves you from burning your hands and cleaning up slips and leaks once you are done steaming. Furthermore, when left unattended for 8 minutes, it automatically turns off.

On the other hand, some users have complained about leaking with this steamer. So, make sure you weigh in all pros and cons before you make the final decision.


  • It comes with a continuous steam function
  • It has a powerful steam output
  • It Comes with overheating and boil dry protection
  • A lint roller and fabric brush are included in the purchase
  • You can use this garment steamer with novice users


  • It might not sit well with heavy-duty steaming
  • This garment steamer may not sit well with cotton and silk materials
  • The water tank may be prone to leakage steamer

What to Look For When Buying a Garment Steamer

Here are some essential factors you should consider when shopping for the best garment steamers in the UK


The power of a garment steamer refers to its operating strength that is fueled by its motor. The power of this appliance is measured in Watts.

So, whether you’re looking for a standard or a handheld steamer, it’s always advisable to settle for a unit that supports at least 100 watts.

Bear in mind that the power of a garment steamer directly affects its heating up time, duration of use and the quality of steam produced.

Water Tank Capacity

When selecting the best clothes, steamers is always wise to consider their water tank capacity. It’s worth mentioning that steamers with large reservoirs save you the time and hassle if you’re looking forward to bulk steaming.

However, you should note that the tank’s capacity also adds weight to your garment steamer. The larger the capacity, the heavier the steamer is, and vice versa.

That being said, ensure that you settle for a garment steamer with a clear or visible water tank for effortless refilling and cleaning.


When it comes to manoeuvrability, two factors come into play: the length of the power cord and weight. Both of these factors can determine how easy or difficult handling your fabric steamer can be.

If you are looking for a garment steamer that you can use on hard to reach areas like your curtains, then it’s best to settle for one that has a long cord.

Furthermore, it’s always essential to consider its weight since you might be required to use it in a vertical or flat position frequently.

So, when shopping for one, always consider the position of your power outlets in your household and the steaming you will often be conducting. The best handheld clothes steamer is one that allows non-restricted movement.


When selecting a clothes steamer, it’s always essential to consider the additional accessories that it comes with.

Bear in mind that these accessories make the steaming process way more straightforward and convenient. They also give you extra flexibility when using your preferred unit.

Additional accessories include fabric brushes, lint removers and gloves for extra protection when steaming garments. The best handheld clothes steamer is one with multiple accessories.

Additional Features

While most clothes steamers are straightforward in their build, design and function, It’s always wise to settle for variability that suits your steaming needs.

Bear in mind that different clothes steamers come with different functions. Some may have a uniform steaming mode, while may equip others with various steaming functions.


It’s noteworthy to mention that sophisticated garment steamers come with additional safety measures, including a safety lock, blow-dry protection, and auto shut off function.

Keep in mind that these features not only elongate the shelf life of your unit but also prevent steaming hazards.

Last but not least, you may want to consider a fabric steamer that comes with a water filter since it helps prevent the limescale build up in your garment steamer.

Clothes Steamers vs Irons

Well, this depends on your preference and the type of fabric you are ironing or steaming. It’s worth mentioning that some people find ironing quite challenging compared to steaming since clothes steamers do all the work using the hot steam produced.

Compared to clothes steamers, irons are not convenient and practical if you’re travelling unless the Airbnb or hotel you will be staying at comes with an ironing board and an iron.

Moreover, ironing clothes with decorations such as beads or sequins can be challenging since you might damage the embellishments in the ironing process. For such fabrics or clothes, it’s ideal to opt for garment steamers.

That being said, keep in mind that irons offer more control and flexibility when dealing with tough creases, especially on thick materials such as wool or cotton. Furthermore, they are excellent for creating crisp edges and pleats on both dress shirts and pants.

What Fabrics Should Not Be Steamed

While steaming is ideal for fabrics or clothes with decorations, it’s always advisable not to steam any material that can melt. If your garment has any plastic or decoration that can melt when it gets in contact with hot steam, DON’T steam it.

Moreover, be careful when steaming velvet, chiffon or silk fabrics. Always ensure that the nozzle of your clothes steamer does not come into contact with any delicate materials to avoid damaging it.

How to Use a Clothes Steamer

It’s noteworthy to mention that different garment steamers are manufactured differently, so bear in mind that there is no uniform method.

However, most garment steamers are generally operated with the same logic that applies to the below steps.


Before you start any steaming work, it’s always essential to prepare the steaming area or station that you will be using.

Start by filling the water tank of your clothes steamer to its recommended capacity. Bear in mind that it’s advisable to use distilled water on your appliance since it helps prevent limescale build-up. However, tap water works just fine.


Now that everything is set up, position your garments in a comfortable and convenient steaming position.

Note that if you’re using an upright steamer, ensure that your clothes are set on a telescopic pole or the included hanger. Whereas, if you are using a handheld garment steamer, a simple coat hanger will do.

Optionally, you can place the fabrics on an ironing board and steam them while facing down. But this process blocks the airflow typically on the garments.

It doesn’t allow the creases and wrinkles to straighten out properly. Continue running the steamer nozzle up and down the fabric until your desired results are achieved.


Usually, after the steaming process is done, you might occasionally see some water spots on your fabric or damp lesions.

Whether you want to continue steaming other clothes or not, it’s always advisable to remove the steamed ones and place them someplace they can hang.

However, if the steaming process gets your clothes damp, ensure that you allow them to dry for approximately 10 minutes before you put them in a dresser or wear them. An excellent handheld garment steamer has little to no aftermath cleanup.

What Kind of Steamer Are You Looking For?

Whether you’re looking for a corded or a cordless clothes steamer, it’s always essential to consider the above factors when shopping for one. Bear in mind that it’s always advisable to settle for a garment steamer that suits your style, preference, and needs.

What Features and Attachments Do You Require?

You need to settle for a garment steamer with brush attachments, heat settings. And safety functions such as boil dry protection.


Well, that is it for our best garment steamer reviews. Bear in mind that clothes steamers are the way to go for anyone looking for a fast and convenient alternative to decrease their clothes.

If you are still in the market for an excellent steaming unit, we hope our best clothes steamer reviews will come in handy when shopping you’re shopping for one.

However, if we pick an overall winner from our best garment steamers in the UK list, we would settle for our editor’s choice, the WiredLux Clothes Steamer. It’s quick and easy to use, thanks to its compact, lightweight design. Furthermore, you can also use it for both vertical and flat ironing.

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