Best Hotpoint Washing Machines in 2021

best Hotpoint washing machines

Last Updated on October 17, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. HOTPOINT WMFUG1063P SmartClean Freestanding Washing Machine (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Hotpoint WMBF742P Washing Machine (Luxury Choice)
  3. Hotpoint Extra WMXTF942P Washing Machine (Best Value)

When it comes to producing electrical and electronic gadgets, Hotpoint definitely ranks among the best. The brand has made a lot of giant strides in recent years and it is not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Hotpoint has produced several models of Hotpoint washing machines and you will be delighted to hear that washing machines of the Hotpoint brand are among the cheapest on the market today. There is no gainsaying that this brand has made a name for itself with the consistency at which it churns out high-quality products.

If you are planning to buy a washing machine of the Hotpoint brand, you should, first of all, check out the features of the different models and what to expect from each model of the best Hotpoint machines. We made a detailed analysis of the available Hotpoint washing machines. In this post, we list the best of them, explaining their features and offering our personal advice on the value pick, the premium choice, as well as the very best.

Best Hotpoint Washing Machine Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Hotpoint WMBF742P Washing Machine

There are several models of washing machines from Hotpoint and one of the best is the Hotpoint WMBF742P Washing Machine. It comes with a digital display panel that enables you to track the progress of the washing process. In addition, this works at optimum performance with little electricity consumption and has a lot of different features that not only make it easy to use but also contribute unanimously to its efficient operation.

One of the brilliant qualities of the Hotpoint WMBF742P Washing Machine is its ability to indicate the time remaining for the washing process to be completed. Another is the Woolmark platinum care feature. In addition, there is a selectable child lock for households where there are kids.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable spin speed
  • Low energy consumption
  • Up to ten years warranty on the parts

Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF 721P Washing Machine

Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF 721P Washing Machine has a Woolmark platinum care feature which allows it to wash soft clothes without causing damage to them. It will wash your clothes thoroughly even without any pre-treatment.

This immaculate white washing machine is easy to use and has an anti-allergy system which it uses to remove allergens. Therefore if you are allergic to any of the materials used in producing the detergent, you need not worry as this machine adequately removes all allergens by rinsing your clothes thoroughly.

In addition, you can know when the washing process will finish because the machine has an indicator which shows the time remaining for the clothes to get washed. Besides, as a safety precaution, there is a child lock control that you can use to prevent daring kids from toying with it. If you have little kids at home, then this is recommended for you

The spin speed of the Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF 721P Washing Machine, which can be varied, is capable of reaching a maximum of 1200rpm. Hence, this tool will come in handy for the average-sized family. For more kitchen appliances see our guide on integrated dishwashers.

Key Features:

  • Woolmark system allows you to virtually all types of clothes, including soft woollen material
  • Child control system for added safety.
  • Allergen removal system

Hotpoint Aquarius WMBF742K Washing Machine

An energy rating of A++ means that the Hotpoint WMBF742K Aquarius Washing Machine has an average energy-conserving ability. The black-coloured washing machine is suited for home where there are little kids. You can prevent any accident that may result from small children tampering with it by setting up the built-in selectable child lock feature

In addition to this, there is also an indicator which shows you the time remaining to complete an operation as well as a spin cycle control. Its noise level is also tolerable. Besides, it has an adjustable spin speed rate where there is also an extra rinse feature which help makes the machine highly efficient.

The attractive build of the Hotpoint WMBF742K Washing Machine Aquarius ensures that it will fit perfectly into your home. You can also take assurance in the one-year labour warranty which accompanies the product.

Key Features:

  • Low energy consumption
  • The delay timer allows you to set it to wash your clothes at a later time.
  • It has a selectable child lock for additional protection and safety for kids

The Hotpoint WMXTF 742G UK Freestanding Washing Machine

The Hotpoint WMXTF 742G UK Freestanding Washing Machine has an anti-stain system that gets rid of concentrated stains on your fabric. It has the delay timer for pre-scheduling of washing time. Also, with its time zone feature, the Hotpoint WMXTF 742G UK Freestanding Washing Machine allows you to choose a specific wash cycle that that is suitable for the type of fabric that you want to wash. It is effective at removing allergens

It also incorporated the Woolmark platinum system that makes it suitable for soft fabric. Its 7kg maximum loading weight is sufficient enough to wash around thirty-five pieces of cloth at once. It is ideal for an average-sized family. If you’re looking for an integrated washer dryer instead check out our top picks.

Key Features:

  • Effectively removes stain
  • Effectively removes allergens
  • Washes woollen materials without damaging them

Hotpoint Extra WMXTF942P Washing Machine

You don’t need to soak your clothes first before putting them in the Hotpoint Extra WMXTF942P Washing Machine.  It will clear every stain effectively. It produces the best result even with a frugal management of the detergent and water.

Also, this product features the anti-allergy system of Hotpoint. As such, you can rest assured that your clothes will be rid of all allergens including pollen grains and dust once you wash them in this machine. It is therefore good for you if you are highly reactive.

Moreover, there are a series of wash cycle options for you to choose from. There are specific options for single garment refresh, outfit wash, half-load and full load wash. Each of these options takes a varying amount of time to complete a washing cycle.

Other additional features include a delay timer and Woolmark platinum system. See our guide on toasters for more great products.

Key Features:

  • Anti-allergy system removes most allergens from your clothes
  • Multiple washing options to choose from
  • Delay timer allows you to program the machine to wash your clothes at a later time

HOTPOINT BIWMHG71484 Integrated Washing Machine

The HOTPOINT BIWMHG71484 Integrated Washing Machine is one of the best washing machines from Hotpoint. With a rotational speed up to 1400rpm, this machine ensures that your clothes are adequately washed thoroughly. It is quite efficient in the removal of stains through its anti-stain feature. This anti-stain feature can effectively remove dirt from areas where they are concentrated in this cloth by raising the temperature of the water to around 400C.

In addition to this, you can use this washing machine to wash your soft, delicate clothes. It can be used to wash clothes that are deemed too soft to be washed in a machine. As such, you can wash your woollens without fear that they will get damaged.

To make the usage of the HOTPOINT BIWMHG71484 Integrated Washing Machine is equipped with a digital control panel and display. The machine is able to conserve energy, thereby saving you money. You can even schedule the timer of the machine so that it starts working when it is convenient for you.

Besides, this product is covered by a one-year labour and ten-year parts warranty.

Key Features:

  • Digital control panel makes it easy to use
  • Delay timer helps you to preset washing time.
  • Relatively low noise level.

HOTPOINT BIWMHG71284 Integrated Washing Machine

The sparkling white HOTPOINT BIWMHG71284 Integrated Washing Machine bears a close resemblance to the HOTPOINT BIWMHG71484 Integrated Washing Machine. They both have the same dimensions and maximum load capacity. In addition, both are designed to emit very low levels of noise.

However, when it comes to the maximum rotational speed, this one trails its BIWMHG71484 counterpart slightly. Its value of 1200rpm is smaller.

Virtually all other features remain the same. Its effective stain removal system and A+++ energy rating ensures that it does a perfect job making use of minimal energy. If you like the BIWMHG71284 but you are on a budget; this model should suffice as it able to carry out the functions of the BIWMHG71284 effectively. For more great kitchen items see our guide on kitchen bins.

Key Features:

  • Digital control panel makes it easy to use
  • Effective stain removal system.
  • Relatively low noise level.

Hotpoint WMBF944P Freestanding Washing Machine

The Hotpoint WMBF944P Freestanding Washing Machine is another wonderful model by Hotpoint. It has an energy rating of A+++, implying that it is quite good at conserving electrical energy. In addition, this machine also makes use of the Woolmark platinum care which enables it to wash delicate pieces of clothing without causing any damage to them. Furthermore, its anti-stain attribute is particularly effective and you are guaranteed sparkling clean clothes if you make use of this washing machine.

The Hotpoint WMBF944P 9kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine removes any allergic particle from your clothes and you are protected from any allergic reaction as result. Also, its 1400rpm spin speed and 9kg load capacity go a long way to ensuring that your laundry services are duly and promptly carried out swiftly and effectively. It comes with a one year warranty. For more great kitchen items see our guide on electric smokers.

Key Features:

  • Woolmark platinum care for soft, woollen fabric
  • Low energy consumption
  • One-year labour warranty and ten-year parts warranty

HOTPOINT WMFUG1063P SmartClean Freestanding Washing Machine

Another washing machine from the stable of Hotpoint that you are bound to like is the HOTPOINT WMFUG1063P SmartClean Freestanding Washing Machine. It has a maximum load capacity of 10kg. This allows you to wash as many clothes as you want at the same time. No matter how much the clothes you want to wash are, the machine will duly get them cleaned for you. It has a technology, the SmartClean technology, which serves to weigh the clothes you put in. this technology will then adjusts the energy of performance and intensity of the machine accordingly.

Whatever allergens that may be contained in the detergent you use to wash your clothes will be removed. This is because the machine rinses the clothes thoroughly in a high-temperature setting. This ensures that there is no room for allergens

It is possible to preset when the HOTPOINT WMFUG1063P SmartClean Freestanding Washing Machine will start working. You can just stuff your clothes in the machine and set it to work at a later time.

Other benefits you stand to enjoy from this product are it’s A+++ energy rating which ensures it saves energy – and by extension, it saves you money – and a one-year warranty that accompanies most Hotpoint washing machines. See our guide on electric carving knives for more great products.

Key Features:

  • Economical consumption of energy
  • Washes clothes efficiently
  • Includes a one-year warranty

Hotpoint Experience Eco WMBF944G Freestanding Graphite Washing Machine

The Hotpoint Experience Eco WMBF944G Freestanding Graphite Washing Machine is a low energy consuming, high-performance washing machine. It has several features which makes it one of the best Hotpoint washing machines. You will certainly be doing the right thing should you opt for this machine.

Talking of features, the Hotpoint Experience Eco WMBF944G Freestanding Graphite Washing Machine has an anti-allergy cycle and a delay timer. It also features a digital display which allows you to monitor the progress of the washing operation. Further features include the delay timer, selectable child lock and Woolmark platinum care which are typical of virtually all Hotpoint washing machines.

The Hotpoint Experience Eco WMBF944G Freestanding Graphite Washing Machine also comes with a very long electrical cord, as well as the one-year warranty for Hotpoint washing machines.

Key Features:

  • Very little noise generated
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adjustable spin speed for different types of fabric

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