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Last Updated on February 17, 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Grass Seeds

  1. Gardeners Hard Wearing 10kg (Editor’s Choice)
  2. The Grass People Family 10kg (Luxury Choice)
  3. GBW 1kg Premium Quality (Best Value)
  4. Speedy 1.4kg Premium Quality (Best Fast Growing)
  5. Pretty Wild 1kg Bag
  6. Ground Master Premium 1kg
  7. Ivisons Country Store 2kg
  8. Meadow Mix 1kg
  9. A1 Lawn AM Pro 26 5kg (Best Multi-Purpose)

When it comes to discovering the best grass seed UK companies have to offer, you want to know that the seed in question will cover your lawn to perfection.

But there’s a problem.

Not all grass seed is the same, and you will have different types of grass to choose from. With so many options, it’s not a case of simply picking the first one you come across and thinking that it will be perfect.

People don’t often think that far ahead when it comes to grass seed. However, that is why working through our reviews of different grass seeds available right now should make life that bit easier.

Having a gorgeous looking lawn does not have to be difficult. It can require minimal upkeep, and yet it can easily become a significant feature of your garden.

In saying that, you do need to be aware of what will work best for your needs. But we are going to help you with that after we have checked out the different grass seeds available on the UK market that we think you will love.

So, let’s check out our nine different options below.

How we Compared Grass Seeds

grass seeds collage

To find the right grass seeds we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Climate
  • Coverage
  • Single seed vs. mix
  • Germination

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching grass seeds and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Grass Seed Reviews

Gardeners Hard Wearing 10kg (Editor’s Choice)

First, we have this 10kg bag of hard-wearing grass seed from Gardeners Dream, and we have selected this grass seed as our editor’s choice for a very simple reason.

This is the best grass seed if you want a thick lawn capable of putting up with a lot of punishment. At the same time, this lawn seed produces fine blades of grass, so it’s amazing how it can deliver a new lawn that is so tough when the blades appear so fragile.

In this instance, the lawn seed mix contains 70% Lolium Perennial Ryegrass mixed in with 30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue. This seed mixture gives you the lush green grass, while the stronger seeds give it the toughness you may also be looking for.

Ultimately, growing this grass seed mixture is also straightforward. Sow grass seed when it is relatively warm and with a touch of humidity to see the first shoots of your lush green lawn appearing around a week after sowing.


  • This seed mix is easy to sow and grow
  • It provides you with a hard-wearing lawn
  • The mix means you still get that lush lawn
  • It can be used to overseed thin lawns
  • It puts up with a lot of punishment after growing


  • It may take slightly longer to germinate in colder conditions
  • You may have to really care for the lawn in the first couple of months

The Grass People Family 10kg (Luxury Choice)

This grass seed is described as being perfect for families, so you instantly know that it’s a lawn seed that produces something very hard-wearing. Also, when it comes to the square metre from a coverage perspective, this 10kg bag will cover some 200m², which is impressive.

They also stress their grass seed has been designed for the UK climate, so there should be no reason why this grass seed mix won’t develop into a lush new lawn. But if that doesn’t convince you enough, then this company has made sure their grass seeds come with the right credentials.

In fact, their product contains quality grass seeds that are recommended by various institutions dedicated to turf and grass. Also, they have tested their grass seed under some pretty tough conditions, and what they have developed is tough, germinates easily, and is suitable for pretty much all soil types.

So if you want a new lawn that can put up with the rough and tumble of children playing on it while still providing healthy growth, then this could very well be the answer.


  • This garden grass seed has been tested and passed by turf experts
  • It is suitable for the UK climate
  • It is hard-wearing and perfect for children playing on it
  • It provides a lush appearance in next to no time
  • The coverage is exceptional


  • Poorer conditions may lead to slightly slower germination
  • You may need to sow a second time in some areas to cover up slight patches

GBW 1kg Premium Quality (Best Value)

This grass seed not only represents real value for money but also offers you an exceptional seed blend that you don’t often see.

In this instance, you are looking at a mix containing 43% Dwarf Ryegrass, 40% Creeping Red Fescue, 12% Chewings Fescue, and 5% Brown Top Bent. That gives you a hardy lawn and grass seed capable of surviving in any soil type.

The manufacturer does state that these different grass varieties in the mix are fast-growing, but that does involve you sowing things in the perfect conditions. Anything outside the perfect conditions will mean slower germination, but that’s not unique to this blend.

Pet and children friendly, this hard-wearing lawn should be capable of coping with a lot of punishment.


  • The grass blend is tough and hard-wearing
  • It can cope with both pets and children
  • It is fast germinating
  • It produces a lush finish
  • The company offers you a full refund if you are not happy


  • It may not be the best option if you are going for an ornamental lawn, as it’s more functional
  • Be careful with the date, as the seed will die if left too long

Speedy 1.4kg Premium Quality (Best Fast Growing)

With the promise of seeing grass germinating between 7 to 14 days after sowing, this grass seed is indeed speedy compared to others.

This small box is perfect for not only covering up bare patches but also for a brand new lawn. It comes with a blend of both annual and perennial ryegrass, so it will be relatively hard-wearing, even though it won’t be on the same level as other grass seed products on the market.

Resistant to weeds, it also comes with deep roots. However, it does not come with its own pre-seed fertiliser included in the box, so you need to remember that when sowing.

Overall, these fast-growing grass seeds will produce a lawn covered in lush green grass, but it doesn’t have the same hardy seed blend as you will get with other companies.


  • It will germinate in a short period of time, even in relatively tough conditions
  • It will certainly create a lush green lawn
  • It contains ryegrass, which works well in UK climates
  • It can grow in pretty much any soil condition
  • It has good coverage, no matter if overseeding or creating a new lawn


  • It might not be as hard-wearing as other grass mixes
  • It will require you to add in your fertiliser before sowing

Pretty Wild 1kg Bag

The first thing to mention about this lawn seed is that it is available in bags from 1kg up to 100kg, so they have you covered no matter how much grass seed you need.

With this product, you need to use around 50g of seed per square metre, so that gives you a perfectly reasonable coverage, no matter if you are overseeding on your existing lawn or if you are creating a new lawn from scratch.

Their grass seeds meet industry standards, and that should mean you can achieve reasonable germination within a relatively short time frame.

Overall, this grass seed is not something out of the world, but it does deliver on all types of soil conditions.


  • It has reasonable coverage even when creating a new lawn
  • The grass seed used in the product does meet industry standards
  • It can be sown at different times in the year with relative ease
  • It is capable of germinating quite quickly, especially when dealing with bare patches
  • The grass is quite hardy and produces a nice green colour


  • You might need to pay attention to the sowing, as spreading too thin will lead to bare patches
  • It does require careful attention in the first couple of weeks with watering to get good results

Ground Master Premium 1kg

This product has to be one of the best grass seeds on the market today, and that is especially the case if you want something that is hard-wearing. This grass seed can survive in all conditions and will provide you with a thick, luscious lawn, so there is no need to have a second-rate lawn at your home.

If using it to repair your existing lawn, you can expect to see thick grass in just a few days. Created using three different grass varieties, you have two types of ryegrass, along with some Creeping Red Fescue thrown in for good measure.

You should see some new grass appearing for generation within 5 to 10 days, but that is only when the soil is warm. Outside those times, it may take around two weeks, but that is perfectly normal.

Overall, you can grow hard-wearing lawns with this seed, as the grass species they use in their mix are specifically designed for this very feature.


  • It contains three different grass varieties for a harder wearing lawn
  • It will germinate in just a few days
  • It requires little work to get results
  • The grass is thick when grown
  • The colour is a rich green colour


  • If conditions are cold, it could take a month for things to grow
  • You need to keep on top of watering this grass seed from the moment you sow

Ivisons Country Store 2kg

The first thing to point out regarding this grass seed is that it is not only suitable for any soil type, but this quality seed is also ideal for shaded areas. In fact, it has a high tolerance for partial shade without it affecting how the grass grows.

This grass seed is tough. It is capable of dealing with dry conditions even if you are creating an entirely new lawn. Also, the seed mixes in this product are pretty unique, but this seed blend is what creates this hardy grass.

Featuring 20% Fancy Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass, 40% Turfgold Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass, and 40% Jubilee Ryegrass, it also results in not only something suitable for shaded areas but a slow-growing grass that delivers some stunning results.


  • This grass seed contains unique seed mixes
  • It is a hard-wearing grass capable of putting up with a lot of punishment
  • It doesn’t only need warm soil to grow
  • It grows even in shaded areas
  • It can be used for patching existing lawns or creating a brand new lawn


  • If you want a quick patch covered, this grass may be too slow at germinating
  • It prefers dry conditions to something too wet

Meadow Mix 1kg

This meadow grass mix by Pretty Wild Seeds includes 10 varieties of grass seeds that you would usually find in a meadow. This grass seed can be grown in various soils, and keep in mind that this is not your usual lawn seed.

For us, this is the best grass seed for individuals that want something wild and where wear is not such an issue. However, even though you are not trying to create a posh lawn, preparation is important with this grass seed to get the best results.

The seed germinates in a couple of weeks, and it will grow no matter if you have acidic soil, clay soil, or any other surface you care to imagine.

Overall, this mix is different from most grass seeds on the market, but it offers you good quality grass seed.


  • The variety of grass seed in this mix gives you a wonderful pasture
  • This seed mix gives you a natural appearance
  • It germinates in a relatively short period of time
  • Produces wonderful long grass
  • Creates delicate grass


  • It is not hard-wearing but is wonderful for a decorative area
  • It does need to be sown in warm weather to get the fastest results

A1 Lawn AM Pro 26 5kg (Best Multi-Purpose)

This hard-wearing grass seed is the best lawn seed on the market for people who need their lawn for various purposes. While it may not be the best for bowling greens, this seed will be perfect for most UK soil.

While this product does not include finer grasses, it is tough, dense, and perfect for patches or even creating a clean, lush lawn. Including perennial ryegrass, this is the best grass seed for providing an area for children to play, pets to roam, and also to look good as part of your garden.

Harvested in the UK, this lawn seed is ideal for the UK climate. Certified by various institutions, this grass seed will germinate in around 3 weeks, even in tougher conditions.


  • The perennial ryegrass does make this lawn hard-wearing
  • This lawn seed is perfect for UK conditions
  • It can withstand a lot of punishment from children playing on it
  • It can cope with pets
  • It does generate well even in tough conditions


  • It requires a lot of feeding for germination
  • You may need to reseed to cover up patches

How to Purchase the Correct Grass Seed

Purchasing grass seed involves more than simply thinking that the picture on the box looks lush and green. Instead, some thought has to go into the grass type included in the grass seed mix.

So, to help you, here are some points worth considering.

What You Want From Your Lawn

Think carefully about what you want from your lawn. The best grass seed will be one that fits your needs.

Think of this as an example.

If you have children, you need the best UK grass seed suitable for coping with a lot of punishment. That will often be perennial ryegrass, as that is the best grass that won’t just break and die instantly.

Also, the same applies if you have pets. They may dig and create holes, and then there’s the possibility of them going to the toilet on the lawn.

lush greenery in close up

Once again, ryegrass will be the best solution. It’s also often fast-growing, so you can get some speedy seed that germinates in next to no time to cover up those patches that will develop from time to time.

An Ornamental Lawn

But if you want something that is more in line with an ornamental lawn, then the best grass seed is going to be along the lines of strong creeping fescue. A good alternative will be the likes of red fescue, as it is the fescue line of grass that gives a lush appearance.

Grass, such as strong creeping red fescue, comes with narrower blades of grass, giving it more of a fine appearance. This will result in thin grass, so you need to sow a lot of loose grass seed to make sure it covers the space.

Your Growing Conditions

Turning to the growing conditions, and not all gardens are capable of growing the same type of grass seed.

Sandy soil needs to have some tall fescue incorporated into the grass seed. Fescue grass tends to have deeper roots, and it can get more moisture as a result.

However, it does mean you need to water the grass seed on a regular basis to even get it to grow. But it’s not only about the soil. How much shade your lawn receives will also have an impact on the best grass seed you need to incorporate into your lawn.

Once again, perennial ryegrass performs well in shaded areas. It is pretty resilient, and that will make a difference in how it can then grow.

For the growing conditions, make sure you know when shade arrives on your lawn, and be aware of how much sun it is likely to get over the course of a day.

Caring For Your Lawn

Finally, know how much work will be required to get the lawn to germinate and how to care for it over time. Some grass seed requires less work than others, and if you don’t have time to put into caring for it, then the lazy option is best.

For this, pay attention to how long the seed takes to germinate. UK gardens can often grow a number of different species of grass with ease, so finding something suitable won’t be a problem.

Think about the best ryegrass seed UK companies can offer for a second. You will often just need to sow the grass, water it in, and then wait for up to 2 weeks for blades of grass to appear.

However, understand that some grass seed requires almost drought-like conditions, while others require watering in and then left alone.

A man's hand seeding a new lawn in close-up

Your new grass seed will have to grow to around two inches in length before you think about giving it the first cut. At this moment, close mowing is not a good idea. You have to be gentle with your new grass seed to give the roots time to create a mat like existence below the surface.

Fertilise or Not?

The final point to consider is fertiliser. Some grass seeds will come with a certain amount of fertiliser incorporated into the seed, making life easier.

However, that is not always the case.

Instead, if it is included, you must be aware, as that determines how you care for the lawn.

Typically, you want to allow the grass to grow and germinate before you go ahead and start adding in some feed to the grass. There will be enough for the seed to get started. After that, add some feed to the grass once you have completed the first cut.

By doing so, you will increase the chances of getting that lush green colour you have been wanting. However, the feeding does not end there.

Instead, feeding your lawn is essential. You need to do it every season and also add some if you have to sow new grass seed at some point. Those patches must catch up with the rest of the lawn, so you have to provide it with the ammunition to look as good as the rest of your grass.

Overall Conclusion

More often than not, buying quality grass seed will result in you being more than happy with the end result. However, reading these grass seed reviews will make life a lot easier, and it does increase the chances of you getting the kind of result you were hoping for.

Be aware of what you want from your lawn to make sure you get the best grass seed for your needs. You don’t need to go into all the details of learning about red fescue, chewings fescue, or the difference between perennial ryegrass and other forms. All you need to know is if it is hardy and capable of delivering results.

But that is why we have chosen the Gardeners Hard Wearing grass seed as our editor’s choice and view it as the best grass seed in the UK. It’s hard-wearing, grows well, and ultimately is the best lawn seed around for the largest number of people. However, we are sure you won’t be disappointed with any of the grass seeds mentioned above.

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