Best Band Saws in 2021

Best Band Saws

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

  1. Makita 2107FK 240 V Portable Band Saw with Carry Case (Editor’s Choice)
  2. DeWalt Dw876 230V Bandsaw 300 – 800 1100W (Luxury Choice)
  3. Silverline 441563 – 350W 190mm (7½”) Benchtop Bandsaw 230V (Best Value)

Bandsaws are great for hobbyists or professionals for woodworking, metalworking and lumbering or even other areas. They aid in uniform cutting from the evenly distributed tooth load and have the ability to cut irregular shapes, similar to a jigsaw.

Bandsaws differ by price, cutting depth, cutting width, table size and other features and it’s hard to know which one to buy. We’ve collated our favourite 10, varying in all the aforementioned features so you can make an informed purchasing when getting a bandsaw.

Best Band Saw Reviews – Top 10 Picks

DEWALT DWM120 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw

The Dewalt DWN120 has a 10-amp motor which is capable of any jobsite application with a cutting depth of up to 5 inches/ 127mm for rectangular stock. It features a serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers which allow the guards to withstand jobsite abuse without causing damage to the saw. An LED sight light helps you to see the cut line in a dark environment for precision when cutting. When finished with the saw use the attached hanging hook to hang the saw out of the way. You can also adjust the speed using the variable speed dial depending the material you are cutting (100-350 sfm). 

Key Features:

  • Portable band saw, small and lightweight at 8.2Kg
  • 5 Inch cutting depth for rectangular stock, high for a portable
  • LED sight light for precision when cutting in any environment

Draper 13773 200mm 250W 230V Two Wheel Bandsaw

The Draper 13773 200m 250W 230V is a two-wheeled bandsaw supplied with a 5mm, thick 6tpi blade.  It features a superior cast and ground aluminium table with a tilt facility ranging from 0 to 45 degrees allowing for angled cutting, rippling, mitre and bevel cutting depending on what you plan to do. It has no volt switch and ships with everything you need including a mitre gauge, rip fence, push stick and dust extraction outlet. It weights a total of 19.5Kg and measures 72cm high, 35cm width and 28cm in depth.

Key Features:

  • Tilting table from 0-45 degrees for multiple uses
  • Superior cast and ground aluminium table for quality
  • 5mm thick 6tpi blade

Lumberjack BS254 Professional 254mm 10″ Tilt Table Bandsaw

This bandsaw from Lumberjack is a floorstanding woodworking saw featuring an impressive cutting capacity of 150mm (6 inches) which is great for its price and size. It is ideal for woodworkers with little space but plan to make some larger cuts. The B254 has three sealed bearings on the guard and two on the which keep the blade true.

The table is ground iron cast and has a tilt function of up to 45 degrees and a positive stop on both positions for a variety of uses. The dust extractor accepts 3 sizes of hose: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm for compatibility with your current extraction system. It’s a heavy piece of machinery at 43Kg with a height of 1 metre, width of 47cm and depth of 35cm.

Key Features:

  • Massive cutting capacity of 150mm for its size
  • Tilting cast iron table up to 45 degrees
  • Dust tray if there are no means of extraction

Silverline 441563 – 350W 190mm (7½”) Benchtop Bandsaw 230V

The Silverline 441563 350w Benchtop Bandsaw is a cheaper lower end saw with decent reviews and quite popular. It has a maximum cutting depth of 80mm and cutting width of 190mm which is a lot less than the lumberjack though at a far less price. It has a 300x300mm table which also tilts like the others up to 45 degrees for specialist cuts.

The blade supplied is 6tpi and it also comes with a converter plug for different plug sockets. The Silverline 441563 bandsaw weights 17.6kg and measuring 0.8 metres high by 0.3 metres width and 0.4 metres depth.

Key Features:

  • Cutting depth of 80mm and width of 190mm
  • Popular product with strong reviews for price
  • 300x300mm table with 45-degree tilt

Einhell TC-SB 200/1 Band Saw, 200 mm – Red

The Einhell TC-SB 200/1 Band Saw is a stylish looking saw with a relatively low-price tag. It is has a smooth tilting table which ranges from -4 degrees to 46 degree. It features a parallel stop bar and jig for dust extraction devices. It is height adjustable for precise cuts and has a rip fence for a straight edge when cutting. The cutting depth is 80mm when flat and 45mm when at full tilt.

The table is 305mm by 305mm for a good working space and the saw blade has 6 teeth as standard. It weight 17.5Kg and measures 72cm high, 42cm in depth and 28cm in width. Overall, itis a good low end saw which looks nice and contains all the features you may need just check the depth is enough for you.

Key Features:

  • 305mm x 305mm table with -4 to 45-degree tilt
  • Stylish design with a relatively low-price tag
  • 80mm cutting depth when flat, 45mm when full tilt

DeWalt Dw876 230V Bandsaw 300 – 800 1100W

If you’re looking for a bandsaw with a massive cutting width look no further than the DeWalt Dw876. With a cutting width of 315mm and height of 200mm it has the largest on our list ideal for those who want to cut a lot with their bandsaw. It features two speed settings 380m/min or 880m/min so you can cut fast or slow depending on the job. It has a tilting table like all the rest from 0-45 degrees but much larger at 500x500mm.

The DeWalt Dw876 is made of full steel construction for durability but this gives it a massive weight of 49kg, whilst it measures 116cm high, 57cm depth, and 40cm width. It is an ideal saw for someone with the intention to make big cuts on large pieces of material with a high-end saw.

Key Features:

  • Massive cutting width of 315mm and height of 200mm
  • Variable speed setting of 380m/min or 880m/min
  • Tilting table which is larger at 500 x 500mm

Record Power BS250 Benchtop Bandsaw

This bandsaw from Record Power is a middle range larger saw with a compact design for those with limited space and budget but still want the capacity and performance. It shares the same build qualities as its larger counter-parts with dynamically balanced bandwheels, cast iron tilting (0-45 degrees) table and an induction motor.

It has a good 120mm cutting depth, 240mm throat depth and can be floor or stand mounted, where the stand is an optional extra. It weights 33Kg so is on the middle of the scale in terms of weight of all saws on this review and measures 84cm high, 41cm in depth and 32cm in width. Though many reviews have noted they have turned up damaged perhaps a damaged pallet so be careful when buying.

Key Features:

  • 120mm cutting depth and 240mm throat depth
  • Middle range machine with high end performance
  • Tilting table 0-45 degrees

Dewalt DCS371N-XJ XR Brushless Compact Band Saw, 18 V

Another portable bandsaw from Dewalt is the DCS371N, it is far cheaper than the DWM120 and weighs only 4Kg. It has a much lower cutting depth than most on this list at only 63mm cutting up to DN50 or 2 inch SCH 40 pipe. The cuts are smooth and it leaves surfaces burr-free whilst creating little or no sparks when cutting metal.

It measures only 40cm width, 30cm depth and 23cm high so is easy to take around for jobs where it suffices. Overall it doesn’t have a massive cutting depth so if you plan to use it a lot it may be worth opting for one with a larger cutting depth such as the DWN120, though it’s great for a cheaper portable bandsaw.

Key Features:

  • Weighs only 4kg, small portable band saw
  • Cutting depth of 63mm cutting DN50 or 2” SCH 40 pipe
  • Creates smooth burr free cuts

Makita 2107FK 240 V Portable Band Saw with Carry Case

The Makita 2107FK Portable Bandsaw offers great value for money in a 710W motor portable band saw. It has a massive 120mm cutting depth and 120mm cutting width matching that of the DWM120 at a lower price, delivering 105 metres of blade per second. It has a variable speed setting and easily adjustable blade tensioning.

It features an adjustable stopper plater which is retractable when cutting pipes near the wall or floor for ease when cutting. It also has a fluorescent job light for a view of the ink line in low light. For a portable saw, it’s not exactly light, weighing 9.8Kg and measuring 53cm width, 23cm in depth and height.

Key Features:

  • 120mm cutting depth for a decent price
  • Variable speed setting for precision
  • Easily adjustable blade tensioning

Scheppach 8-inch Hobby Bandsaw(240V)

The Scheppach 8-inch Hobby Bandsaw is an ideal saw for those who want something cheap and does an alright job at it. As standard, it has a tilting plate from -5 to 45 degrees which measuring 300mm by 300mm. The cutting width is 80mm and a cutting height of 200mm which gives you a decent range of use.

It has a long fence for straight cuts and a quick lock fence clamp for quick and rigid fence locking. The Scheppach is made of full steel and weights 17.3Kg measuring 71cm high, 36.6cm depth and 28cm width. Reviews are mixed, some saying you will need to buy an adaptor to change two prongs into a UK plug.

Key Features:

  • 80mm cutting width and 200mm cutting height
  • Cheap benchtop saw for those looking for an entry level saw
  • Tilting plate from -5 to 45 degrees measuring 300x300mm

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