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best pruning saws

Last Updated on February 17, 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Pruning Saws

  1. Spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. DocaPole 6-24 Foot (Luxury Choice)
  3. Bahco Laplander 396LAP (Best Value)
  4. Mossy Oak with Secure Lock (Best Portable)
  5. Silverline 245077 (Best Extendable)
  6. Draper 43860 FPS210 (Best Folding)
  7. Spear and Jackson 4960RSA (Best Small)
  8. Felco F600 Pull-stroke (Best Rust-Resistant)
  9. Fiskars 1000614 (Best Large)
  10. Bosch 06033A6070 (Best Electric)

A pruning saw can quickly become an essential tool for your garden, but with so many options to choose from, how do you even know which one is going to be best for you?

Well, that is where we are going to step in and make life significantly easier for you.

Not only are we about to walk you through what we see as being the best pruning saw UK suppliers can offer, but we will also tell you how to correctly identify the pruning saw suitable for your needs. By the end, you will be in a far better position regarding making this decision, and you will feel confident in what you then end up buying.

You see, a pruning saw can make so many tasks in the garden a whole lot easier than you ever thought possible. Once you own one, you will wonder how you managed to cope before, and that is even something you will begin to understand by the time you are finished here.

So, onto the reviews.

How we Compared Pruning Saws

pruning saws collage

To find the right pruning saws we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Type of blade
  • The teeth
  • Handle
  • Safety
  • Weight

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching pruning saws and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Pruning Saw Reviews

Spear and Jackson 4930FZ/03 (Editor’s Choice)

First, we have this model by Spear and Jackson, so straight off the bat, you know you are going to be owning a pruning saw manufactured by one of the best names in the industry.

This particular model is not only one of the best pruning saws around, but it also comes with its own telescopic handle. This will instantly make life easier since you can now reach those otherwise impossible branches.

The blade is made from carbon steel, so that means it’s tough and highly durable. It also has 40 very sharp teeth, so it can make quick work of whatever needs to be cut. The saw is also 33cm long, so it’s fantastic at cutting those thicker tree branches, and that is also where the carbon steel helps out. Thanks to this material, the teeth will remain sharper for longer.

Eventually, the blade will lose some of its edges, but this model is easy to resharpen, getting things back to their best in next to no time.

Overall, we love this model because of its ease of use. It doesn’t try to be too elaborate but rather focuses on doing the job at hand, which is cutting through those branches via a sharp blade. To be honest, what more could you want?


  • The blade is ultra-sharp
  • The blade is long enough for dealing with larger branches
  • You can sharpen the teeth when they become blunt
  • The telescopic handle is a great addition, and it’s easy to attach
  • The soft-grip handle is comfortable to hold


  • The pull string on the telescopic handle may be fragile but can be replaced
  • You may need to know how to resharpen the saw

DocaPole 6-24 Foot (Luxury Choice)

We have gone for the DocaPole as our luxury choice because of the simple fact that this telescopic handle can range from 6 ft all the way up to 24 ft in length, and we feel that is impressive.

Of course, the pruning saw can also be removed from the pole, turning it into a handheld saw, which is easy to do and adds to the product’s versatility.

The saw itself, it’s 37 cm in length, and it comes with a bi-directional cut, so that means it can rip through very thick branches in next to no time. The pruning saw also comes with an extremely comfortable handle, complete with a soft grip that is easy to hold and won’t slip out of your hand too easily.

But while the saw is excellent, it’s the telescopic pole option that is impressive here. It means you can take your pruning saw and use it pretty much everywhere in your garden. In fact, this saw is viewed as being the highest reaching handle on the market, so if you have been wondering how you would reach those upper branches, then this is your answer.

Overall, the saw is impressive, but it’s the versatility that comes with the telescopic pole that we love with this model.


  • The saw is an impressive length without being too big
  • It is easy to attach the pruning saw to the telescopic pole
  • The blade is razor-sharp, making quick work of branches
  • The saw is bi-directional, leading to quicker cuts
  • It’s easy to adjust the length of the pole


  • You must make sure the saw is secure on the pole, or it bends
  • It may be tricky attaching new replacement blades

Bahco Laplander 396LAP (Best Value)

We love several things about this folding pruning saw, and the fact it does fold up into such a small item is clearly one of those advantages.

The blade length in this instance may only be 19 cm, but the blade is made from steel, and it also comes with a non-stick coating, so it does glide easily through even greenwood. The teeth on this saw also run in more than one direction, making it easier to cut through thicker branches.

For safety, it does come with a safety lock, so this folding pruning saw won’t just spring into action whenever it feels like it. This model is also very light at only 200g, and that matches its compact size, which is why this Bahco saw is so popular with people that love the outdoors.

Overall, it’s the compact size that we love with this pruning saw mixed in with its ability to still do a fantastic job of cutting branches of all different sizes.


  • It folds down to such a small size
  • It has a safety lock, which we love
  • The blade cuts in both directions
  • It is lightweight, so easy to carry around
  • It has a non-stick coating on the blade


  • You may be limited to only cutting what you can physically reach
  • Works best only with small to medium-sized branches

Mossy Oak with Secure Lock (Best Portable)

This folding pruning saw by Mossy Oak is one that we feel is highly deserving of being on our list. The blade length may only be some 7.5 inches in length, but it packs a whole lot of power in that small area.

This model is also different in that it comes with three different blades, and that is a great idea, as many pruning saws do not offer that as part of the initial package. The teeth on the blade are also tri-cut and razor-sharp, and this makes it one of the best pruning saws when it comes to speed and ripping through those branches.

Also, the teeth are coated to reduce friction when in action. That does make a difference, especially with straight blades, and it should lead to a faster sawing action.

This model also has a sturdy grip that is easy and comfortable to hold onto, and it should eliminate the possibility of you getting cramps in your hand. Don’t worry about safety either, as it comes with a locking mechanism that holds things securely into place.

Overall, it’s the addition of extra blades and the way in which it folds down that stands out for us with this model.


  • It folds down easily for better storage
  • The blade is very sharp, so it makes quick work of various branches
  • The grip is comfortable in your hand
  • The blade is coated, so less friction and faster sawing
  • It’s easy to change blades


  • It’s too small for larger branches
  • The blades may feel slightly light under too much pressure

Silverline 245077 (Best Extendable)

This model by Silverline is an extendable pruning saw with the capability of reaching out as far as 2.5m, which should cover most of the pruning needs in and around your garden.

This pruning saw is lightweight, which will prove helpful when reaching up to deal with those tree branches that are higher up. Also, the pole sections will manage to lock into position, which is important from a safety perspective.

The pruning saw itself has a curved pruning blade: that will make a difference with those higher branches, and you will be able to cut through at any angle. It also has a tri-cut blade, and that does speed up the cutting process quite considerably.

Overall, the reason why we love this Silverline pruning saw is thanks to the ease with which it can be attached to the telescopic pole and, in the process, increase its usage.


  • The extendable pole is easy to operate
  • The blade cuts in different directions
  • The pole locks into place for safety reasons
  • It’s easy to use even at heights
  • The grip is comfortable


  • Double-check the blade is securely fitted to the handle as it may come loose
  • The blade is slightly thinner than some, so don’t apply excess pressure

Draper 43860 FPS210 (Best Folding)

This folding pruning saw by Draper is another excellent example that is worthy of its position in our pruning saw reviews.

This hand pruning saw is extremely sharp, and it comes with a rust-resistant blade that should last for a considerable period of time. The size of the blade is 23 cm, so it will cut branches of various sizes, so it is quite a versatile pruning saw.

The blade folds down into the handle easily, and the soft-grip handle comes with a plastic guard attached, so everything is completely safe. Also, the teeth on this pruning saw are at more of a 45-degree angle, and these serrated blades will glide through various branches without too much difficulty.

Overall, we love this pruning saw by Draper because it folds down, and the plastic guard protects the blade when not in use. This alone can extend the lifespan of the saw before you even have to think about sharpening things.


  • The way it folds down is excellent
  • The blade is rust-resistant
  • The plastic guard protects the blade
  • The grip is soft and comfortable in the hand
  • It cuts at the perfect angle for branches


  • Unfolding may be tough the first few times, so be careful
  • Your hand may cramp if using it for a long time

Spear and Jackson 4960RSA (Best Small)

Moving back to Spear and Jackson, we have this pruning saw, which may be compact in size, but it’s big in what it can do. In this instance, the blade is only 17.8 cm long, but that’s still going to be good enough for cutting green wood with both small and large branches.

This is another foldable pruning saw, and the blade folds down into the handle for storage. It also doubles as a way to protect the blade itself, which is always a good idea. The blade can then be locked into position when both extended and folded, so there will be no surprises.

The blade part, it’s made from carbon steel, and the ultra-sharp ground teeth are excellent at getting through the wood.

Overall, this pruning saw is excellent because it may be compact in size, but it’s big in what it can do.


  • It folds down into almost nothing for easy storage
  • It locks into place, so has that safety feature
  • The blade is ultra-sharp
  • The blade is made from carbon steel, so it will last a long time
  • It’s compact in size but makes quick work of small branches


  • It’s too small for larger or thicker branches
  • It cannot be attached to a telescopic pole

Felco F600 Pull-stroke (Best Rust-Resistant)

This particular pruning saw is one of the best pruning saws around for a multitude of reasons.

First, this is a folding pull-stroke pruning saw with a taper ground. The teeth are sharpened to precision, and they sit at a 45-degree angle, so this steel blade will glide through all branches, and not just smaller branches, with absolute ease.

The blade firmly grips onto whatever you are cutting, and it is super sharp. Also, with their design, they state how it will only be the teeth in contact with whatever is being cut, and this stops things from clogging and problems occurring. It is also a safer way of doing things.

This model has a rust-resistant blade, so it’s not only a handy tool to have at your disposal, but it will also last for a considerable length of time. The steel blade will require little maintenance, but we do recommend you wear gloves when cleaning the blade, as those super sharp teeth will make quick work of your fingers.

You do also get a blade safety lock, so there’s nothing to worry about from that perspective. In this instance, the blade safety lock holds things in place even when folded down, so you can carry this saw around in your pocket.


  • It folds down with ease
  • It cuts at the perfect angle
  • It has a rust-resistant blade
  • It requires less maintenance than other pruning saws
  • It has a safety lock included


  • The saw isn’t too good at deadwood
  • Changing blades can be tricky at times

Fiskars 1000614 (Best Large)

When it comes to pruning branches that are larger than average, it does need a larger pruning saw, and that is where this model by Fiskars comes into play.

This model has a saw blade that is 25.5 cm in length, and that’s longer than average. It is also set up for some heavy-duty cutting, and that is due to its steel blade.

The handle has a non-slip coating on it, and the grip you get on the handle will prove to be highly comfortable even over extended periods of time. For cutting, then it’s best on fresh wood, as dead branches will prove to be slightly more problematic, but this is common with these manual saws.

This model always saws only in the pulling direction, but one thing we love is that it takes a different approach to fold saws in making this model compact. In this instance, the blade is retracted into the handle to fully protect the carbon steel blade when not in use.

This is a clever design, and it looks better than the normal folding mechanism, which is why we love this pruning saw.


  • The retractable blade is a great idea
  • It has a longer than average blade
  • It has a non-slip coating on the handle
  • The teeth are razor-sharp
  • The carbon steel blade will last a long time


  • The blades cannot be replaced
  • Wood can be caught in the teeth, so keep an eye on that

Bosch 06033A6070 (Best Electric)

Finally, if you are in the market for electric pruning saws, then this model by Bosch is a real stand out option. Electric pruning saws are not as common as folding ones, but when it comes to pruning trees with thicker branches, this could be the best option for you.

This particular version has a 900w motor, and that is powerful. It operates via a straight blade pruning mechanism, and you will grow to love its approach even if you have been used to curved blades in the past.

Dealing with thick branches will never be a problem again, thanks to this pruning saw. The straight blade mixed with the power will mean the teeth glide through those thick branches, and you may never venture back to any other type of pruning saw after this.

This pruning saw does come with a variable speed on the trigger, so you can control that straight blade when dealing with those thick branches. It has an easy-to-use mechanism for changing the blades, so it will only take seconds.

Overall, the speed and power that comes with this pruning saw make it one of the best pruning saws on the market. The fact that this pruning saw is electric, and takes away the manual work, is just another added bonus. For us, it’s the best electric saw for gardening on the market right now.


  • The speed and power is excellent
  • The straight blade works well on all branches
  • It has a variable speed for better control
  • It allows you to change blades in seconds
  • It has a soft and comfortable grip


  • You are effectively restricted due to the power cable
  • It is slightly heavier than other models

How to Choose the Right Pruning Saw For Your Needs

The different pruning saws we have mentioned above are all excellent at what they do. However, how do you decide which pruning saw is best for your own individual needs?

Well, several tips should make this decision a whole lot easier for you.

Tip 1: What are You Pruning?

The first thing to consider is what you will be pruning. By this, it’s more to do with the height of things and how you will get there.

If you are looking at doing more handheld pruning, then life becomes easier. There’s no need to consider how your pruning saw will attach to a telescopic pole or anything like that.

Tip 2: What Type of Blade?

You need to ask if you want a straight or curved blade, as that will determine which one of the various pruning saws you will end up using. A curved blade can work best when working on a telescopic pole. It’s easier to know when the curved blade is wrapped around the branch as opposed to a straight blade, so it makes for easier cutting.

A gardener using a curved blade to cut a fruit tree

But keep in mind that pruning saws that fold will generally have a straighter blade than others. That’s due to the shape required to store the blade when not in use.

Tip 3: The Teeth

With pruning saws, you have more options regarding the teeth than most people are aware of. From triple ground teeth to single teeth, bi-directional cutting, the list is endless.

For triple ground teeth, it means they are cut at three different angles. This means these pruning saws can rip through branches with ease, and when you combine that with curved blade pruning, these pruning saws can be easily used on a range of pruning jobs, and it will cope without any problem.

Tip 4: Do You Need a Folding Mechanism?

We want you to think about how you will carry around your pruning saw. If you want things to be portable, then folding saws are undoubtedly the way to go.

A folding garden pruning saw will come with a lock mechanism that keeps things safe when it is in your pocket. Also, the blade will fold down into the handle, so if you have limited storage space, then this could be the perfect solution.

Tip 5: Caring for the Blade

While being aware of what the blade is made from is important, it can often be best to look for a chrome-plated steel blade. This will tend to come with a special coating covering the blade that is designed to reduce friction when in use.

Also, make sure it is resistant to rust. A build-up of rust on the blade stops it from gliding so easily, and that will only make matters harder for you.

Tip 6: The Grip

With pruning saws, you want a firm grip that is also comfortable in your hand. A firm grip gives you confidence in your pruning saw, and you will at least feel that things won’t simply slip out of your hand.

You also want it to feel quite soft. A hard plastic grip does get tiring over time, and you don’t want to run out of steam halfway through cutting a branch on some tall trees.

Most pruning saw grips are designed to sit well in hand, but make sure you check their size to see if it corresponds to the size of your own hands.

What to Avoid With Pruning Saws

Aside from knowing what to look for with pruning saws, what errors can you make when deciding which product to purchase? Well, with so many out there on the market, it’s quite easy to miss out on the best pruning saw in the UK.

The key here is to avoid falling into the following traps.

Trap 1: Buying Something too Heavy

Pruning saws come in different weights but pay attention to it and how long you will be holding the pruning saw for. Remember, your arms and hands will get tired, so make sure it’s lightweight but not too light that you feel it has no power.

Trap 2: The Blades

Be aware that not all saws come with blades that can either be sharpened or replaced. That is one thing you need to take into consideration when making your purchase.

Also, if you do purchase a version where the blades can be replaced, understand how you do this before you buy. You don’t want to own a model where it becomes too difficult to do this. It’s just frustrating and completely pointless.

Trap 3: It Doesn’t Appear Safe

This is perhaps the biggest issue to think about. If you have a folding pruning saw, then make sure the locking mechanism is effective. You don’t want one where this mechanism breaks in next to no time, as you don’t want any nasty surprises when it’s folded down.

Also, check the grip. You don’t want a version where your hand can slip off when in use, especially if the weather is quite poor. Some pruning saws do have guards included that just give some added protection to your fingers.

a man cutting pine branches

Finally, if you are buying a telescopic pole attachment, then be aware of how it locks into place and how you then operate the saw. A pull stroke is the most common method, and you need to know the cord will stay in place and won’t simply snap at the first opportunity.

Overall though, buying a pruning saw should not be a difficult process. It will primarily come down to you having a firm understanding of what you want or need from a saw and how often you plan to use it around your garden.

Overall Conclusion

Finding the best pruning saw in the UK is easy, and we are sure that one of the options included here in our pruning saw reviews would be more than suitable for your needs.

But for us, the Spear and Jackson model is the best, and it’s for a very simple reason. The versatility makes this the best garden pruning saw around. Not only can it turn into a tree pruning saw via the telescopic pole, but it can also be used on tough branches at ground level.

The soft-grip handle makes you feel safe and secure whilst using it, and the sharp blade is not going to break or rust even with extended usage. In our opinion, this covers all of the basic needs you should be looking for from your pruning saw, and that is why we love it.

However, any of the pruning saws we have mentioned in our reviews are excellent. We are sure that they will all make quick work of any pruning jobs you may have in your garden. Let us know what you think, and leave a comment below!

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