Best Garden Forks in 2021

best garden forks

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. Spear & Jackson Stainless Border Fork (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Fiskars Xact Soil Work Fork (Luxury Choice)
  3. Rolson Digging Fork (Best Value)

With a great garden, comes great responsibility. In the United Kingdom, most people grew up using the gardening tools that their parents purchased. Their parents followed the same tradition. You do not need to conform to this rule. There are many great varieties of gardening tools, equipment, and implements available in the op market today. With the advancement in technology, there has also been a revolution in the gardening and home care industries.

One of these absolutely necessary tools is the garden fork. Earlier, garden forks would last several lifetimes, and most Britishers would keep using them till their grandchildren played with them. With so much digging and bordering, raking, and re-prepping, you need to upgrade your garden tools and equipment. Forking your borders to aerate the soil, or to collect stray leaves is an integral part of maintaining a good and healthy garden.

Most gardeners rely on garden forks for their everyday chores around the garden, since they are so handy. The lighter the fork, the easier it is to haul.

How to Select a Good Garden Fork?

Just as you would consider all aspects of requirement before purchasing a new TV, you should also consider everything before buying a garden fork. Investing in the wrong one can bring you a lot of heartaches later.

Garden forks come in several types:

  • Digging fork: The spading or digging fork comes with four tines that help to penetrate and aerate the soil. These usually come with insulated prongs to protect against wires.
  • Pitchfork: The pitchfork comes with three or four tines and an extra-long shaft. You can use it to move barley, hay, and other bulky material. It is also useful for clearing out the waste during landscaping.
  • Compost fork: The shape and length of the compost fork differ according to the brand.
  • Potato fork: This fork is used to harvest potatoes and can have as many as 10 tines.

Best Garden Fork Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Silverline Border Fork

The Silverline Border Fork is a handy border fork and can easily accomplish small and medium-sized tasks. Silverline has been a popular gardening tools and power tools manufacturing company for 30 years. This extremely affordable The four tines on the Silverline Border Fork are sharp and epoxy coated. The PD handle is made up of a polypropylene shaft.

A well-made garden tool, the tines are made of heavy-duty enamelled steel for durability and longevity. It is slightly on the heavier side, but in the price range that Silverline has introduced, it is a perfect border fork. Almost everyone can use it with ease. The Silverline Border Fork can be used for digging, raking, and aerating the soil successfully. Consider using a lawn scarifier instead of trying to aerate your grass with a fork, especially if your garden is big.

Key Features:

  • 4 tines
  • Super sharp head
  • PD handle and polypropylene shaft

Rolson Digging Fork

The Rolson Digging Fork is a heat-treated hammer tone. The heat finish ensures durability and robustness to the handle of the fork ensuring it is long-lasting. The carbon steel head of the Rolson Digging Fork is made especially to withstand all types of dirt and mud from garden and lawns. It can also face entanglements from weeds and grass bits.

The handle is made from ash. It is not a very long handle, so tall people, may find this slightly arduous to use. Ideal for occasional light usage, the Rolson Digging Fork should be part of every household that has a garden or a front lawn.

Key Features:

  • Carbon steel head
  • Heat-treated handle
  •  Light usage

Kent and Stowe Carbon Steel Border Fork

The Kent and Stowe Carbon Steel Border Fork is ideal for aerating the soil, cultivation, turning the ground, and breaking the soil up. The head is made of carbon steel tines for additional durability and strength. The handle of the Kent and Stowe Carbon Steel Border Fork is made up of a traditional wishbone split wood design. This border fork is classic looking and is based on models from the 1800s melded with advancements of the 21st century.

The Kent and Stowe Carbon Steel Border Fork is a well balanced and efficient variant and is also extremely comfortable to use. The grip is good, and since it is lightweight, it is easy to carry around the garden or lawn. The Kent and Stowe Carbon Steel Border Fork also comes with a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer. See our guide on pruning saws for other great garden tools.

Key Features:

  • Carbon steel head
  • Traditional looking design
  • 10-year guarantee

Spear & Jackson Digging Fork

The Spear & Jackson Digging Fork is a timeless tool that never goes out of fashion. Simplicity has always been the key with traditional gardening tools, and this one upholds the mantle well. The polished stainless steel head ensures that no dirt and mud sticks to the tines. The shaft is made of hardwood for longevity and durability during work. The Spear & Jackson Digging Fork was made for daily use and is quite the workhorse.

This digging fork is excellent for aerating the soil and clearing out waste from the garden or lawn. It is well balanced and comfortable to use. The grip is ergonomic, and the handle sits comfortably in hand. For other garden tools see our guide on edging shears.

Key Features:

  • Well balanced
  • Polished stainless steel head
  • Easy to use

Draper Heritage Range Border Fork

The Draper Heritage Range Border Fork is manufactured according to EU standards and comes at an affordable price. Extremely durable, the Draper Heritage Range Border Fork is one of the finer ones on our list. Draper has been manufacturing and selling garden tools in the UK for more than 90 years, and this variant also lives up to its legacy of quality.

The handle length is approximately 130 cm, and the total length is 156 cm. The 10-year guarantee ensures that you are well protected. In case of a replacement within the guarantee period, you can click a  few photos, attach the original receipt and email Customer Services for a replacement.

Key Features:

  • Total length of 156 cm
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Durable

Spear & Jackson Stainless Border Fork

The Spear & Jackson Stainless Border Fork has stainless steel tines and also comes with a polypropylene shaft. Stainless steel tines prevent soil and mud from sticking to it for too long. This alteration in the metal ensures that you use less energy during your work and get everything done in lesser time. The head measures at 23 cm x 14 cm, while the handle is approximately 72 cm.

Lightweight, the Spear & Jackson Stainless Border Fork is easy to handle and use. Since it is lightweight, it can be moved around easily. This border digging fork can be used to clear waste, and also aerate the soil successfully. If your garden has large roots or a massive ground, you can easily use the Spear & Jackson Stainless Border Fork to its best advantage. Use a garden shredder for any plant based waste to reduce dumping.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Digging and Border Fork
  • Stainless steel tines

Fiskars Light Digging Fork

Excellent quality digging fork from Fiskars meant specially for working on stony ground floors or compact floors with little way. It has four prongs of super hardened steel and is known to be sturdy during work. The Fiskars Light Digging Fork is superb for digging, turning the soil over, aerating the land, and upsetting the top layer to remove dirt and plant debris. The total length is 113 cm, and the overall weight is 1.25 kg.

The lightweight and oval-shaped aluminium shaft is ideally designed for greater grip. It also comes with a soft handle to protect the hands and avoid blisters while working in the garden or lawn. The sleeve is also plastic coated and helps maximise the grip while insulating against cold conditions. See our guide on cordless hedge trimmers for other great tools.

Key Features:

  • Weight 1.25 kg and length 113 cm
  • Four prongs of super hardened steel
  • Oval shaped aluminium shaft for greater grip

Bulldog Border Fork

The Bulldog Border Fork is a versatile gardening tool with multiple uses. The 28-inch handle is made from ash is forward angled to give a firmer grip in hand. This design implementation ensures that it is comfortable to use over extended periods. The head of the Bulldog Border Fork is made from solidly forged carbon steel giving it extra durability and longevity over others in the same segment. The steel ensures that the tines do not bend or break.

The head is further layered with an epoxy coating to prevent rusting and corrosion of the tines over time. It also discourages mud and clay from sticking to it. The British-made Bulldog Border Fork is meant for intensive use, and for this reason, it is favoured by many landscapers and gardeners.

Key Features:

  • 28-inch handle
  • Forward angled for better grip
  • Epoxy coated tines

Faithfull Steel Fork

The Faithfull Steel Fork is an all steel fork manufactured by tradesmen to be incredibly versatile. The body is made from carbon manganese steel which is known for its strength. The Faithfull All Steel Fork is further coated in epoxy to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. The handle shaft is designed for extra strength and durability and is made from tubular steel. It is also welded firmly to the head to give it additional support while digging and aerating the soil and beds.

The fork is square shaped for additional coverage and manufactured from extra sturdy forged steel. This design improvement helps keep the tines healthy and prevents them from bending or breaking. The 28-inch shaft is also outfitted with an MYD hilt to ensure comfort during use. For other great tools see our guide on long reach hedge trimmers.

Key Features:

  • 28-inch carbon manganese steel shaft
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Tines made from extra strong forged steel

Fiskars Xact Soil Work Fork

Fiskars from Finland have been making gardening tools and equipment since 1649, and have been known to be world leaders in quality tools. The long handled fork-variants that this brand is known for does not have any weaknesses. The design of the Fiskars Xact Soil Work Fork has been improved over the years to add durability, sturdiness, and stability during work. The Fiskars Xact Soil Work Fork is ideal for digging the soil, aerating it, moving gardening debris, and unsettling the ground to get rid of insects and bugs. It is also useful for raking weeds and stones.

The fork has a total length of 120 cm and weighs approximately 2 kg. This model is meant for taller landscapers and gardeners. The solid D grip and non-slip surface enhance the user-friendliness of this variant from Fiskars. The handle is also glass-fibre reinforced, and the four sharp tines are made of high-quality steel.

Key Features:

  • The total length of 120 cm
  • D grip and the non-slip surface of the handle
  • Four super sharp tines

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