Best Garden Spades in 2021

best garden spades

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

  1. Fiskars Xact Digging Spade (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Kingfisher CS570 Digging Spade (Luxury Choice)
  3. Kent and Stowe 70100001Digging Spade (Best Value)

Finding the perfect spade that is not only effective in digging out soil or cutting roots but also adds value to comfort and ease while you work is hard to find. With so many models available at the click of your finger, it can be confusing as well as difficult to pinpoint a single tool that will provide you with all the features you want in your spade.

Thus, to aid you in your venture to find the perfect spade, we have gone through numerous spades and found out 10 unique spades that distinctive among all the other units.

So whether you are looking for a spade that can be used in a garden or at a working site, these ten tools are the best one in the market for either purpose. All the spades that we have reviewed below have a rating above 3 out of 5 so you can be sure that these units are of good quality and provides optimal performance.

Best Garden Spade Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Spear & Jackson Stainless Digging Spade

If you are looking for a garden spade that is going to stand through thick and thin, quite literally, then Spear & Jackson have manufactured just the right product for you. The head of this spade is made from steel that is not only stainless but so clear that you would be able to see your face in it. It is resistant to scratches and corrosion.

Moreover, the material of the head is high-end steel which will surely last for a long time. The shaft it adorns is made from polypropylene which is a plastic polymer known to withstand damage. Thus, it is a unit that will last for a long time if you chose to buy it!

It is 102 cm in length which makes it easy and convenient to use without you having to bend down. Thus say bye to back pains! It weighs only 2.8 kg which makes it extremely lightweight as well as easy to carry with you wherever you want.

It won ‘Grow your own Great’ British Award in 2018 which makes it a reliable and trustworthy component in the sea of other similar units. For more tools check out our guide on garden forks.

Key Features:

  • Possesses a stainless head made from steel
  • Has an ergonomic designed forward tilting handle
  • Perfect for turning over the soil as well as digging it up
  • Long enough to be used without bending or hunching over

Faithfull Digging Treaded Spade

Faithfull has dropped in the market a very sturdy yet resilient Digging spade that will help you turn over the soil and take out all of those annoying weeds as well as help you plant new seeds with as less of a hassle as possible with their Digging Treaded Spade.

Faithfull’s Digging Treaded Spade has a head that has been forged from carbon manganese steel which makes it strong as well as indifferent to any types of corrosives as well as water and other chemicals. It is ideal for individuals who need a spade for site work or transplanting. Thus if you are one o these individuals, what are you waiting for? Buy Faithfull’s Spade right now!

The shaft is one of the most important parts of a spade. After all, it lets you control the head and get the job done neatly. Hence, keeping this in view, the manufacturers have made the shaft out of metal and furthermore, fitted it with a meter hilt that adds to its durability as well as reliability.

Moreover, it has flat treads and a wooden cross dowel which adds to the comfort of working while using this spade. In addition to all these amazing features, you get a 5-year guarantee! You might be also interested in our guides on the best long reach hedge trimmers and the best cordless strimmers.

Key Features:

  • Extra sturdy spade head
  • Non-corrosive
  • The shaft is long enough to be used by anyone
  • Lightweight (2.6 kgs)

Kingfisher CS570 Digging Spade

Kingfisher has not just kept the sturdiness of their spade in mind while manufacturing it, rather they had been equally thoughtful about their users’ ease while making this particular unit.

Kingfisher CS570 Digging Spade has a soft D-shaped grip handle that makes working with it very comfortable. So if you are someone that works for long hours, this particular spade will make strenuous long hours more bearable as compared to before.

The head of the spade is made from carbon steel which is hard enough to dig out any type of soil or roots all the while maintaining its smooth yet indestructible composition.  Furthermore, the length of the width is only 7 inches which means you would be able to perform all the tasks without any back pains. For more great garden tools see our guides on lawn scarifiers and robotic lawnmowers.

Key Features:

  • Light in weight
  • D-shaped handles with optimal grip for added comfort
  • Durable
  • Reliable and resilient

Bulldog Treaded Digging Spade

Bulldog Treaded Digging Spade has a solid forged head which is ideal if you are looking for a spade that will remain spotless, both in appearance and construct, even after long hours of digging soil. Furthermore, the head of the spade is treaded so that when you need to push the head into the ground using your foot, the soles of your boots remain crack-free.

The handle is a conventional type of a sustainable YD FSC Ash which will easily mold into your hand and provide you ease as you work! Furthermore, it is designed specifically to keep cramps away from your hand for as long as you are using the spade. Thus, strenuous working sessions are not going to be that big of a pain if you buy this magnificent spade.

Moreover, it has a 32-inch long handle which is 4 inches longer than an average, a traditional handle that gives it an edge.

Key Features:

  • Forged head to prevent cracked boot soles
  • Extra-long handle for convenience
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long shelf life

Tierra Garden Digging Spade

We included Tierra Garden’s digging spade in our top 10 Garden spades because of its exceptional blade that has been designed precisely to cut through the soil easily and without much exertion. This is ensured through the sharpening of the sleek blade.

The spade is 55 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width and 6 inches in height which makes it suitable to be used by most people without the need to bend over and hurting your back. Moreover, it weighs only 4 lbs so if you are a professional gardener or a site worker who needs to carry their tools with them all the time, this tool can be beneficial for you as it is light in weight and easy to transfer from one place to another.

The head of Tierra Garden’s spade is made from hand-forged boron steel which makes sure that you carry on working smoothly. It will effectively dig out the soil all the while keeping the soles of your boot intact and without cracks!

Furthermore, the handle is in the shape of a T to maximize comfort and also, to relieve the stress on your hands and wrist.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and easy maneuvering
  • You get a lifetime guarantee
  • Well-built steelhead
  • Razor-sharp blade

Kent and Stowe 70100001Digging Spade

If you work on areas that have a large vicinity of soil areas that need digging then Kent and Stowe 70100001 Digging Spade is your best friend. With its stainless steel blade, it will surely help you dig the soil as well as turn it as effectively as possible.

The handle is made from FSC approved Ash which means that you are getting a product that has been tested as well as ticked off as safe and reliant. Moreover, FSC approved wood is harvested from well-managed forests or recyclable materials thus it is an environmentally friendly product!

The handle allows you to easily move the spade around and provides ultimate comfort your hands, wrists, and back. You do not have to bend or exert extra force while using this tool! The tread is made large to add to your comfort and ease. See our guide on lawn rakes for more great tools.

Key Features:

  • Spotless steel blade
  • FSC approved wood for the handle
  • Durable
  • Treaded blade to ensure safety as well as comfort

Wilkinson Sword Digging Spade

Wilkinson Sword digging spade possesses a steelhead that will not only remain stainless after long, rigorous digging sessions but also damage-free. The material used to make the head is a resilient type of stainless steel that will surely last for a long time no matter how difficult or meticulous the work is.

Moreover, the handle is made from Ash which is a type of wood known for its durability. In addition to having a longer life span, it is lightweight which will make carrying the spade anywhere you want trouble-free. It is aesthetically pleasing and also is superb in absorbing any sorts of wood stains. 

The company provides you with a 10-year guarantee so if you notice any defects in the unit, all you need to do is call up their customer service and get it sorted out!

Key Features:

  • Well-built unit
  • Long-lasting prototype
  • Effective for digging, turning the soil as well as irritating
  • Extremely lightweight; weighs only 998 grams

Bulldog 7101772890 Digging Spade

Bulldog Digging Spade model 710772890 has an ergonomic forward angled head that is supposed to provide you with ease as well as efficiency while you dig out the soil. Moreover, the hilt has been forged so that it does not damage your boot’s sole while you are working.

It is ideal for gardeners who are looking to prep their garden for planting so if you have moved into a new place and are thinking of turning the garden into a colorful bunch, this particular spade will prove to be optimal for you. The head is composed of carbon steel which is durable as well as reliable. It is coated with epoxy which makes it resistant to rust and other types of corrosive materials.

It embraces a long socket which helps to elongate its life expectancy as much as possible. Furthermore, the shaft is made from ash while the handles have an anti-slip grip which makes working with this spade comfortable with zilch stress to your hands and wrists. See our guides on fence sprayers and wood preservers for more ways to keep your garden looking smart.

Key Features:

  • Reduces soil adhesions
  • Ergonomic forward angled hilt
  • Ideal for planting
  • Sturdy and tough carbon steelhead

Fiskars Xact Digging Spade

Fiskars Xact’s digging spade is a pointed-edged spade that has a long shaft that is 108 cm in length (43 inches) which makes it apt to be used by almost anyone! It is perfect for digging out stony and cracked hard soil without much hassle. In addition to this, it can also easily dig out and remove grass as well as roots.

The shape of the spade has been made keeping the users’ ease in mind. It is light in weight (weighs only 1.8 kilograms) and portable. Moreover, it has a sharp-edged blade which helps you to turn and dig out soil much easier as well as it has a non-slip top edge which helps you to easily grip it and work for as long as you want with minimum exertion.

The D-shaped handle has been made optimally long so that it is easy to grip and adds to your comfort level while you work. It also ensures that your hand and wrist muscles, as well as back, are not under stress. Furthermore, the handle is composed of fiberglass reinforced plastic which elevates the finesse of the unit.

The quality of the blade is top-notch with promises of longevity and efficiency. It is available in two colors; orange and black.

Key Features:

  • Pointy hilt to effectively dig soil and cut grass and roots
  • Long shaft and handle to maximize comfort
  • Easy to use and carry around
  • Anti-skid top edge

Pedigree PGDS32 Long Treaded Digging Spade

Pedigree Digging Spade has a sleek finish with its stainless steel head and double riveted socket. The steelhead is tough in composition and resistant to rust and corrosive materials. This makes it have a longer shelf life. Furthermore, the riveted strapped socket helps to make things easy for you and alleviate as much strain as possible from your back and shoulders.

The handle is made from FSC certified Ash wood which further helps to make the tool durable and able to withstand harsh conditions. It is 32 inches long Capped YD handle with an ideal grip.

The top edge of the head has been treaded to protect your boots from cracks and damage. Furthermore, it surpasses the British standards for toughness and strength. Thus, not only is it durable but also resilient and efficient in what it does.

Key Features:

  • Long treaded spade
  • The anti-skid grip of the handle
  • FSC certified sustainable wood used for the tool’s composition
  • Easy to clean

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