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best shed paints

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

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Our Favourites

  1. Cuprinol CUPGSCM5L 5 Litre Garden Shades Paint (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Johnstone’s 309278 Garden Colours (Luxury Choice)
  3. West Lancs Paints 20 LTR Stable and Fence Paint Grey (Best Value)

It is necessary to protect your shed from exposure to the elements. Excessive exposure could lead to untimely rot or rust of the shed, depending on whether the material used is metal or wood. Quality materials can only last as long on their own without protection. However, with adequate protection, you can prolong their shelf life. Not only this, painting your shed will bring out the aesthetic quality of the shed and, while this may not be necessary, it would not cause any harm.

Therefore, whether it is for aesthetic reasons or just to improve the life of the materials used to build the shed, the importance of painting cannot be overemphasized. In this post, we review the ten best shed paints available for you. Read through to get the one you like.

Best Shed Paint Reviews – Top 10 Picks

West Lancs Paints 20 LTR Stable and Fence Paint Grey

West Lancs may not be the most striking brand name when it comes to painting. Nevertheless, this company hold their ground and have come up with high-quality products in recent years. it is, therefore, true that their 20LTR stable and fence spray paint makes it to this list on the back of excellent performance. 

This multipurpose paint is not only suitable for sheds but will also do well for other wooden and metal structures such as fences, barns, railings and so on. The water-based paint has an extremely fast drying time of less than an hour and will protect the painted surface for up to six years. Moreover, it is plant and animal-friendly and does not pose any health hazard to kids.

The West Lancs Paints 20 LTR Stable and Fence Paint Grey renders the coated surface waterproof, thereby preventing such a surface from rusting or rotting easily. It is easy to apply, as a brush or ordinary roller would suffice for this task. Consider insulating your shed and see our best shed insulation guide. 

Key Features:

  • Water-based paint
  • Makes painted surface waterproof
  • Dries very rapidly

Ronseal RSLOCFLHG5L One Coat Fence Life

You don’t have to worry at all when you make use of the Ronseal RSLOCFLHG5L One Coat Fence Life. This gold-pigmented paint will not only beautify the walls of your shed but also provide long-term protection for the surface. It is ideal for wooden sheds and will do perfectly fine for rough sawn timber as well as previously stained wooden surfaces.

The Ronseal RSLOCFLHG5L One Coat Fence Life is produced using health-friendly materials and as a result, it is safe for plants and pets. Another high point of this wonderful product is its huge coverage. A litre of this paint can cover about six square metres. Moreover, a single coat of this paint is enough to guarantee the long-lasting protection of your shed. It dries quickly after application. It is always useful to have a rust converter, so you can easily protect and remove rust from your metallic items.

Key Features:

  • Safe for pets and plants
  • Dries rapidly
  • Large coverage

Ronseal 9L Fence Life Plus Garden Shed & Fence Paint

Another wonderful paint that will perform excellently in all weather is the Ronseal 9L Fence Life Plus Garden Shed & Fence Paint. It does not matter whether your shed is built with rough sawn or smooth planed wood; this superb product will provide adequate protection for any kind of wood. The UV protection feature of this paint enables it to resist intense heat and helps to prevent the colour from fading easily. Hence, the beauty of your shed will be preserved for a very long time.

Additionally, it takes a very short time for the Ronseal 9L Fence Life Plus Garden Shed & Fence Paint to dry. Within one hour of painting, your shed becomes waterproof because the coat resists water penetration. It is also worthy to mention that you will not encounter any problems when using this paint due to its average viscosity. This relative thickness of the paint means helps to prevent wastage and accidental spilling when knocked down inadvertently. Moreover, you are afforded the flexibility of applying this paint with either a brush or a spray. Any of these methods would still produce the desired results.

You don’t need to wait for your wood to dry before applying. The excellent adhesive attribute of this paint ensures that it will stick to damp wood. Besides, the manufacturers of this 9-litre paint are quite generous with the product that comes at a very modest price. If you are looking for the best treatment for outdoor wood structures to prevent root see our wood preservers guide. 

Key Features:

  • Dries very quickly
  • Flexible application with either brush or spray
  • UV protection maintains colour for a long time

Everbuild 90805 Everproof DPM 908

The five-litre capacity Everbuild 90805 Everproof DPM 908 is a high-grade paint that will do well for your shed. It is a bitumen emulsion that is enriched in rubber. Hence, it is one of the most reliable paint that you can find around. This quality paint forms a waterproof layer on the surface of the shed, making it impervious to water penetration. It works perfectly on virtually all surfaces and can be used both on the external or internal surface.

This paint is strongly adhesive and will last a long time without peeling off. Its adhesive property also makes it useful as a bonding aid. Hence, this versatile paint is a must-have as it would come in handy for several purposes. For painting your fence check out our best fence paint guide.

Key Features:

  • Strong waterproof ability
  • Very good as an adhesive
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of surfaces

Leyland 303139 Granocryl Smooth Masonry Paint

Another excellent paint for your shed is the Leyland 303139 Granocryl Smooth Masonry Paint. This durable paint is specially formulated for use on the exterior parts of brick wall, concrete as well as roughcast rendering. The large coverage of this paint is quite impressive. And although it generally depends on a number of factors such as the nature and porosity of the surface, you could get as much as 10 square metres per litre on good surfaces. This paint protects the walls of the shed, thereby preventing them from breaking down quickly. Moreover, it is weather-resistant and won’t be affected by the constantly changing weather and exposure to the elements.

As far as your shed is concerned, the Leyland 303139 Granocryl Smooth Masonry Paint is only bettered by a very few other options. For painting exterior surfaces read our review on the best exterior wood paint.

Key Features:

  • Very large coverage
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Smooth and aesthetic finish

Johnstone’s 309278 Garden Colours

The Johnstone’s 309278 Garden Colours is a water-based paint. It is strongly waterproof. With coverage of up to 6m² over two coats, this paint can be said to be relatively economical. It is quite easy to apply and dries very rapidly, taking a maximum period of less than two hours. This fast drying time means that you can even add more coats to improve the efficiency of the paint. Moreover, the paint is very easy to apply. With an average protection period of about four years, this paint is one of the most durable on the market and you can rest assured that it will not peel off easily, even with exposure to different weathers and extreme atmospheric conditions.

The Johnstone’s 309278 Garden Colours is healthy and safe. You will not develop any allergic reaction to it once it becomes dry. In the same, you can keep your pets and animals within the vicinity of the paint. This makes it applicable for painting buildings such as sties and stables. And, although this particular product is of bold plum colour, there is a very wide range of other colour options available for you to pick from. For more useful garden tools check out our review on the best garden shredders and the best cordless strimmers.

Key Features:

  • Very fast drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Large coverage

Cuprinol CUPGSCM5L 5 Litre Garden Shades Paint

Cuprinol is a reputable brand when it comes to the production of paints and stains. Hence, the Cuprinol CUPGSCM5L 5 Litre Garden Shades Paint making it into this list must not come as a surprise.

This quality paint is compatible with a wide range of surface including terracotta, wood, brick and stone. It dries very rapidly. For most surfaces, the paint dries fully within an hour. It is weatherproof and does not peel easily, therefore guaranteeing maximum protection for your shed for a very long time. The coastal mist colour is complemented by an opaque matt finish to bring out the beauty of the shed.

The large coverage of the paint is another reason while the Cuprinol CUPGSCM5L 5 Litre Garden Shades Paint is among the best on the market. a litre of this paint can cover as much as 10 square metres of surface. Therefore, you will be saving yourself a lot of money when you use this paint for your shed.

Key Features:

  • Large coverage
  • Compatible with different surfaces
  • Fast drying time

Aquashield Eco Paint

The Aquashield Eco Paint is a leak seal that is suitable for a wide range of surfaces including concrete, brickwork, concrete and even metal surfaces. This acrylic, water-based paint can be used as an instant waterproofing sealant for leaking walls and roofs. It is very effective and offers up to ten years’ protection for the painted surface. An excellent attribute of this paint is that just one coating is enough to provide maximum protection for the painted surface. It, therefore, goes without saying that not only is this cost-effective, it also saves energy that would be spent in making multiple coatings.

Also, the Aquashield Eco Paint has a low odour formulation that makes it safe for living organisms.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof 
  • Weather-resistant
  • Works optimally for a wide range of surfaces

Ronseal HPRSBL4L Thompsons High-Performance Roof Seal

The black coloured Ronseal Thompsons HPRSBL4L comes in a four-litre can. It is specifically designed for the protection of roofs. Therefore, if you want to extend the shelf life of your shed roof, this is a product that you should be considering.

This paint has a ten-year formulation geared towards protecting the roof from cracking and splitting. Roofs are susceptible to splitting and cracking due to expansion and contraction in response to the heat intensity of the sun. Therefore, getting a coating to protect your shed roof will be in your best interest. In addition to this, this paint contains UV light stable iron oxide pigments that prevent harmful rays from the sun from penetrating through the roof into the shed.

The weatherproof ability of the Ronseal Thompsons HPRSBL4L is unrivalled. You can rest assured that your roof will not leak once you coat it with this paint.

Key Features:

  • Anti-UV rays iron oxide pigments prevent dangerous rays from the sun
  • Ten-year formulation protects your roof from cracking
  • Strong weatherproof and waterproof ability

Drybase Liquid Damp Proof Membrane

With a formula devoid of bitumen, the almost odourless nature of the Drybase Liquid Damp Proof Membrane makes it very safe to use. There is no doubt that you will greatly enjoy using this great product for your fence, shed, and so on. Has a very fast drying time and 

Another impressive attribute if this paint is its coverage. With just a single litre of the Drybase Liquid Damp Proof Membrane, you can paint up to 4.5 square metres of surface. Moreover, this paint is quite versatile. It is suitable for a wide range of surfaces including under flooring, embedded timbers and sunken posts.

You will also like the extremely strong waterproof ability of this paint. It strong waterproof ability effectively prevents water vapour, water, CO2 and every other gas and liquid from penetrating the walls of your shed. This goes a long way in ensuring the longevity of the shed wall.

The white colour of this paint effectively brings out the beauty of the shed, making it attractive to the eye. There is no doubt that you will like this product.

Key Features:

  • Bitumen-free formulation reduces odour
  • Strongly waterproof
  • Large coverage
  • Fast drying time


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