Best Cot Bed Mattresses of 2023

best cot bed mattresses

Last Updated on February 28, 2022

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Cot Bed Mattresses

  1. Mother Nurture Classic Spring (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Tutti Bambini Sprung (Luxury Choice)
  3. AirComfort Eco Breathable (Best Value)
  4. Mamas & Papas Essential Fibre (Best Hypoallergenic)
  5. MotherPlus™ Waterproof Eco (Best Thick Option)
  6. IStyle Mode (Best Waterproof)
  7. KATY® Bound
  8. ClevaMama ClevaFoam (Best Breathable)
  9. MotherPlus Eco-Breathable
  10. The Little Green Sheep (Best Natural)

Your little ones need the utmost comfort during the early stages and years of their life. It is your responsibility as parents or guardians to help transition from the warmth of a body where the baby is bundled comfortably to the jarring and cooler air of the world. You have to make sure that your baby gets the best mattress to rest on with this consideration.

Much of a newborn’s time is spent sleeping, and so finding the best mattress for newborn babies will help both you and your baby have a more peaceful and restful time. As the baby grows into a toddler, the mattress is still very important to maintain a safe and consistent atmosphere of comfort during sleep.

You can choose a whole range of cot bed mattresses to help your child sleep and grow safely. Hopefully, our reviews for the best cot bed mattress in the UK below will answer any question you wish to ask concerning a good cot bed mattress.

So, what cot mattress is the best? Read on!

How We Compared Cot Bed Mattresses

cot bed mattresses collage

To find the right cot bed mattresses we considered multiple factors including:

  • Material
  • Waterproof
  • Support
  • Cot mattress sizes
  • Temperature regulation

Our team independently examined and compared hundreds of products to help satisfy different needs. We spent our time researching cot bed mattresses and consulting customer reviews to ultimately bring you what, in our opinion, are the best options on the market right now.

To find out more about our editorial process, take a look here.

Cot Bed Mattress Reviews

Mother Nurture Classic Spring (Editor’s Choice)

The Mother Nurture Classic Spring Cot Bed Mattress is one of the best foam mattress options for your newborn baby. 

It has a super smooth quilted surface on top of the foam that is comfortable and supportive, so that will allow your baby to have a relaxing night’s rest. The sturdiness of this cot mattress is ideal for the newborn baby and also the infant.

There are two layers of nursery-grade foam around the high tensile springs for ultimate comfort. Also, this foam is designed to be dent-resistant to keep the shape of the mattress. With durability in mind, the cot bed mattress also has bound sides to help increase resilience.

Furthermore, the Mother Nurture Classic Cot Bed Mattress has been designed to increase awareness of dangerous chemicals, so this cot mattress uses foam free from organophosphate flame retardants.

There is a robust inner waterproof liner for hygiene. If there are any liquids on the cot mattress, this layer will prevent them from seeping through to the mattress’s core. Also, this mattress is double-sided, which increases the life of the mattress even longer! The cover is super soft, removable, zipped, and machine washable.

Meanwhile, some customers have said that it may have a strong chemical smell when you first buy the mattress; however, this smell should disappear after airing the cot mattress out for a few hours. Because cot bed mattresses are usually quite firm due to the level of support that a newborn needs, some customers have said that this cot mattress is firmer than they wanted.


  • Super smooth surface
  • Robust waterproof layer
  • A durable and resilient material
  • Double-sided


  • There may be a chemical smell during the first time of use
  • It may be too firm for your liking

Tutti Bambini Sprung (Luxury Choice)

Do you prefer polyester filling sprung cot mattresses? If you are, then the Tutti Bambini Sprung Cot Bed Mattress is one of the best-sprung cots made without PVC to give your baby a cosy and peaceful night sleep. 

The swathed superior foam supports your baby’s natural posture for support and cosiness. The supportive coil springs are aligned in a way that will help create the perfect sleeping position for your baby.

For those hot nights, the quilted polyester filings prevent perspiration and promote the feeling of being cool for your little one. The cover is constructed with fully breathable Just-Tec material, which means that your baby will sleep safely with lots of ventilation. The mattress features vent holes and side zips for extra ventilation.

For ease with any messy accidents, this cover can also be wiped clean. Alternatively, the water-resistant mattress cover is washable up to 60 degrees’ temperature.

In addition, the Tutti Bambini Cot Mattress is a foam cot mattress manufactured with hypoallergenic ultra-soft material to protect the baby against allergens. This mattress is free from petrochemicals and other hazardous chemicals.

From cot bed reviews, this mattress does not appear to have a lot of negative feedback. Customers have a range of feelings; some felt the cot bed was too hard, and others too soft; so, the comfort of the cot mattress will likely be down to your preference.


  • Hypoallergenic ultra-soft fabric
  • Supportive coil springs
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Breathable fabric


  • It may be too hard or too soft
  • It might be better to put a mattress topper on

AirComfort Eco Breathable (Best Value)

Do you want to buy a new cot bed mattress or replace the old one with a new eco-friendly and affordable mattress? The quilted AirComfort Breathable Cot Mattress is a great value option for you. 

This mattress can be the best cot bed mattress in the UK for several reasons. First of all, it is an affordable, lightweight mattress made with basic but high-quality fibre material.

Second, the core of the cot bed mattress is made with eco-polyester fibre. It features a hypoallergenic quilted cover that resists dust mites and other allergens. It is extra thick and sturdy, with a depth of 13cm.

Third, since this is a pocket spring mattress, the coils will react individually to any pressure applied. The pocket springs will mould more specifically to your baby or toddler’s shape.

Last but not least, the AirComfort Cot Bed Mattress is fully breathable and allows maximum airflow for your baby’s ventilation. It is equipped with nursery spec fibre to offer the best support and comfort your baby needs at the early stage of birth. An excellent durability feature of this cot mattress is that the bed is reversible. This means that you can flip the mattress and use both sides at regular intervals.

However, you may find indentations in the cot mattress from reviews as the baby’s weight will eventually mould the mattress to the baby’s natural shape. You may also want to buy a topper if you would like a softer touch.


  • Quilted mattress cover
  • Nursery spec fibre
  • Fully breathable material
  • Reversible mattress


  • You may see indentations after continued use
  • You may want to buy a topper according to your preference

Mamas & Papas Essential Fibre (Best Hypoallergenic)

The Mamas & Papas Essential Fibre Cot Bed Mattress stands out as an excellent alternative to foam mattresses because it is made of pure eco-friendly hypoallergenic fibres pad. 

This mattress is professionally manufactured with high standard core material to provide firm support to your baby. It is also adaptable and suitable for older infants.

For proper temperature regulation, the Mamas & Papas Essential Fibre Cot Mattress features a supportive fibre core, which will also help keep your young one cool and foam-free. The hypoallergenic cover will also offer your baby protection against allergens and common dust mites.

The 140 x 70 x 10cm extra thick mattress is fully breathable and reversible. This dual-sided mattress can be flipped over and used, which is a great feature that improves the longevity of cot bed mattresses. Furthermore, the inner core is washable, and the cover is removable, water-resistant, and washable.

It is manufactured with baby safety in mind. Hence no harmful chemicals are used in the making of this cot mattress.

After a time, this cot bed may begin to show indentations where your baby has been sleeping, but this will take a long time to occur. The upside is that some customers have not even experienced this.


  • Supportive fibre core
  • Fully breathable and reversible
  • Water-resistant and removable cover


  • Mattress may lose shape slightly over time
  • It may be too hard for your preference

MotherPlus™ Waterproof Eco (Best Thick Option)

In the early days, babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day. One of the safest cot mattresses you can trust your baby with is the MotherPlus™ Waterproof Eco Cot Bed Mattress. 

The mattress has a bonded core for extra support. It is designed to ensure absolute comfort for newborn babies and even older infants.

It has a quilted, reversible, waterproof, and removable, washable mattress cover. The quilted cover is made with Nursery Spec fibre for your baby’s comfortable sleep. Your baby needs to be comfortable so that you both can get a good night’s sleep!

Also, this eco-friendly MotherPlus Cot Bed Mattress is 13cm extra thick to offer excellent support for your baby. This hypoallergenic mattress is made to UK & EU standards for good quality and safety. It is a great value baby mattress and an affordable option for the cot. It is lightweight and entirely chemical and foam-free, with a 100% satisfaction quality guarantee.

One thing that might be a problem is the material of the cover may make a crinkling noise as your baby moves. This baby’s mattress might also sag after time, so it may need replacing after extended use.


  • Removable, washable cover
  • 100% chemical-free
  • Supporting bonded core
  • Lightweight and hypoallergenic


  • You may hear a crinkling noise when the baby moves on the mattress
  • This mattress may show indentations after some time of use

IStyle Mode (Best Waterproof)

If you are looking for a foam cot bed that combines excellent support structure with great comfort, the IStyle Mode Foam Cot Bed Mattress is the right choice. 

This foam mattress comes with a waterproof and machine washable cover, so if your baby has an accident, it will protect the core of the mattress. Like most cot bed mattresses, this cover is removable and washable.

You can get the IStyle mode cot bed mattresses in a range of sizes, eight in total, so that you can choose a size that will fit your cot bed perfectly. The soft, sturdy foam will promote a healthier and more restful sleep for your baby. While offering good support, this cot bed mattress stands the test of time and is not likely to flatten out over time.

This mattress is also quite adaptable; you could use it as a travel cot mattress. Cot beds are often difficult to transport, but you can easily take your baby on travel trips with the right design.

Also, the mattress is designed with an ‘open-cell foam structure; this creates a good airflow and helps keep your baby cool. The materials used to create the mattress are safe and non-toxic. This means that the foam is free from antimony, phosphorus and fire retardant treatments that could potentially cause problems.

Reviewers of this cot mattress have said that it may feel quite thin; so, you might want to purchase a topper if you would like a thicker mattress. In addition, the mattress may arrive folded up, so it may need flattening for a few hours.


  • Comfortable waterproof cover
  • Soft sturdy foam
  • Open-cell foam structure


  • It might be too thin for your preference
  • You may need to purchase a topper
  • You may need to flatten the mattress on arrival

KATY® Bound

The 10 cm thick KATY Bound Sprung Cot Bed Mattress is a firm mattress made with foam and includes a superior spring structure that combines comfort with excellent support. It is one of the best luxury foam mattresses because it has excellent hygiene and air permeability benefits.

The KATY Bound Sprung cot bed mattress features a wipe-clean outer cover that you can remove for machine washing. The outer cover features a taped bound edge with a side zip for easy removal. These high-grade spring units are encased with high-density foam that gives firm support to the baby’s neck and back.

Furthermore, the KATY Cot Bed Mattress is encased with a white stockinette with an adjustable waterproof membrane to protect the mattress from accidental spillage. This excellent mattress construction is British-made and can only be purchased from Baby Best Buys who claim to sell the best quality at low prices. It is made with comfortable, hygienic, and breathable material. For durability, this mattress is reversible to allow easy flip and all-around usage.

Some customers have pointed out that there is not enough padding around the springs. You may be able to hear the springs move or feel the springs when pressing down, which means that the baby mattress may require a topper.


  • Bound seamed taped edges
  • Adjustable waterproof membrane
  • Breathable and reversible


  • You may want to buy a mattress topper
  • You might feel the strings easily
  • You may hear the springs

ClevaMama ClevaFoam (Best Breathable)

The ClevaMama Cot Bed Mattress is a great cot bed mattress designed to give your baby the ultimate comfort and support needed for sound night sleep. It can help to protect the baby’s head round shape and prevent the flat head syndrome.

This mattress is made with ClevaFoam technology that offers correct spine alignment and relieves delicate joint pressure. It is a unique construction of hypoallergenic and toxin-free materials with an 11 cm thickness to aid your baby’s fast growth.

Furthermore, the ClevaMama Cot Bed Mattress is 100% breathable and comfortable with the airflow multilayers structure. This lightweight foam mattress reduces heat retention through the removable mattress protector constructed with a waterproof lining.

It has high-quality selective material that is hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and pH-balanced. Also, it has natural reflex support foam for healthy weight distribution and is ideal for babies with asthma.

This mattress may be quite thin, but it would make an excellent travel cot mattress for this very reason. This mattress may need to be replaced over time, as the foam’s structure will be subject to change after continued usage.


  • Encourages correct alignment
  • Regulates baby temperature
  • 100% breathable and toxin-free
  • Machine washable cover


  • It may be too thin for your preference
  • You might want to replace this mattress after extended use

MotherPlus Eco-Breathable

This is another MotherPlus design, but this one is made of hypoallergenic polyester 100%, and the filling inside is made of non-woven polyester. When your baby sleeps on this material, they will be cosy, and your baby will be sleeping safely and soundly.

The MotherPlus Eco-Breathable Mattress is the right choice if you would like an eco-friendly mattress and a wide choice of cot bed mattress sizes. This will help you to find the right size for your cot. It is designed by experts to offer firm support to your baby from 0 to 48 months.

The mattress features a waterproof surface with pocket springs and durable anti-dust mite material to ensure firmness. It comes with a zip cover that allows the smooth interchange of layers to enable you to tailor the level of your child’s firmness.

Softly quilted, this cot bed mattress will provide the ultimate comfort. The outer cover can be wiped clean and washed at 40 degrees in the washer machine.

You may want to buy a topper for this mattress as some customers have said that the mattress may be quite firm. A very small percentage of customers had said that the waterproof lining failed for them when their child had an accident; so, it is best to check that the mattress protector is on securely.


  • Removable, washable cover
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Range of sizes available


  • You may want to buy a topper as it might be too thin for your liking
  • There is a chance that the waterproof lining might leak

The Little Green Sheep (Best Natural)

Would you like an organic cot mattress made of natural materials for your newborn baby? The Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Mattress is a natural bed designed to provide your baby with the right support. 

This cot bed mattress is reversible to ensure lasting use for zero to five years from babyhood to toddlerhood. This mattress comes with ventilated cotton, natural latex, and supportive coconut fibres – all-natural materials! It also features hypoallergenic wool with no harmful chemicals to promote its breathability. 

This mattress is crafted with the highest-quality natural materials that regulate baby temperature, prevent dust mites, and create a healthy environment for your child. Like other baby cot mattresses, you can flip this one over and use the reverse side.

Furthermore, the Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Mattress has a non-removable cover that you can sponge clean. It is recommended that you use a waterproof protector to prevent spillage accidents.

Cot mattresses made of natural materials can have a strong smell at first, so it is best to air out The Little Green Sheep Natural Mattress for a few hours. Furthermore, this mattress may be hard, so you may want to buy a softer topper.


  • Dual-sided mattress
  • Supportive coconut coir
  • Hypoallergenic chemical-free wool
  • Thermo-regulating properties


  • It may have a strong smell at first
  • It may be a firm mattress, so you might want to get a softer topper

Buyers Guide For the Best Cot Bed Mattress

Your baby sleeping is of paramount importance. Therefore, we hope our reviews for the best cot bed mattress in the UK will help you to ensure that your baby always has a good night’s sleep. The best mattress for a baby will also be the best solution to you getting restful sleep, as looking after a baby is a tiresome job.

Some cot bed mattresses can also be used as travel cot mattresses, which means that you can take your baby on adventures without worrying about their comfort while away from home.

Below, we have compiled a list of things to look out for when buying the best mattress for baby cots. Before you buy a cot bed mattress, you must consider the mattress’s safety, support, alignment, temperature regulation, water resisting capacity, breathability and so on. Our list will provide you with the essential things.


There are three main choices of the cot bed mattress: natural fibre, foam, or spring cot mattresses. So, you can choose the material that you think will be best for your child. These materials range in their propensity to protect against allergens, their durability and their eco-friendliness. Some mattresses even have coconut fibres!

Memory foam, hydro foam, and natural latex are examples of the different types of foam mattresses you could opt for.

A child trying to have a good night's sleep

There are different types of spring mattresses, too. Pocket spring mattresses have individual coils wrapped in a material so that only the coils where pressure is applied will react to the weight. The other spring mattress type is the one where the springs are all connected to move simultaneously.


It is very important to consider whether the mattress is waterproof or has a waterproof cover. Since babies are learning to control their bladder, there will be accidents at bedtime.

Many cot bed mattresses come with a waterproof layer that doubles as a removable and washable cover. Making sure that you have a waterproof cover or mattress protector will save you a lot of time and money, as you will not have to buy a new mattress every time your baby has an accident.


In their early stages, babies are learning how to move, roll and lift their weight. Therefore, you will need to look for a cot bed mattress to support your baby while they are sleeping.

If a mattress is too soft, your baby will not be able to roll out of the indent and breathe safely. Making sure you have a safe cot bed mattress means that sudden infant death syndrome is unlikely.

A strong supportive material also helps your baby grow safely, as their head, neck and spine alignment will be supported during their sleep, which is when a baby will continue a lot of their development.

Cot Mattress Sizes

Cot beds come in different sizes, and so you will want to find the right one to fit your cot bed.

Temperature Regulation

You should think about cot mattress safety when it comes to temperature regulation. Some materials are better than others at keeping your baby cool. This will help with their peaceful sleep.

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Why Should You Buy a Cot Bed Mattress?

In the first two years of their life, your baby will sleep for around 13 months. Therefore, during your baby’s sleep, development is one of the most important times for developing cognitive skills and their internal system.

A newborn baby will likely be in a Moses basket, but eventually, you will transition your baby into a cot or to toddler beds. The best cot mattresses will be even better than adult mattresses! Your baby’s comfort is a priority, and so your baby’s cot mattress should be comfortable, affordable and worthwhile.

Our Choice

Our choice for the best cot bed mattress in the UK is the Mother Nurture Classic Spring Cot Bed Mattress. This is our top choice because it is not only water-resistant but fully supportive and likely to be durable for a long time. It is reversible, too, which means it will last even longer!

There are two layers of foam combined with tensile springs for optimal support and comfort. With breathable cotton, this baby mattress is hypoallergenic, too, which will prevent dust mites. The mattress protector is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about accidents ruining your baby’s mattress.

The Mother Nurture Classics Spring is our choice for the best cot mattress, but you might think otherwise. We would be delighted to hear your opinion about which baby mattress you think is the best! Let us know in the comments below.

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